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At the end of R0 you should have between 430 and 450 Trophies. You will get most of them automatically and will not be listed here.

Easy/possible to do at the beginning of R0


Register with the cloud


Rule 'dis Rule ’dis

Abdicate 10 times within 3 minutes.(yes just spam abdication)

Effect: Increase mana regeneration by 1m/s.


Speedrun Speed Run

No gem power allowed (and really overpowered for the first dozen abdications) so you may as well get this right out of the gate.

Quite easy by following this guide.

Effect: Increase your base clicking reward by 1m.


Need a Head Start? Need a Headstart?

Don’t do anything for 5 minutes after abdicating or reincarnating.

Effect: Instantly adds 10 coins.


Suggestion Master Suggestion Master

Keep the changelog open for 3 minutes before closing it.

Click the bottom right gear icon in game (options) then click the numbers in the bottom right cornor.

Effect: Increase the production of all buildings base on mysteriour events.

Formula: hotfix.patch%, where hotfix and patch are the 4th and 3rd elements of the game's version number.


glho kohhl snod glho kohhl snod

Import this “glho kohhl snod” without the "" (has no effect on game; clues come from Faceless upgrades)

Effect: Increase base clicking reward by 1.


Leet Leet

Have exactly 1337 Coins at any given time. Buy 1 farm, and click slowly after 1250 coins.

Note: This sometimes does not work, just click 1337 times to get the trophy.

Effect: Increase the production of all buildings by 1.337%


Because I Like to Grind Because I Like to Grind

Spend at least 3 hours playing the game.

Effect: Increase Royal Exchange bonus by an additional 1%.


Building Hater Building Hater

Reach 100000 Coins without building anything. (12 clicks with Speed Run, ~3000 without)

Effect: Increase clicking reward by 25%


Assistant Squasher Assistant Squasher

Click an assistant icon (near the middle of the game background) 100 times.

Effect: Instantly add 1 additional assistant.


AdvisorInsight Advisor Insight

Click the Hint button (Lady) bottom right 100 times.

Effect: Increase the production of all buildings by 10%.


Spellfury Spellfury (easy with Angels and all upgrades)

Cast Tax Collection while having 3 spells active.

Effect: Increase Mana production by 5%.


Gods Rest God’s Rest

Cast God’s Hand (Angel spell) on any Sunday.(6am to 6pm)

Effect: While this spell is active, you will find random Faction Coins based on your mana regen each time you cast an other spell.


Sun Blessing Sun Blessing

Cast Moon Blessing (Elf spell) between 6 am and 12 pm (noon).(based on your local time)

Effect: The treasure is autoclicked 15 times per second while Moon Blessing is active.


True Night True Night

Cast Night Time (Undead spell) between 11 pm and 6 am.(based on your local time)

Effect: Increase Night Time boost to assistants production to 40% per Necropolis.


Grand Diplomat Grand Diplomat

Ally with each vanilla faction at least once.

Elf, Fairy, Angel, Goblin, Undead and Demon


Can be done without really trying

Faction Grinder Faction Grinder (1M with Elves)

Purchase the 6 Vanilla Faction Heritage upgrades in a single game.(Without Abdicating)


Rewind Rewind (100M)

Abdicate after producing at least 1Oc Coins.

This is done at the end of R0


Archaeology Expedition Archaeology Expedition (1B)

Excavate once


Master Archeologist Master Archeologist (100B)

Given once you’ve unlocked Titans, Druids, and Faceless.

This will require no less than 36 hours this game for Faceless


Not so easy; peculiar requirements

Equality Equality

Any R (suggested R0, R32, R46) Best to do at R0, At R32 you have research D480 that require 12 hours with Good, Evil and Neutral., D525 that requires 1 day 12 hours as Good

Spend at least 24 hours with each of the 3 alignments, and have the difference between each one be less than 60 seconds.

Note: Get 2 Alignments at 24 hours and a few seconds each then go to the 3rd Alignment and once it reaches at least 24 hour the Trophy will be awarded.

Note: R32 during unlocking D480, D525 and W525.


Unitary Unitary (1B?)

Have exactly 1 of each building at any given time.


Fairy Choir Fairy Choir (20Qi, helps for unlocking Dwarves)

Cast Fairy Chanting (Fairy spell) while having 45 or more assistants.


Greed Drive Greed Drive (takes several hours before R3, or 30 minutes with a Merc build)

Cast 100 Goblin’s Greed (Goblin spell) while not casting any other spell in a single game.


LightningStorm Lightning Storm (takes several hours before R3, or 30 minutes with Merc build)

Cast Lightning Strike (Titan spell) 100 times in a single game.


Halls of Balance Halls of Balance (10T)

Have Grand Balance (Druid spell) affect Hall of Legends. Buy all buildings except HoL.


Faceless Overmind Faceless Overmind

Affiliate with the Faceless 5 times in a row. (Only need to Buy the Trade Treaty then Abdicate)


Minedwarf Minedwarf

Find 30,000 Faction Coins from Diamond Pickaxe (Dwarf spell) in a single game.


PerfectCombo Perfect Combo

Cast a chain of 100 Combo Strikes (Drow spell) in a single game. The chain is interrupted by casting (clicking spells) different spells.


Easy to do at the end of R0

Mathematician Mathematician (1Sp with Dwarves)

This means having 1024 Farms, 512 Inns, 256 Blacksmiths, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 and 1 Hall of Legends.


Hell Rush Hell Rush (1Oc?)

Cast Hellfire Blast (Demon spell) in the first 60 seconds of playtime.


Realm Digger Realm Digger (1Oc)

Excavate 400 times.

Note: Do this just before Reincarnating


Exchange Master Exchange Master (1Oc)

Purchase 500 Royal Exchanges in a single game.


Premeditation Premeditation

(Buy 850 Dark Temples before purchasing the Drow Trade Treaty.)

Easy at end of R0 takes about 20 minutes.


Easy to get later (based on R#)

Smiley face Helden Sterben Nicht (R3+)

Join Mercenaries, then Undead, then Angels within 15 minutes since the beginning of a new game session.

Hint: After joining each stage wait about 10 seconds before Abdicating.

Cost: 5.0e75

Effect: Increase mana regeneration and maximum mana by 15%


Smiley face Coin Pillage (end of R3)

Cast 30 Tax Collections in less than 5 seconds. You can use this build Harley Quinn R3+


Lucifer Lucifer R3+

As a Good Mercenary, purchase only Evil mercenary faction upgrades or vice versa.

You can use this build Lucifer R3+


Harlequin Harlequin R3+

As a Mercenary, purchase one upgrade from 11 different factions.

You can use this build Harley Quinn R3+


Mana Matrix Mana Matrix (R3)

Have a maximum mana of exactly 4767.


Unlimited Mana Unlimited Mana (R3)

Have at least 300 mana per second. Using Mercenary build IGOT-trophies.

You can use this build to get it with other mana trophies using IGOT an Excess of Mana R7-R11 in R7.

Alternately, you can use Wastanarama R18-R23 to do just this trophy in R3, substituting goblin's greed for god's hand to get FC to set up.


Mercenary Spirit Mercenary Spirit (end of R3)

Reincarnate while affiliated with Mercenaries.


Mana Waste Mana Waste (R7+)

Have mana regeneration higher than max mana.

Effect: Increases max mana based on spells cast.

Formula: 100 * log10(1 + x)^2.5

You can use this build IGOT an excess of mana R7-R11


Faction Run Faction Run (R7+).

Earn 1.5 M (1.5e6) Faction Coins in less than 5 minutes, without using Gem Power, Excavations or any spell.


Bloodstream Bloodstream (R7)

Unlock all the faction Bloodlines.(Buy at least 100 upgrades from each Faction accross all reincarnations)


Exchange Lord Exchange Lord (R7)

Purchase 1500 Royal Exchanges in a single game. Using IGOT-trophies.

You can use this build IGOT an Excess of Mana R7-R11


Priority Autocasting Priority Autocasting (R7)

Produce 12M mana. Using IGOT-trophies.

You can use this build IGOT an Excess of Mana R7-R11


Contingency Autocasting Contingency Autocasting (R7)

Produce 20M mana. Using IGOT-trophies.

You can use this build IGOT an Excess of Mana R7-R11


Planned Autocasting Planned Autocasting (R7)

Produce 30M mana. Using IGOT-trophies.

You can use this build IGOT an Excess of Mana R7-R11


Efficient Autocasting Efficient Autocasting (R7)

Produce 50M mana. Using IGOT-trophies.

You can use this build IGOT an Excess of Mana R7-R11


For Science! For Science! (R16)

Purchase all the research facilities.


Novice Researcher Novice Researcher (R16)

Research 600 times across all fields.


Apothecary Apothecary (R17)

Discover at least 10 Alchemy Researches.


Vanilla Challenger Vanilla Challenger (R18)

Complete all the Vanilla Challenges.


Artisan Artisan (R19)

Discover at least 10 Craftsmanship Researches.


Magician Magician (R20)

Discover at least 10 Spellcraft Researches.


Demigod Demigod (R20)

Discover at least 10 Divine Researches.


Businessman Businessman (R20)

Discover at least 10 Economics Researches.


Warlord Warlord (R20)

Discover at least 10 Warfare Researches.


That Excavated Quickly That Excavated Quickly (R21-25)

Excavate 1000 times in the first 30 seconds of playtime.


Vanilla Challenger Vanilla Researcher (R22)

Discover all the Vanilla researches.


Intermediate Researcher Intermediate Researcher (R24)

Research 1800 times across all fields.


Neutral Challenger Neutral Challenger (R25)

Complete all the Neutral Challenges.


NoRecruiting No Recruiting (R25) (Can be done at R21)

Reach 1 NoVg (1e90) gems without affiliating with mercenaries.


Ancient Researcher Ancient Researcher (R28)

Discover all the Ancient Races researches.


Overgrinder Overgrinder (R29)

Build 50,000 Buildings

You can use this build Overgrinder 50,000 Buildings R29


Expert Researcher Expert Researcher (R30)

Research 2750 times across all fields (459 per branch).


Van!shment Van!shment (R26)

Pre Ascension: Reach an Offline Bonus of at least 1Qa%.

Post Ascension: Reach an Offline Bonus of at least 1895%.


Iron Rush Iron Rush (R33)

Reach 750 Iron Strongholds in 5 minutes without using Gem Power or Reincarnation Power.


Underworld Researcher Underworld Researcher (R34)

Discover all the Underworld researches (up to level 590 researches).


Stoic Resistance Stoic Resistance (R34-39)

Get 1Oc (1e27) gems in the first game of a reincarnation (currently this is virtually unobtainable R40+).


5000 Buildings (series 19) (R37+)

Build 5000 of each building.

Note: This is 25 Trophies

Note: Much easier Post A.


Prismatic Mana Prismatic Mana

Requirements: Cast the same amount of Faction spells with all Vanilla and Neutral Factions with a minimum of 100 casts.

Requirements: R40+, Does not need Dwarf, Drow nor Dragon spells.

Cost: 100 No (1e32)

Effect: +35% Mana Regeneration (multiplicative).

Warning: All Spells have to be exact same count, Tiered casting may go over the count you need.

Spells Needed: Fairy Chanting, Moon Blessing, God's Hand, Goblin's Greed, Night Time, Hellfire Blast, Lightning Strike, Brainwave, Grand Balance


Efficient Autocasting Tiered Autocasting (R42)

Produce 200M mana.


ColorfulAutocasting Colorful Autocasting (R42)

Have each type of autocasting active simultaneously.(Silver,Gold,Bronze,Diamond)


AdvisorInsight Dragon Tamer (R46)

Fully develop your Spiky Egg into an Elder Dragon.

Cost: 1.0e65

Effect: Increase the production of all buildings by 100% and doubles Faction Coin find chance.


Eternal Researcher Eternal Researcher (R55)

Discover all the Dragon researches.

Cost: 1 Novg (1e90)

Effect: Increase the production of all buildings based on research done.


Master Researcher Master Researcher (R58)

Research 10,000 times across all fields.

Cost: 1 Qavg (1e75)

Effect: Increase the overall production of Dragons by 7.18%.


SpellCataclysm Spell Cataclysm (R60)

Have at least 4 spells active on tier 5 or higher.

Note: Worth doing with Dragon Challenge 4 and Dragon Challenge 5.


Exchange High Lord Exchange High Lord (R60)

Requirements: 5000 Royal Exchanges

Cost: cost 10 DQig (1e160)

Effect: Increase royal exchange bonus by 50%.

Note: Actually useless before R70, but it's trivial unlock.


Prestige Challenger Prestige Challenger (R63)

Requirement: Complete all the Prestige Challenges, R63+

Cost: Free

Effect: Increase the overall production of Prestige Factions by 2.26%.


Autoclicker Autoclicker (R75+)

Requirements: Perform 40 autoclicks in 1 second.

Cost Pre Ascension: Free.

Cost Post Ascension: 100 Qaq (1e125)

Effect: Multiply Faction Coin find chance by x5 for automatic clicks only.

Note: Possible to earn earlier by lagging game.


Grandmaster Researcher Grandmaster Researcher (R79)

Requirements: Research 18500 times across all fields.

Cost: 10 SpQig (1e175)

Effect: Increase the overall production of Mercenaries by 100%.


Genealogist Genealogist (R81+)

Requirements: Have a total of 300 Lineage levels across all Lineage.

Cost: 1 NoQig (1e180)

Effect: Increase the production of all buildings based on the total amount of lineage levels you have.

Formula: 2.5 * x^1.25


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