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This site contains information you need to know to help you play Realm Grinder, an incremental/idle game by DivineGames and hosted on Kongregate.

Now available on Steam, Android, and iOS.

About The Game

Realm Grinder was first published on May 19, 2015. Since then, there has been many expansions and updates - the game is constantly evolving.

Realm Grinder puts you in the role of a good or evil monarch, managing buildings, upgrades, and politics in order to create a large, powerful, and - most importantly - rich Realm.

The game belongs to the idle/incremental genre, meaning you will have to click (at least in the beginning), buy buildings and upgrades, cast spells and make other strategic choices with the ultimate goal of gaining more and more coins. There is no fixed end to the game, as you can always sell all your properties by abdicating to gain Gems, which will in turn help you generate even more coins. Abdications are one kind of soft reset, when you become even richer, you will be able to start a new life by Reincarnating, an other kind of soft reset that allows you to gain other bonuses that will further speed up your next life as monarch.

Realm Grinder is the first of its kind to introduce a significant level of replayability by giving the player choices that will change their play-style. You will be given goals and to reach these goals, the choice to join different factions of mythic creatures. Ranging from good Fairies, evil Goblins, to neutral Titans, each faction have their own resource (Faction Coins obtained randomly by clicking the background). Each focuses on different mechanics, ranging from improving low tier buildings to massive spell-casting capabilities. As you play and learn, it will be yours to find out how to best reach these different goals.

Angels' ability with magic is unparalleled as they have the innate power to infuse mana into everything they touch. Affiliating yourself with the Angels faction will grant you nearly unlimited spell power and the ability to take advantage of it directly. Part of the Good Vanilla Factions, Angels empower mana and spells, and thus can help when aiming for the mana and spell trophy series. Their Bloodline increases overall production based on time and can become indispensable late game to get over gem walls. Elves are masters of efficiency and expertise, taking the best results from every single action. Affiliating yourself with the Elves faction will dramatically boost your clicking rewards while forsaking passive production. Part of the Good Vanilla Factions, the Elven Faction increase click reward and the chance to find faction coins. They can help you to get the Click and Faction coins trophies series. Their spell upgrade will relieve you from the necessity of manual clicking and let you aim for the Treasure Trophies series while idling. The sly Goblins excel at making the best possible deals and bargains. Affiliating yourself with the Goblins faction will vastly increase the potential of the Tax Collection spell. Part of the Evil Vanilla Factions, the Goblin's asset is the ability to empower the Tax collection spell, therefore boosting both their production and the production of Faction Coins. Their Bloodline will be valuable when aiming for all the building trophy series. Undeads are resilient and tireless, but most importantly, they can't die. Affiliating yourself with the Undead faction will grant you a steady flow of production which increases drastically as time passes. Part of the Evil Vanilla Factions, the Undead become more powerful with time. Their Heritage and Bloodline give assistants based on playtime and reincarnations and is more frequently used in late games. The mighty and fearless Demons cannot bother with petty trifles, they only care for greatness and power. Affiliating yourself with the Demons faction will hugely improve the output of higher tier buildings. Part of the Evil Vanilla Factions, the Demons are related to increasing production of highest tier buildings and have perks based on the amount of trophies unlocked. Their Bloodline boosts the production bonus of gems based on how much time you spent with the Evil alignment this reincarnation.

Titans were an ancient race of giant creatures with godlike powers and millennial knowledge. Affiliating yourself with the Titans faction means big numbers: they will boost every aspect of your economy to unimaginable values Titan is the first Neutral Faction to be unlocked as the requirements are the lowest. <p> Both the Titans' Bloodline and Heritage boost your production based on how many Royal Exchanges you have purchased in this abdication. Their Faction spell is based on luck and can become very powerful. The wise druids of old were a group of people from all races who strove to maintain world balance with mystical discipline and powerful magic. Affiliating yourself with the Druids faction will boost your magic capabilities and reward balancing of all things. The Druids feature a considerably nice Heritage that increases max mana, and their bloodline increases mana regen based on your max mana. Their final Challenge reward extends their spell to affect more buildings. Little is known about the Faceless, but it is said they did not possess individual minds, instead they were all connected to a central consciousness which governed all their choices and behaviours. Affiliating yourself to the Faceless Faction will boost your production based on your past choices while giving progressively better bonuses. The Faceless feature perks that becomes stronger with time. Their Heritage is based on the highest amount of buildings owned in the current reincarnation, and thus can easily be improved by doing a goblin-line run. The Dwarves make the best masons, artisans and blacksmiths in all the realms. Their creations will outlast anything made by other races... except for beer, that is. The Dwarf Faction appears in addition to a good faction and enables the player to use all the 2 faction spells and 18 upgrades and from both the Good and Dwarf factions. The dwarf faction focus on boosting production based on how many times you excavated this reincarnation. The Dwarf faction cannot be combined with Evil or Neutral Factions, nor is there Research Tree for Dwarfs. The Drows believe that any crime can go unpunished if nobody notices you did it. They value and praise perfect executions, and will reward those who plan accordingly. The Drow Faction appears in addition to an Evil faction, this enables the player to use all the 2 faction spells and 18 upgrades and from both the Evil and Drow factions. The Drow faction focus on boosting offline production, and boosting production based on offline production. The Drow faction cannot be combined with Good or Neutral Factions, nor is there Research Tree for Drow. When a mercenary crosses your path, there's only one thing that can save your life: offer him more money than he can get by killing you. If you gain the favor of the mercenaries, you will be able to combine the power of all races at once.

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