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foofyderpface: i just accidentally got C340 without realizing i have 910 M rubies

lauriesrank: 910000000 seems excessive

JAN 22 - 6:07PM

foofyderpface: what bl should i do

ivanovich1998: druid

foofyderpface: why druid

ivanovich1998: after r40 always druidline

ivanovich1998: because spell tiers

JAN 22 - 6:08PM

foofyderpface: boi my mana regen is actually over 9000 base

foofyderpface: so not druid

G00FBALL: if you really have 900m rubies it dont matter what mana regen is

JAN 22 - 6:09PM

foofyderpface: i has 900 million rubies so druid bl is not necessary

Fonzoland: oic

foofyderpface: what bloodline should i do

foofyderpface: mana is not needd

6Fire6Devil6: im pretty sure you dont have 900million rubies

G00FBALL: again with 900m rubies any bl will do

foofyderpface: ya i do

JAN 22 - 6:11PM

Fonzoland: some people do, it is called cheating

sciurusaurus: oh, he probably has. save edited rubies.

foofyderpface: u want me to send u the file?

ivanovich1998: yeah, that's what i actually wanted to check :P

foofyderpface: and no, i just have shitloads of kreds

JAN 22 - 6:12PM

sciurusaurus: hm. If someone remembers the name of the previous "I totally bought all those rubies"-guy, I might find the link to the tool in my history

6Fire6Devil6: 900mio/280 per purchase*500 kredits per pruchase

ivanovich1998: oh yeah, pretty sure you had 1.625.000.000 to spare :P

foofyderpface: im goin with elf bl

ivanovich1998: 1.625.000.000 kreds to spare*


JAN 22 - 6:13PM

Fonzoland: just shut your face dude

sciurusaurus: you could have found a save on pastebin or similar. if you truly don't know how to do that yourself, which we only have your word for anyway.

G00FBALL: hmmmm his name started with K

G00FBALL: lol

vd2b: well, no need to edit, just import edited game and you are cheater

ivanovich1998: nor do you know how to lie :P

foofyderpface: I DIDNT U ASSHOLS

JAN 22 - 6:14PM

Fonzoland: ok, muted

G00FBALL: haha

6Fire6Devil6: im pretty sure he didnt spend like 137 million $ here

foofyderpface: t(-_-t)

ivanovich1998: because you surely had 162.500.000$ to spare :P

lauriesrank: I remember when I spent my lottery winnings on kong....

sciurusaurus: extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence.

Fonzoland: nah. just requires sunday school

JAN 22 - 6:15PM

lauriesrank: Extraordinary slavers require extraordinary slaps

6Fire6Devil6: lottery win of 2%?

6Fire6Devil6: *2$

lauriesrank: Na, thruppence ha'penny :)

foofyderpface: yu assholes want me to send the file as proof?

JAN 22 - 6:16PM

lauriesrank: Dunno if that was why you in text speak or a typo :D

ivanovich1998: the file doesn't serve as proof of purchasing the rubies :P

Fonzoland: lol

foofyderpface: proof that i have them -_-

ivanovich1998: i could just save edit my file to have a couple quintillion rubies in 5 seconds :P

foofyderpface: theres no way ima convince any of u i didnt cheat

Fonzoland: you guys are actually engaging in that conversation? :D

JAN 22 - 6:17PM

lauriesrank: proof of purchase is not prrof of delivery

sciurusaurus: that you have them does not prove you didn't cheat.. only that you have them.

ivanovich1998: go ahead, prove you spent 165 million dollars in this game

foofyderpface: I CANT

foofyderpface: THATS THE THING

lauriesrank: because you didn't


Fonzoland: it is the trump blind trust being invested

lauriesrank: THAT'S THE THING

ivanovich1998: exactly :P

JAN 22 - 6:18PM

sciurusaurus: we won't believe you because your claim is ridiculous, and you have offered zero proof.

ivanovich1998: just sending the file won't prove anything because anyone can edit their save to have quintillion rubies :P

6Fire6Devil6: give me your login stuff for your E-Banking to confirm the purchase and im fine

JAN 22 - 6:19PM

ivanovich1998: so you either prove you bought them, or stop complaining :P

sciurusaurus: at the very least, provide us with a screenshot of your kong purchase history :P

JAN 22 - 6:20PM

foofyderpface: just so u guys know chat is muted now

Fonzoland: you sir, are definitely a liar, an attention seeker, and a troll. probably a young kid who doesn't get enough love and attention from parents, but that is just speculation.

lauriesrank: Surely it's impossible to prove that which does not exist?

ivanovich1998: http://pastebin.com/*******

ivanovich1998: here

JAN 22 - 6:21PM

ivanovich1998: a save with 1e45 rubies

ivanovich1998: done in 5 seconds

JAN 22 - 6:22PM

lauriesrank: CHEat!!!

lauriesrank: :)

sciurusaurus: I love how he went "chat is muted now" when he got a suggestion for how he could at least substantiate his claim :P

Fonzoland: ivan: playing for years, cheating with rubies, still not even R7. the ultimate n00b.

ivanovich1998: huh, the value of the save i just made is 1.7e44$

JAN 22 - 6:23PM

lauriesrank: He was gone in 60 seconds too

lauriesrank: although more entertaining of course

ivanovich1998: nothing like showing kids what the real world is :P

JAN 22 - 6:24PM

ivanovich1998: "Welcome to the real world, where nobody gives a **** about you!"

Fonzoland: that is also unfair. people in the real world like to watch when you bleed

lauriesrank: Takes a SPECIAL kind of guy to keep up that kind of pretence

sciurusaurus: I really don't understand why people who lie about "all the rubies I can afford" don't pick a more realistic number.

JAN 22 - 6:25PM

foofyderpface: and...

ivanovich1998: oh look, he's still here :P


Fonzoland: lol, thanks

ivanovich1998: oh no! a kid reported me!

sciurusaurus: congrats. Those reports will do nothing.

ivanovich1998: oh, the hue-mana-tee!

JAN 22 - 6:26PM

lauriesrank: I think you've been reported to some Operating System.... asterix OS :)

ivanovich1998: oh, is that a new fork of linux?

foofyderpface: i don't really hear anything anyone's saying or give two flying ****s at the moment because I MUTED ALL OF YOU ASSHOLES! :D **** YOU GUYS!

Fonzoland: only one i know is *nix

JAN 22 - 6:27PM

sciurusaurus: he is winning like Trump won the popular vote.

ivanovich1998: "Hey everybody! I don't give a **** about you! That's why i'm commenting how much i don't give a ****!"


JUN 25 - 5:03PM

derpdragon45: whats the best idle / magic race that doesn't use clicking?

Coolle: that depends on certain breakpoint multipliers

derpdragon45: ... think of me as a noob that doesn't know what you'r talking about

Coolle: did you start excavating yet?

derpdragon45: yep

Coolle: goblins have good multipliers and easy faction coins early on

Coolle: undead are nice too. Decent multipliers and assistants to get you coins

derpdragon45: ok um just so you know i have neutrality

necrodoom: pls no

myogin: undead arn't so nice at all

necrodoom: derpdragon: how many gems?

derpdragon45: 15.27 qi

derpdragon45: mainly from grinding

necrodoom: use titans

derpdragon45: ok thanks

necrodoom: you should be able to get into prestige factions soon or even now

necrodoom: get 200 excavs and unlock dwarf

Coolle: myogin, undead are really good especially when they guy was saying he was new and idling

derpdragon45: thats hard for me cause while i get tons of FC i don't get that many coins

necrodoom: undead are not good, period

myogin: undead seems cool but in realty the aren't

necrodoom: especially now when derpdragon is making toward prestige factions

myogin: they*

necrodoom: derpdragon45: titans are RNG, you need a deepmine strike

necrodoom: but anyway, get 200 excavs and unlock dwarf

ivanovichkoslov: undead are the worst faction

ivanovichkoslov: and no, it's not debatable, they are mathematically the worst

derpdragon45: deepmine strike ?

Coolle: you guys must not understand the maths

myogin: I have a master degree in maths

Coolle: up until a certain point undead are super good because of assistants

necrodoom: yes, derpdragon, lightning strike

reusens: for unlocking faceless they seem alright

necrodoom: coolle: which point?

derpdragon45: ah ok

reusens: *undead

necrodoom: because i dont see this point where undead are useful

ivanovichkoslov: the undead assistants are useless due to how much undead focus on offline boosts

Coolle: before you unlock titans

necrodoom: they have the best early long term growth.. but you dont need growth when production runs last 10 min

Coolle: I didn't even use offline multiplier

ivanovichkoslov: you want assistants? go fairy, which have assistants, assistant production upgrades, and don't lose 90% of production

ivanovichkoslov: you're pre-titans? go elves, they're OP

Coolle: you guys are dumb as ****

Coolle: I'm not pre titan

Coolle: we were talking about early game

necrodoom: we are too

ivanovichkoslov: and so i am

necrodoom: and undead are not worth the time

ivanovichkoslov: elves will make much more money than undead, much faster

Coolle: and how would elves be able to carry someone idling through early game

necrodoom: by actually producing gems

ivanovichkoslov: step 1: get sun blessing

ivanovichkoslov: step 2: cast moon blessing

reusens: But if you need to unlock the faceless, undead seem alright to me, no?

necrodoom: no

ivanovichkoslov: step 3: watch as gems rain from above

ivanovichkoslov: 36 hours as undead are 36 hours wasted

necrodoom: once you settle for faceless unlock, you arent going to production

ivanovichkoslov: go angel and get autocast

necrodoom: you would use dwarf-elves (for production) or dwarf-angel (for casts)

necrodoom: actually, dwarf-fairy over dwarf-elves

Coolle: ivanovich that might be true for first stage, but then the staged multipliers of other races will do just as well

Coolle: forcing all players down a cookie cutter path is also like the dumbest way to present gaming

ivanovichkoslov: it's not my fault elves are just objectively better at early game than anyone else

Coolle: you present functional options and let the player do whatever they want

ivanovichkoslov: actually, elves are better than anyone else pre-mercs till R39

ivanovichkoslov: need only a couple titan runs in the middle between R0 to R7, but afterwards elvenline just makes anything else obsolete

necrodoom: coolle: the cookie cutter path is right if the other path is just abysmally weaker

Coolle: "right"

necrodoom: undead suck, its objective

Coolle: it's only right for the playstyle of running through your first early game

Coolle: and missing out on the mechanics of the game

necrodoom: if 5 min of active play is better than 1 day of offline play

necrodoom: im not going to recommend offline play to anyone

Coolle: lol

Coolle: exactly

necrodoom: because its simply not worth the time

reusens: he asked for the best option, so ...

Coolle: your reasoning proves my point

ivanovichkoslov: no, his reasoning proves my point

necrodoom: your point is 'you should tell people to use crap methods because i will get offended because cookie cutter path'

Coolle: he asked for options for offline

necrodoom: even though cookie cutter path is so because reasons

myogin: no, he asked option for idle

reusens: no, just idle

ivanovichkoslov: he asked for idle, not offline

myogin: not necessary offline

ivanovichkoslov: elves can be played idle due to sun blessing

necrodoom: if offline was usable, i would recommend an alternative

necrodoom: but it isnt

Coolle: well I misunderstood the question then

Coolle: but it's not like I'm offended by the cookie cutter path

myogin: well each one has the right to choose how much time want to waste on realm grinder :D

Coolle: "time to waste"

Coolle: this is why you're idiots

Coolle: wasting your time

Coolle: and teaching people rushing

G00FBALL: haha

Coolle: and thinking that the gameplay you have in mind is the only right one

necrodoom: well im not going to tell someone to waste a week on something that takes a few minutes

necrodoom: if you are going to complain that a walkthough recommends the most effective method then i cant say much

G00FBALL: http://musicfamily.org/realm/

G00FBALL: Realm Grinder the right way^^^

necrodoom: again, if offline was even viable but somewhat weaker

Coolle: because your goal is to get to the later stages and you're thinking others should use the same thing

necrodoom: i would suggest it as an alternative

necrodoom: but its not

necrodoom: it sucks

necrodoom: but you dont want to understand it

Coolle: you don't get gaming or different needs and wants from a game

forcesman: http://musicfamily.org/realm/

necrodoom: you are just angry because you are wrong

derpdragon45: what if people can't get on everyday

forcesman: the only way to play realm grinder ^^

reusens: If someone is looking up things in a walkthrough, they want the most efficient path :)

necrodoom: and are trying to justify it with bullshit

Coolle: exactly reusens

reusens: and if someone is asking in a chat how to play the game, they also want the most optimal path ;)

Coolle: @necrodoom try to go visit different gaming forums and get to understand gaming people more

necrodoom: coolle: i will explain it one last time

derpdragon45: btw should you get more gems in backlog or reincarnate when you have it

necrodoom: if there were other as viable methods

forcesman: reincarnate when you have it

necrodoom: i would suggest them

necrodoom: but there isnt

derpdragon45: ok

myogin: you should reincarnate when you fell is fine :P

Coolle: @necrodoom your ideas of "viable" is straight wrong. And you don't see it even when I point it out

myogin: feel*

necrodoom: you have no grasp of what 'viable' is

Coolle: LUL

ivanovichkoslov: getting stoic resistance at R0 is "viable" as undead

ivanovichkoslov: it will take months, but it's possible

necrodoom: you want to tell people to use the faction that is famous for a complete suckiness

necrodoom: all because you were told you are wron

Coolle: yes because I thought he wanted to do things in steps using offline play and rarely logging in

Coolle: I offered a service that's good for people

necrodoom: and even if that was true

Coolle: you're just someone who doens't understand reality

necrodoom: elves are still the better method

Coolle: either narcissist, consumed with yourself. Or just immature

necrodoom: even if you rarely log in

GetYamchad: coolle use this https://www.amazon.com/Anacare-Natural-Cream-Hemorrhoids-irritations/dp/B00DNDL4ZG/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1498404630&sr=8-1&keywords=anal+cream

necrodoom: do your own tests

necrodoom: i did mine

necrodoom: and i know how viable stuff are

necrodoom: if you want to disprove that undead are not viable for any style or play, be my guest

necrodoom: if you are unable to put up with that, though, just stop it, because im not going to argue game meta with someone who decides to recommend people based on his own personal nonsense


jaksus: How do I start the dragon run?

JUN 29 - 7:04PM

necrodoom: jaksus: what do you mean by 'dragon run'?

JUN 29 - 7:05PM

necrodoom: dragon stage unlocks? dragon challenges?

jaksus: Dragon faction/upgrades?

JUN 29 - 7:11PM

jaksus: I now have dragons!

Sverch: Congratulations!

jaksus: And now I finished dragons.

JUN 29 - 7:14PM

necrodoom: wat

jaksus: I stocked up gems and reset my excavations.

jaksus: :3

necrodoom: as in, you reincarnated?

jaksus: Just after finishing dragons.

JUN 29 - 7:15PM

jaksus: For reseting excavations, I spent 4 gems.

necrodoom: you mean, rubies?

necrodoom: also, 'finishing dragons'?

jaksus: Yes, sorry, it confuses me.

JUN 29 - 7:16PM

necrodoom: paste an image of what you are seeing please

jaksus: I bought all the upgrades as dragons.

necrodoom: so you unlocked dragon champion

jaksus: Yes.

necrodoom: ah, time for RNG builds

jaksus: Yeah... I already use those. xD

JUN 29 - 7:17PM

necrodoom: before dragon theres no use for RNG builds

jaksus: Yes, there is.

necrodoom: like?

JUN 29 - 7:18PM

jaksus: First while of titans is all RNG builds.

necrodoom: you are using C375

necrodoom: at least i hope you are using it

jaksus: I don't know what that is.

Sverch: He means pre-A, I guess.

necrodoom: the thing that makes lightning strike always hit Olympian halls?

Sverch: But you can use Diamond Pickaxe.

Sverch: Yes.

JUN 29 - 7:19PM

jaksus: I don't use that Necrodoom.

necrodoom: why wouldnt you?

Sverch: That's... strange.

jaksus: I don't know what it is, so no, I would not use it.

jaksus: I don't even know how to get it.

necrodoom: what research build were you using to unlock dragon then

Sverch: Interesting. :)

JUN 29 - 7:20PM

jaksus: To get dragons, I looked at the stats needed for each level, and I just got researches for that.

necrodoom: ah, so you save edited dragons to yourself

Sverch: What?

jaksus: I didn't save edit.

Bbuurrbb: save editing explains spending rubies on excavation resets...

jaksus: Not really.

JUN 29 - 7:21PM

necrodoom: so what R are you?

jaksus: 47.

necrodoom: how many rubies?

jaksus: 113.

Sverch: Wow

necrodoom: yep save editor

Sverch: Quite a lot.

jaksus: I didn't use a save editor for it.

necrodoom: paste a pic of your research tab

JUN 29 - 7:22PM

jaksus: Top or bottom half?

Sverch: It' getting more interesting.)

necrodoom: top half i giess

necrodoom: guess*

jaksus: http://prntscr.com/fpog8n

JUN 29 - 7:23PM

Sverch: Woah!

Sverch: Why so little unlocked researches?

necrodoom: save editor so hard

jaksus: I don't know how to unlock them, so I don't try to.

Sverch: :D

jaksus: I just play the game however I run into it.

jaksus: If I get a research, I don't know what I did, but I did it.

JUN 29 - 7:24PM

Sverch: How you unlock dragons, again?))

Djoko78: Hey guys ! I had tiered TC, it worked well, but now when I buy the upgrade at e135 coins, it doies not become a "durable" spell. Any idea why ?

jaksus: I clicked random factions and ran them, I started with titans and that was what I needed.

Djoko78: Always with mercs of course

Sverch: XD

JUN 29 - 7:25PM

Sverch: That should be a guide.))

Bbuurrbb: wow you never got 1e9 faction coins to get C50, impressive

necrodoom: considering you cant even start with titan research, yep

JUN 29 - 7:26PM

Sverch: Oh, man, that's one of best, I've ever seen.))

necrodoom: bonus bullshit: jaksus has S215 unlocked

necrodoom: which requires S175, which he doesnt have

Sverch: XD

necrodoom: so much save editing he doesnt even know what research is

jaksus: What's s215 then?

Sverch: :D

Sverch: XD

necrodoom: im not against cheating but if you cheat so hard you dont know how the main feature of 80% of the game is

JUN 29 - 7:27PM

necrodoom: and then try to deny you save edited its just sad

jaksus: I'm not cheating, that's the thing.

Sverch: ^

Sverch: :D

Sverch: XD

Sverch: XDXDXD

Sverch: Man, please, stop while you can.))

jaksus: I don't even use the researches, so why would it matter if I have them or not?

necrodoom: for starters

JUN 29 - 7:28PM

necrodoom: you need these researches to get them Rs

Sverch: That's all you needed to say.

openfire: ol having researches and not using them....

openfire: that tops my list of dumbest things said today

JUN 29 - 7:29PM

Sverch: I guess he just wanted to see all factions without gamepla, my guess.)

Sverch: *gameplay

necrodoom: looks like it, he pretty much literally save edited himself researches listed out of research builds

JUN 29 - 7:30PM

jaksus: Can someone tell me what S175 and S215 are?

Sverch: :D It looks like that! :D

jaksus: Just so I can prove a point.

openfire: s175 is an elf research

Sverch: It's Spellcraft 175 research and 215, accordingly.

openfire: and 215 increases SS based on active spells

JUN 29 - 7:31PM

Sverch: "jaksus: Just so I can prove a point." Point in what?)

jaksus: http://prntscr.com/fpok10

jaksus: What would I need S175 for to get S215 then?

JUN 29 - 7:32PM

necrodoom: ah, looks like goofwiki got a bit of an error

openfire: ?

openfire: oh lol

byronhaverford: 9.997e139 coins. And my DB switches to white.

necrodoom: still, an impossiblity to get to R46 without so many of these researches

openfire: was very confused

JUN 29 - 7:33PM

jaksus: Necrodoom, not really.

necrodoom: yes really

necrodoom: because from the list of your researches, you wouldve to never went undead, elf or fairy since R20 or so

JUN 29 - 7:34PM

Sverch: It is kinda unbelievable for me either.

jaksus: I have been using mercs and titans sense I unlocked them...

jaksus: I don't find a need for the other ones.

JUN 29 - 7:35PM

necrodoom: titan research unlocks at R23

necrodoom: how did you get to R23 without research?

apocal_88: LOL lets stop bothering him, we all know what he did

jaksus: I never used researches.

necrodoom: considering you will have a hard time getting past R16 with mercs

Sverch: Yeah, that's what we are talking about.)

JUN 29 - 7:36PM

Sverch: apocal_88, We all want to hear his motives.

Sverch: At least me.)

Sverch: *brings popcorn*

necrodoom: there arent enough researches there to form a titan build anyway

jaksus: If you think I can't get far without researches, go ahead and think that, I really don't care what you think about it.

necrodoom: certainly not one to bridge R23-40

JUN 29 - 7:37PM

necrodoom: we all know you save edited hard, i just dont get why you boldly lie like that

jaksus: Necrodoom, I use titans to start gaining gems, then I switch to mercs when I feel ready.

Sverch: Yeah, that "i don't care what you think" pathway.))

necrodoom: and what did you do from ~e100 to R40 gems?

JUN 29 - 7:38PM

Sverch: Never thought I would witness this myself. Waving hi to G00f's wall of shame! 0/ (Igorogis note: WINNER!!!)

jaksus: e100 gems... r47 doesn't even cost 1e50 gems...

apocal_88: Oh man, could this be a troll?

necrodoom: pre-A Rs you doofus

openfire: sounds too serious

JUN 29 - 7:39PM

necrodoom: 'To Reincarnate to R40, you need 1e144 gems.'

openfire: also does sound edited

JUN 29 - 7:40PM

jaksus: You don't need 1e144 gems.

openfire: xD

Sverch: :D

Sverch: XD

openfire: go to some other room kid

necrodoom: how many gems did you need to do R39 then?

jaksus: How should I remember two months ago?

Sverch: Yeah...

JUN 29 - 7:41PM

necrodoom: by remembering ascension lol

Sverch: From R39 to R47 in two months.)

jaksus: Here's the price in a picture for R47 to R48.

jaksus: http://prntscr.com/fpoo3t

Sverch: Quite a progress.)

necrodoom: yeah you dont know what ascension is

Sverch: Yeah. XD

necrodoom: or even what is pre-A and post-A

necrodoom: which you would, if you havent save edited yourself to R46

JUN 29 - 7:42PM

Sverch: Why R46 exactly?

Sverch: Just look how many buildings he got on his screenshot.))

jaksus: I save edited to Rnothing, because I didn't use a save editor. I consider that cheating, and it is also theft.

Sverch: That's rich, man!

Sverch: :D

JUN 29 - 7:43PM

Sverch: I hope someone screening it.)

jaksus: This person can make money off of the game, not much, but still some. It is illegal, simple as that.

necrodoom: lol

necrodoom: how old are you

Sverch: :3

airbournevirus: over 9000

JUN 29 - 7:44PM

jaksus: Older than you by the sounds of it, but I'm 22 years old.

necrodoom: ah, you certainly grown from your profile age

necrodoom: not that i believe either but anyway

jaksus: I can't change it, this profile was given to me, and I can't have Kongragate change it either.

JUN 29 - 7:45PM

Sverch: Very selfsufficent young 22 year-old man.)

necrodoom: given to you.. yeah lol

jaksus: Oops, I have younger siblings because I'm not an only child. Sorry.

JUN 29 - 7:46PM

Sverch: :) Thanks foe the evening, man.))) SHould go now, unfortunately.)

Sverch: *for

necrodoom: jaksus: account sharing then?

JUN 29 - 7:47PM

necrodoom: i thought you dont do 'illegal' stuff?

jaksus: It's not account sharing.

jaksus: Also, account sharing is not illegal.

necrodoom: you are using someone else's account, yes?

jaksus: No, this is currently my account, given from someone else.

necrodoom: so, he shared his account with you

jaksus: It would be illegal if the this was a paid account, this is free.

JUN 29 - 7:48PM

necrodoom: off kong terms: "Account Information: You may not share or transfer your Account or your Account password or other access information with any other party, temporarily or permanently. "

owp1: how are they going to check it?

JUN 29 - 7:49PM

jaksus: They would not be able to.

necrodoom: IPs brah

jaksus: Same IP here as where he used his computer.

jaksus: It's the same computer, and the same place.

JUN 29 - 7:50PM

necrodoom: either case, have fun playing your 'non-save edited' game as a '22 years old' person

necrodoom: just remember you arent fooling anyone

JUN 29 - 7:51PM

jaksus: Yeah, I'm not fooling anyone. I know that.

jaksus: Just because people don't believe me does not mean I am fooling them.

JUN 29 - 7:59PM

openfire: that sentance does not make sense

openfire: sentence*

airbournevirus: just swated ya :) have fun. hopefully you are who you say :) gonna go away for al ong time for donig someting noone cares about

airbournevirus: really though- it's not a big deal. it's a ingle player game

JUN 29 - 8:00PM

airbournevirus: and account sharing happens

azile0: How many years would it take to get to R47 without research?

azile0: Like, just merc builds. Years probably.

JUN 29 - 8:01PM

jaksus: Less than one.

necrodoom: now im interested in what merc build this guy used

jaksus: Ones that give lots of coins, I never picked just one to stay on.

JUN 29 - 8:02PM

azile0: Ahh, the one that gives lots of coins

azile0: I should have known

necrodoom: oh so many of them

jaksus: The reason my last few reincarnations even took so long was from me going offline and not coming back.

azile0: Until you did

dox4242: is there an offline merc build?

necrodoom: yeah, doing R39 with mercs is so ez

Thodekke: zen mercs?

airbournevirus: once you unlock SS game gets lot easier. SS3 mercs for win

Bbuurrbb: did you use the OP Undead for offline production?

JUN 29 - 8:03PM


necrodoom: jaksus prob doesnt have KYE either tbh

airbournevirus: yep. like over 9000 gems a second

jaksus: I don't know what KYE is, so I probably don't.

airbournevirus: lot of screaming

JUN 29 - 8:04PM

owp1: non-KYE merc build?

openfire: -panic intensifies-

necrodoom: non-KYE merc build aka not even merc entry without long IGOT runs

jaksus: I don't know what KYE is, so I don't know.

openfire: omg

openfire: I'm screaming

necrodoom: pic of excavation tab pls

openfire: this is too good

JUN 29 - 8:05PM

dox4242: or pastebin of save?

necrodoom: oh, yeah, pastebin of save is best

jaksus: http://prntscr.com/fpozqe

JUN 29 - 8:06PM

necrodoom: meh, KYE too low in list

dox4242: heres the last save i had on r47: https://pastebin.com/qsFfzrwH

JUN 29 - 8:07PM

dox4242: hmm, not enough gems for reinc on that one

JUN 29 - 8:09PM

dox4242: wow, that was almost 40 reincs ago

JUN 29 - 8:10PM

Bbuurrbb: 11400 Excavations at R47 or R48 these IGOT builds must be real

JUN 29 - 8:11PM

necrodoom: dont think

necrodoom: dont think even e290 + easter egg can get these results at.. R60

JUN 29 - 8:14PM

necrodoom: jaksus so to confirm you never cheated, send us save export :D

jaksus: How would that confirm I never cheated?

JUN 29 - 8:15PM

pseudobit: there are plenty of inconsistencies that can arise without careful editing

ivanovichkoslov: time spent as factions is a big one, for example

ivanovichkoslov: if you just cheat your way through, you will lack the time someone would normally have

ivanovichkoslov: or you may have a total time of a week yet be R80, which means you cheated

JUN 29 - 8:16PM

jaksus: I have total time of 10 minutes, but I was on this game and chatting just yesterday.

jaksus: I've been in this chat today for more than 10 minutes.

necrodoom: guy just trolling at this point

jaksus: How would my time prove anything?

pseudobit: I wrote the basis of the editor, I know the format well, I'd be happy to validate your save

ivanovichkoslov: no, total time between factions

JUN 29 - 8:17PM

necrodoom: still, save is fun

pseudobit: time is tracked over multiple sessions

ivanovichkoslov: not the "total" time

ivanovichkoslov: "total" tab in info actually means "this R"

pseudobit: yeah, DG's the best at not being unconfusing

necrodoom: cept faction time which is all game

jaksus: No, it does not.

pseudobit: yes it does

ivanovichkoslov: while time spent as factions means "time spent as this particular faction since i started playing this game"

JUN 29 - 8:18PM

ivanovichkoslov: because consistency

pseudobit: total generally means this R, except in a few cases where it means sum

pseudobit: what it isn't used to mean is all Rs

JUN 29 - 8:19PM

jaksus: I really don't care that you think that my save means anything. I'm still not going to post it.

necrodoom: aww why not

jaksus: I just reincarnated recently, so it wouldn't help anyways.

pseudobit: yes it would, all stats are tracked over all Rs

JUN 29 - 8:20PM

pseudobit: nobody cares if you cheat, it's just confusing why you're lying about it, and in such a transparent way

jaksus: I'm not lying about it, and that's something I don't care about.

JUN 29 - 8:21PM

necrodoom: save pls

ivanovichkoslov: you are lying about it, as it's proven by the fact that half your researches are still locked

jaksus: If you think I am lying, go ahead, I really don't care if you do or don't. This is an online game where I have nothing to do with you.

pseudobit: don't you mean isn't?

JUN 29 - 8:22PM

bioisan: ^this is why I don't talk to people

pseudobit: I'm genuinely confused by that statement

pseudobit: I think I get the intent, but it's very strange

JUN 29 - 8:23PM

bioisan: mine or his?

pseudobit: his

bioisan: yeah

pseudobit: in any case, that is why nobody cares about cheating, but every piece of information you've presented clearly indicates cheating to people who actually know the game

pseudobit: I don't even care about exposing you, I'm genuinely curious what your save looks like

pseudobit: R47 with no research is quite an interesting gamestate

JUN 29 - 8:24PM

jaksus: It looks like a pile of missing things that I don't care about, and then things I have gained along the way.

pseudobit: you need those missing things to get to R47

necrodoom: save pls

ivanovichkoslov: you need those missing things to get anywhere past R20

JUN 29 - 8:25PM

jaksus: https://pastebin.com/0gjcRsYX

jaksus: Here's my save, I don't care.

necrodoom: yay

ivanovichkoslov: 194 total abdications

JUN 29 - 8:26PM

ivanovichkoslov: you cheated

jaksus: No, I did not cheat.

necrodoom: titan time 3 hours

ivanovichkoslov: you cheated

ivanovichkoslov: unless you mean to tell us you did an average of 4 abdications per reincarnation

JUN 29 - 8:27PM

jaksus: You guys wanted my save, and you said you didn't want to expose me for it.

pseudobit: I said I didn't

pseudobit: I don't speak for them

bioisan: lol

ivanovichkoslov: if you cheated, be honest about it

necrodoom: dragon champion, 1 dragon upgrade bought

necrodoom: gg

jaksus: I still don't care, you people begged me for it, there it is.

ivanovichkoslov: don't say you didn't when it's completely obvious you did

pseudobit: 4 abdications per reincarnation is quite odd though

azile0: Wow he is really digging in, even when the evidence is obvious

JUN 29 - 8:28PM

azile0: Just... give up. your face is red.

Sverch: He's still here! :D

necrodoom: nice amount of gems

necrodoom: '100000000000000000'

jaksus: If you want to yell at me and say I cheated, go ahead, but I didn't, and I won't change my mind.

necrodoom: this takes some skill


Sverch: :D

JUN 29 - 8:29PM

bioisan: @sverch lol

necrodoom: im in love with this save

necrodoom: so hardcore save edited

Sverch: It's nice, how the fact that he cheated won't change his opininon if he cheated.)))

ivanovichkoslov: 56 days played, 54 of which offline

JUN 29 - 8:30PM

ivanovichkoslov: yet R47

Sverch: +

Sverch: ))

bioisan: is it as amusing as the guy who gave himself a few million rubies?

Nick1wasd: Is this another Wall of Shame-er?

Sverch: I now can't decide who's bolder about their lies.)

necrodoom: my personal favoriate is max inns

necrodoom: '507691'

azile0: If i found a way to get a million rubies, I wouldn't talk about it

JUN 29 - 8:31PM

Sverch: Mom, I'm on TV. Hello to all wall of shame watchers. 0/

azile0: :*

bioisan: the kid was complaining about rubies not being useful for anything

Sverch: :DDD

pseudobit: that's prior Rs, necro

necrodoom: oh woops

bioisan: anyone remember candid camera?

Nick1wasd: "Max faction coins held at once:1"

Nick1wasd: HA

JUN 29 - 8:32PM

necrodoom: still, GL at max evil fortresses '13148' at R47

bioisan: the wall of shame feels like the internet version

bioisan: how do you get 11K+ excavations with only 1 faction coin total?

jaksus: You guys going to continue saying you don't care if I cheated and then leaking everything I sent?

Nick1wasd: This save is janky as hell

JUN 29 - 8:33PM

Thodekke: jaksus, you misunderstand us. We don't care that you cheated. We do care; however, that you lied through your teeth about it. :-)

Sverch: What is "janky"?

Nick1wasd: I'm surprised his game doesn't crash under the weight of this insane data

bioisan: @sverch something that is messed up

ivanovichkoslov: 1)we can't leak what's publicly available

pseudobit: meh, the game doesn't really care about odd gamestates

Nick1wasd: Weird, screwed up, general mess

Sverch: Nice, thanks.)

ivanovichkoslov: anyone can grab your save and see it for themselves

JUN 29 - 8:34PM

jaksus: Yeah, because you all begged me for it.

ivanovichkoslov: 2)we care that you keep saying you didn't cheat when your save clearly proves otherwise

Sverch: At least he was modest about gems.)))))

bioisan: :P

Sverch: Aapocal_88*Rubies.)

Sverch: *Rubies

JUN 29 - 8:35PM

ivanovichkoslov: you have ancient heirloom

ivanovichkoslov: at R47

jaksus: Are you going to continue calling me out?

bioisan: I hope they do

bioisan: it's amusing

Sverch: Guys, how much do I need to stuck s400 to reach R47 requirements?

pseudobit: yeah, ancient heirloom at r47 is not a valid gamestate

Sverch: With Titans.

necrodoom: 6 save edits

Thodekke: Sverch is asking for a friend. xD

ivanovichkoslov: having ancient heirloom at R47 invalidates any attempt at trying to prove you didn't cheat

JUN 29 - 8:36PM

necrodoom: along with anything else

Sverch: How you calculated 6 exactly?

jaksus: pseudobit, ancient heirloom was an item at r17 acquirable at makers fault for 4 months at one point.

necrodoom: you could at least try to lie

pseudobit: when was that?

JUN 29 - 8:37PM

jaksus: When I first started playing, just in a few weeks when it started.

ivanovichkoslov: jaksus, stop lying

ivanovichkoslov: ancient heirloom was added with lineages

bioisan: didn't ancient heirloom come out like a month ago?

jaksus: I'm not lying, that's the funny part.

necrodoom: oh god he still going im crying with laugher

pseudobit: a few weeks after release?

Sverch: necrodoom, sorry to interrupt but how much s400 stuck would be sufficient?

Sverch: :D

jaksus: After I joined the game.

pseudobit: when was that?

ivanovichkoslov: jaksus, you're trying to tell a beta tester he's wrong about an item he helped create

necrodoom: ancient heirloom wasnt even released 4 months ago

JUN 29 - 8:38PM

bioisan: ^that's what I thought

jaksus: Are you getting this from the guides?

Thodekke: Oh man, this is GOLD. Someone get this to Goofy, the Wall of Shame has a new member!

bioisan: ah 3 months ago

pseudobit: ivan and necro are both betatesters and tested the update in which the heirloom was added

Sverch: Why is he so persistent?))

pseudobit: less than 4 months ago

bioisan: dude you can read the patch notes XD

necrodoom: well, not me, but ivan yes

JUN 29 - 8:39PM

Nick1wasd: This is better than TV

necrodoom: but, patch notes clearly show lineages at march 10

pseudobit: oh, thought you were, sorry

jaksus: I'm an alpha tester, who reset my save 3 times to help out the makers of the game, I played before them.

pseudobit: hahahaha

Sverch: XD


Sverch: The cherry!

bioisan: XD

Sverch: XD

jaksus: Do you really think I care about you using beta testers as an excuse?

ivanovichkoslov: you want me to prove it?

bioisan: guys I feel I should point out his profile states he is 17

Sverch: I want to.

JUN 29 - 8:40PM

Sverch: He said he is 22.

bioisan: lmao

jaksus: I am 22, using my brothers old account.

necrodoom: but its not account sharing, because reasons

Sverch: But he don't know how to change age.)

Summit2X: reasons being account creation is "too hard".

pseudobit: it hardly matters if you were an alpha tester, which you weren't

bioisan: today is a good day

jaksus: I can't change my age, this is an account from when your age is locked to what you set it as.

JUN 29 - 8:41PM

pseudobit: the heirloom hasn't been on live for 4 months, so your statement is nonsensical

Sverch: He couldn't save edit age in profile.)

bioisan: ^LOL

jaksus: The heirloom as been out for a long while.

Nick1wasd: No

ivanovichkoslov: no, it hasn't

Nick1wasd: The source code says otherwise

pseudobit: not source, but yes

bioisan: the patch notes literally say otherwise XD

Summit2X: Well, a couple months probably is a LONG time to a 17-year-old.

ivanovichkoslov: you want to start saying the code is wrong too?

pseudobit: patch notes don't specifically mention the heirloom, but it makes no sense without lineages

JUN 29 - 8:42PM

Nick1wasd: And the source code is something Pseu shoves his hands in on a regular basis

pseudobit: not source, but yes

Nick1wasd: Oh, I thought you decompile this thing on a regular basis

jaksus: Should I leave this chat and say hi to people who won't just go on blabbering about a hacked save?

pseudobit: do decompile, but it's not what I'd call source

Nick1wasd: OOOooooo, right

JUN 29 - 8:43PM

pseudobit: we're not even talking about your clearly edited save now

pseudobit: we're talking about the thing you said that is clearly false

Nick1wasd: We're talking about the dumbness of you saying that Heirloom has been around longer than Lineages

Summit2X: Your save editing is sooooo old news now.

pseudobit: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3JmNc6qGYZqTWduQnEtSU5Tdlk

pseudobit: here's my RG archive

jaksus: I'm just gonna go now.

JUN 29 - 8:44PM

bioisan: alpha tester Jaksus knows all


DannyRedish - Today at 7:37 PM

i just have a question

how do i unlock research

ive been trying to but it won't let me

eroshade - Today at 7:38 PM

you need to get R16

DannyRedish - Today at 7:38 PM

im R50

eroshade - Today at 7:39 PM

how are you R50 without research?

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:39 PM

what do you mean it won't let you unlock research?

DannyRedish - Today at 7:39 PM

i don't see the research bar

eroshade - Today at 7:40 PM

do you have the unique building?

DannyRedish - Today at 7:40 PM


eroshade - Today at 7:40 PM

what faction?

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:40 PM

how did you get to r50 without research?

DannyRedish - Today at 7:40 PM

i have both the titan and the dragon

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:40 PM

because i smell bullshit

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:40 PM


i bet hes r0

DannyRedish - Today at 7:40 PM

about 6 months of grinding

eroshade - Today at 7:40 PM

if he has titan and drag hes definintely r50

DannyRedish - Today at 7:41 PM

I also might have spent a few hundred on the game....

Tskami - Today at 7:41 PM


curry - Today at 7:41 PM

jesus christ man

eroshade - Today at 7:41 PM


Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:41 PM

BUT, and this is a big but, you unlock dragon research at R46

DannyRedish - Today at 7:41 PM

i got addicted

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:41 PM

but if he only says that it doesnt mean anything

jij - Today at 7:41 PM


Tskami - Today at 7:41 PM

still wouldn''t really let you get that far without research

DannyRedish - Today at 7:41 PM

its super easy

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:41 PM

so not having it at R50 smells like bullshit

DannyRedish - Today at 7:41 PM

just wait

eroshade - Today at 7:41 PM

yeah, no

curry - Today at 7:41 PM

just post a screen of your R

jij - Today at 7:41 PM


〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:41 PM

just ignore him lol

jij - Today at 7:41 PM

Like 2 Yeats?

eroshade - Today at 7:41 PM

you cant get to R50 without research

jij - Today at 7:41 PM


eroshade - Today at 7:41 PM

no matter how long you wait

Tskami - Today at 7:42 PM

that's not true!

eroshade - Today at 7:42 PM

that would take like 200 years

curry - Today at 7:42 PM

if you post a screen of your R then ppl will chill @DannyRedish

Tskami - Today at 7:42 PM

but 6 months w/o research is fairly bonkers

DannyRedish - Today at 7:42 PM

im trying

Tskami - Today at 7:42 PM

unless you mean without Dragon research specifically

curry - Today at 7:43 PM

its not that hard to post a screenshot lol

DannyRedish - Today at 7:43 PM


Treasure Bag - Today at 7:43 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 7:43 PM

it took time because im on a shit computer

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:43 PM

but wait this isnt mine

curry - Today at 7:43 PM

sorry didnt mean to be a dick

DannyRedish - Today at 7:43 PM

beneath excavation there is not research

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:44 PM

that's impossible

you should have been able to buy research with titans

curry - Today at 7:44 PM

doesnt it show gems on the reincarnation button anyway?

DannyRedish - Today at 7:44 PM

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:44 PM

show full thing

DannyRedish - Today at 7:44 PM

see no fucking research

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:44 PM

show whole screen

Tskami - Today at 7:44 PM

are you dragons?

oh, also you could pastebin your save

DannyRedish - Today at 7:45 PM

yes but it shows i need to hatch the egg

jij - Today at 7:45 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 7:45 PM

which sucks

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:45 PM

wait wait wait

Treasure Bag - Today at 7:45 PM


Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:45 PM


Treasure Bag - Today at 7:45 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 7:45 PM

my game is weird

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:45 PM

you sir are a liar

DannyRedish - Today at 7:45 PM

do i have to hard reset?

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:46 PM

if you have to hatch the egg, that means you cheated to get to r50

SalmonRagnar - Today at 7:46 PM


jij - Today at 7:46 PM

have you completed

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:46 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 7:46 PM

jij - Today at 7:46 PM

the faction quests?

DannyRedish - Today at 7:46 PM

how do you hack?

jij - Today at 7:46 PM

to unlock research

DannyRedish - Today at 7:46 PM

just curious

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:46 PM

confirmed, you hacked the game

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:46 PM

okay there it is

Treasure Bag - Today at 7:46 PM

"just curious"

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:46 PM

DB without dragon(edited)

Treasure Bag - Today at 7:46 PM


curry - Today at 7:46 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 7:46 PM

so can I hack to unlock research?

jij - Today at 7:47 PM

hack to complete d game

Treasure Bag - Today at 7:47 PM


eroshade - Today at 7:47 PM

ok, hes trolling

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:47 PM

this reminds me of the 910 million rubies guy

Thronnos - Today at 7:47 PM

Lots of new people

Wait what guy

I'm curious

jij - Today at 7:47 PM

lol ivan xD

DannyRedish - Today at 7:47 PM

wait 910 million!!!


jij - Today at 7:47 PM


Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:48 PM

there was a guy that claimed to have bought 910 million rubies

DannyRedish - Today at 7:48 PM

thats op as fuck

eroshade - Today at 7:48 PM

or the guy on kong who has all max records on every game. Zodiac killer

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:48 PM

we called him out on it

Tskami - Today at 7:48 PM

issat the guy on musicfamily's wall of shame?

DannyRedish - Today at 7:48 PM

i bought 2500.....

jij - Today at 7:48 PM


Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:48 PM

and pseudobyte confirmed they were all hacked

jij - Today at 7:48 PM

is his name


Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:48 PM

foofyderpface, correct(edited)

DannyRedish - Today at 7:48 PM


Thronnos - Today at 7:49 PM

I bought the Gifts and stuff but 910 million rubies. Can you imagine that guys production boosts haha

DannyRedish - Today at 7:49 PM

or assistants

he could get like millions....

eroshade - Today at 7:49 PM


Thronnos - Today at 7:49 PM

Hahaha. Starts off a fresh R with like 80k assistants

eroshade - Today at 7:49 PM

the price increases, so prob not millions

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:49 PM

910 million rubies is bad in terms of ruby upgrades

jij - Today at 7:49 PM

just hack sum more rubies

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:49 PM

c340 would be out the roof, though

eroshade - Today at 7:50 PM


Treasure Bag - Today at 7:50 PM

Hello @Jorbug!

Welcome to this hell-hole!

Thronnos - Today at 7:50 PM

I'm almost tempted to make a copy of my save (so as not to mess up my main game) and see exactly how many assistants I could get.

Actually wait.

Tskami - Today at 7:50 PM

You would still have like 50k ruby upgrades in one thing

Thronnos - Today at 7:50 PM

It goes up by 1 each time?

Tskami - Today at 7:51 PM

If you want to break the game, edit in like 3000 days of activity time on BW + S375

Thronnos - Today at 7:51 PM

And if it does go up by 1 how many assistants do you get per tic

DannyRedish - Today at 7:51 PM

ok i found out how to cheat and set my gems from 78.47 qua to 78.47 ocg


Thronnos - Today at 7:51 PM

I can just maths this

eroshade - Today at 7:51 PM

1 per purchase

Tskami - Today at 7:51 PM

Have fun with yer hacks


jij - Today at 7:52 PM


you will not have any fun

DannyRedish - Today at 7:52 PM

i just want research :sob:

Treasure Bag - Today at 7:52 PM

werk yer ass

jij - Today at 7:52 PM

ye bruh

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:52 PM

if you only hadn't hacked the game to get dragons before unlocking them...

jij - Today at 7:52 PM

start fresh without hack

till R16

then unlock it

DannyRedish - Today at 7:53 PM

i didnt!!!

Thronnos - Today at 7:53 PM

So 1 per purchase so all I gotta do is figure out the number of possible upgrades brb while I maths this

Tskami - Today at 7:53 PM

Seriously though how did you get there

DannyRedish - Today at 7:53 PM

now i have 20b assitants :smile:

Tskami - Today at 7:53 PM

Like, what faction(s) did you use

jij - Today at 7:53 PM


eroshade - Today at 7:53 PM

well its impossible to get that far in the game without research, and you cant have Db without drags soooooooo

DannyRedish - Today at 7:53 PM

mainly angel to get the mana....

and i do have drags

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:54 PM

by hacking

Tskami - Today at 7:54 PM

you used mainly angel?

eroshade - Today at 7:54 PM

all i hear is bull shit

Treasure Bag - Today at 7:54 PM


Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:54 PM

because it's IMPOSSIBLE to get dragons without hatching the fucking egg

Treasure Bag - Today at 7:54 PM

Hello @Brisance!

DannyRedish - Today at 7:54 PM

i had 2 eggs!!!

eroshade - Today at 7:54 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 7:54 PM

for no goddamn reason

jij - Today at 7:54 PM

oh noice

double dragon

DannyRedish - Today at 7:54 PM

and angel into titan

eroshade - Today at 7:54 PM

double drags

double production right?

DannyRedish - Today at 7:55 PM

i don't think so....

Tskami - Today at 7:55 PM

just that?

angel and titan?

DannyRedish - Today at 7:55 PM

well until mercenary...

and dwarves....

Thronnos - Today at 7:55 PM

I want double dragons :(

eroshade - Today at 7:55 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 7:55 PM

i can't activate the second dragon!

its stuck!

the egg won't hatch!

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:55 PM

lol just saying stuff hes heard around

Tskami - Today at 7:55 PM

okay specifically what did you do at e135 gems

jij - Today at 7:55 PM

ofc not you already ''hatched'' one

Tskami - Today at 7:55 PM

like what faction

eroshade - Today at 7:55 PM

nothing of what hes saying makes sense, just ignore him

DannyRedish - Today at 7:56 PM

hmm what reincarnatino?

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:56 PM

can we get him out of here?

Tskami - Today at 7:56 PM


or 37-39 I guess

Thronnos - Today at 7:56 PM

I'm so confused about what just happened lol

Did I miss something?

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:56 PM

now I bet hes looking it up

DannyRedish - Today at 7:57 PM

id go merc with the mana angel upgrades and a titan reduction along with the exchange and dwarven

curry - Today at 7:57 PM

dude asked how to get research but theyre at R50 @Thronnos

Tskami - Today at 7:57 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 7:57 PM


〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:57 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 7:57 PM



curry - Today at 7:57 PM

has dragons but hasnt hatched the egg yet somehow @Thronnos

jij - Today at 7:57 PM

then cheat it

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:57 PM


jij - Today at 7:57 PM


Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:57 PM

at r39

DannyRedish - Today at 7:57 PM


jij - Today at 7:57 PM


look it up

Tskami - Today at 7:57 PM

go vanilla again and unlock research with them

eroshade - Today at 7:58 PM

you dont use merc once after R16 lul

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:58 PM

yup, this guy has cheated their way through the game

Thronnos - Today at 7:58 PM

Well. Here is the thing. This is a single player game. If that's how he wants to play his game, who are we to put him down for it

Tskami - Today at 7:58 PM

I mean, yeah, sure

Treasure Bag - Today at 7:58 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 7:58 PM


jij - Today at 7:58 PM

i use merc for the extra gems using DF and i'm at R27


Thronnos - Today at 7:58 PM

Maybe for him that IS fun

Tskami - Today at 7:58 PM

but it's harder to troubleshoot if they aren't being honest about what happened

Treasure Bag - Today at 7:58 PM

cough rules cough

Thronnos - Today at 7:58 PM

Oh yeah that I can agree with

eroshade - Today at 7:58 PM

we arent putting him down. hes just trying to convince us he isnt cheating lol

curry - Today at 7:58 PM


i just think it's funny

Thronnos - Today at 7:59 PM

Rules say nothing about cheating :P but yes it is funny.

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:59 PM

we're simply stating the facts

Tskami - Today at 7:59 PM

I don't think anyone in here cares if you cheat

jij - Today at 7:59 PM

@Thronnos well, there is a ranking so it's kinda unfair

Tskami - Today at 7:59 PM

lots of people care if you lie

Thronnos - Today at 7:59 PM

And research... I don't remember how I unlocked it. Just just happened at some R lol

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 7:59 PM

getting to R50 thinking you can use mercs at R39 means you cheated your way through

that is a fact

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 7:59 PM

ye its fine just give him a sepreate cheater role

jij - Today at 8:00 PM

make it a rainbow one

Tskami - Today at 8:00 PM

no need to shame people for cheating

DannyRedish - Today at 8:00 PM

im angel but..... no research

jij - Today at 8:00 PM

it's bootyfull

Thronnos - Today at 8:00 PM

You need the unique building

DannyRedish - Today at 8:00 PM

i have it

heavens domain

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 8:00 PM

can we see a shot of that

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 8:00 PM

of the whole game screen

not only the domains

Tskami - Today at 8:01 PM

and you can't buy the upgrade to unlock the research facility?

eroshade - Today at 8:01 PM


DannyRedish - Today at 8:01 PM



Tskami - Today at 8:01 PM

It might be a post-A cost reduction thing that they didn't bother to actually scale

Thronnos - Today at 8:01 PM

That should be it. You do the quest, get the building then buy the research thing I think.

DannyRedish - Today at 8:01 PM

is the upgrade pantheon?

it costs 1 million angel coins :sob:

Tskami - Today at 8:01 PM

because frankly it's not possible to get to ascension without getting research

〖Ƨ¡ήℤ〗 zOBiE - Today at 8:01 PM

just give us a screenshot

Tskami - Today at 8:02 PM

1 million coins is nothing


DannyRedish - Today at 8:02 PM


Tskami - Today at 8:02 PM

Literally nothing

jij - Today at 8:02 PM

you're R50

DannyRedish - Today at 8:02 PM

i cheated to get the coins

because i just started

jij - Today at 8:02 PM

and is worried about 1 mill coins?

Tskami - Today at 8:02 PM


jij - Today at 8:02 PM


Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 8:02 PM

you cheated to get to R50

DannyRedish - Today at 8:02 PM

but it works


it worked

i don't need u anymore

Tskami - Today at 8:02 PM



Thronnos - Today at 8:02 PM

Lmao what

Ivanovich Koslov - Today at 8:03 PM

okay, time to pastebin this whole thing

Thronnos - Today at 8:03 PM

Well this has to be one of the strangest conversations ever

jij - Today at 8:03 PM


eroshade - Today at 8:03 PM


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