R16 Research Guide

Research introduction by Namelessname

So, you got to R16, you got a popup from the advisor, you got the gem requirement, now you are just waiting (im)patiently for me to explain what to do now, unfortunately, I will first explain what exactly are you going to unlock.

Firstly, Unique Buildings

commonly refered to as UBs, these are an upgrade to a certain building, which is determined by your current faction, which does 2 things, the first is a bonus to that building's production, which scales with a certain stat, and the second is giving you access to Research if you unlocked it for that faction.

In order to unlock a UB you need to have a certain amount of the building that is going to be upgraded and 1e100 coins, currently you can only unlock the ones for the Vanilla factions, but that will change as you progress through the game. (This page has a list of the building requirements for all UBs, and the formulas for their upgrades)

After you unlocked it, you need to upgrade the building each abdication, this costs coins (1e103 for Vanilla and Neutral factions) and that means you won't be able to buy UBs at the start of the R. (at least for a while)

Then, once you have the UB for a faction unlocked, you still need to unlock Research for that faction, Vanilla factions skip this step but they do got something else that need to be done...

The Research tree has 6 branches, 1 for each Vanilla faction, to unlock these branches, you need to pay 1e6 FCs of that faction and 1e121 coins after you bought the UB for that faction, this only needs to be done once.

So, what I want you to do first is to unlock every branch in the tree, I recommend using a few excavations for Demon, Undead and Angel as it will speed things up by quite a lot, however, be very careful with excavations as you will need quite a lot of them.

Also, I'd recommend using the following faction-bloodline combinations to unlock the branches: Elf-Elfline, Fairy-Elfline (Fairy's production is enough, but Elfline provides the FCs needed to avoid using excavs), Angel-Druidline, Undead/Demon/Goblin-Titanline. (Demon and Undead have virtually no FC gain nor production, so they need Titanline for production and excavations for FC, Goblin gets FC from their spell so they only need production)

Alright, now that you unlocked all branches it is time for yet another explanation, this time about Research Points (RPs) and researches.

Every branch has a level, that level is called RPs, to get more RPs/level it up, you need to pay FCs of the faction that is related to the branch and coins, depending on the level, RPs are retained through all soft resets, and you can only purchase up to a certain cap, which is increased each R, up to 5000 at R100 (-50 because the devs wanted it to be a round number).*ending note 1

At certain RP amounts for a branch, you will be able to unlock a research, these are refered to by their number and their branch's letter, for example E50=Economics 50.

Researches are like Merc upgrades, you have a certain amount of slots per branch, and you can pick which ones you want to fill those slots, there will be ways to increase the number of slots you have at each branch, but currently that isn't very important to you. (they also reset each abdication, and have templates, just like Merc)

The big blocks are where you buy RPs, and where you can see how many RPs and slots you have available for that branch, the small blocks to their right are the researches, a red means the research is unlocked but can't be used as your current faction, a yellow ? means you can't unlock the research as this faction, and a green means you already chose this research for this abdication.

There is one more thing about researches, which can either be seen as what's fun about them, or, the opinion that I share, is their biggest problem, that is their requirements, or more specifically, the fact you can't see their requirements in-game, yes, you can see a progress indicator, but this game has so many different stats to track, you would spend more time trying to understand what are the requirements than you would planning a run to fulfill as many as possible at once...

However, unlike in the game, in this page you can see the requirements for yourself and decide of a best course, but if you feel a bit overwhelmed, here is what I recommend to do:

To unlock Research follow the guide below, Do not buy Prestige Faction

This guide was written as of v3.1 and only used 10 excavations for VFJ, also without Sunforce

Note: Sunforce will help speed things up

A complete list of Research Unlock Requirements can be found here

A complete list of All Unique Buildings Unlock Requirements can be found here

Note Recommended before starting research

Vanilla Flavor Juice Vanilla Flavor Juice

Description: An essence from extremely savory vanilla beans.

Rewards: Increase the production of all buildings by 25,000% for the first 15 minutes of the game (this game) for all Vanilla factions. Doesn't work while offline.

Note: Effect is canceled if you use a Prestige faction.

Requirement: R16+

Chance: 20% in the first 5 minutes of a game

Cost: 1 coin

Note: Does not work while offline.

Note: Get to 100 Uvg (1e68) gems before starting to unlock research.

Note: Good Alignment, Elf/Dwarf/Elfline to Merc in under 10-20 minutes.

Note: If going offline anytime during R16 switch to Undead as you need 8 hours offline time as Undead to unlock a research.

You can use Mercenary to get to the required gem level. suggested (Elven Farms build to e68)

Use Excavations only as needed to speed thing up, DO NOT OVERDO

Auto Casting: Spiritual Surge on Silver everything else on Gold unless stated otherwise.

Important: Do not buy Dwarf/Drow while doing research

Step 1: Unlocking Unique Buildings and Research Facilities

1.1: Unlock the Fairy unique building and the Spellcraft research facility. (use Fairy/Elf Bloodline)


Smiley face Enchanted Field Quest

Requirement: Fairy, R16+, 2250 Farms

Cost: 10 Dtg (1E100)

Effect: Unlocks Enchanted Field

Enchanted Field Enchanted Field (Unique Building)

Cost: 10 Ttg (1E103)

Effect: Upgrade Farms to Enchanted Fields

Effect: Allows access to the Research Facilities.

Enchanted Field Spellweavery

Requirement: Enchanted Field

Cost: 1E121 coins, 1E6 Fairy coins

Effect: Unlocks Spellcraft Research Facility

1.2: Unlock the Elf unique building and the Craftmenship research facility. (use Elf/Elf Bloodline)


Training Grounds Quest Training Grounds Quest

Requirement: Elf, R16+, 1750 Warrior Barracks

Cost: 10 Dtg (1E100)

Effect: Unlocks Training Grounds

Elven Training Grounds Training Grounds (Unique Building)

Requirement: Training Grounds Quest

Cost: 10 Ttg (1E103)

Effect: Upgrade Warrior Barracks To Elven Training Grounds

Effect: Allows access to the Research Facilities.

Elven Training Grounds Carpentry

Requirement: Elven Training Grounds

Cost: 1E121 coins, 1E6 Elven coins

Effect: Unlocks Craftsmanship Research Facility

1.3: Unlock the Angel unique building and the Divine research facility. (use Angel/Elf Bloodline)


Heaven's Domain Quest Heaven's Domain Quest

Requirement: Angel, R16+, 1500 Heaven's Gates

Cost: 10 Dtg (1E100)

Effect: Unlocks Heaven's Domain

Heaven's Domain Heaven's Domain (Unique Building)

Requirement: Buy "Heaven's Domain Quest"

Cost: 10 Ttg (1E103)

Effect: Upgrade Heaven's Gate To Heaven's Domains

Effect: Allows access to the Research Facilities.

Heaven's Domain Quest Pantheon

Requirement: Heaven's Domain

Cost: 1E121 coins, 1E6 Angel coins

Effect: Unlocks Divine Research Facility

1.4: Unlock the Goblin unique building and the Economics research facility. (use Goblin/Elf Bloodline)

Goblin Banks Quest Goblin Bank Quest

Requirement: Goblin, R16+, 1750 Witch Conclaves

Cost: 10 Dtg (1E100)

Effect: Unlocks Goblin Bank

Goblin Banks Goblin Bank (Unique Building)

Requirement: Buy "Goblin Banks Quest"

Cost: 10 Ttg (1E103)

Effect: Upgrade Witch Conclaves To Goblin Bank

Effect: Allows access to the Research Facilities.

Goblin Banks Quest Exchequer

Requirement: Goblin Bank

Cost: 1E121 coins, 1E6 Goblin coins

Effect: Unlocks Economics Research Facility

1.5: Unlock the Undead unique building and the Alchemy research facility. (use Undead/Elf Bloodline)

Undercities Quest Undercities Quest

Requirement: Undead, R16+, 1750 Necropolises

Cost: 10 Dtg (1E100)

Effect: Unlocks Undercities

Undercities Undercities (Unique Building)

Requirement: Undercities Quest

Cost: 10 Ttg (1E103)

Effect: Upgrade Necropolises To Undercities

Effect: Allows access to the Research Facilities.

Laboratory Laboratory

Requirement: Undercities

Cost: 1E121 coins, 1E6 Undead coins

Effect: Unlocks Alchemy Research Facility

1.6: Unlock the Demon unique building and the Warfare research facility. (use Demon/Elf Bloodline)

Infernal Realm Quest Infernal Realm Quest

Requirement: Demon, R16+, 1500 Hell Portals

Cost: 10 Dtg (1E100)

Effect: Unlocks Infernal Realm

Infernal Realm Infernal Realm (Unique Building)

Requirement: Infernal Realm Quest

Cost: 10 Ttg (1E103)

Effect: Upgrade Hell Portals To Infernal Realm

Effect: Allows access to the Research Facilities.

Strategy Room Strategy Room

Requirement: All Demon faction upgrades bought, Infernal Realm

Cost: 1E121 coins, 1E6 Demon coins

Effect: Unlocks Warfare Research Facilities

Note: Stay with this run to until you get to step 2.

Research Facilities







Once you unlock these you will see them in the research tab, pointing to them (ingame) will tell you how many research points you have and how many available slots you have.

Reincarnation: = R, Research Points: = RP

After you unlock all 6 Research Facilities you can upgrade them with RP.

You get more RP everytime you R, at R16 you start with 136 RP for each Research Facility then you get more for each R you are at. (R17 you get 17 RP, R18 you get 18 RP and so on) all the way to R100 where RP is capped at 5000.

It cost gold coins and faction coins to raise the RP in each facility.

RP opens up research that need unlocked, below you will find a list of unlock steps to take for each research.

Unlocked Upgrade (X): You cannot use this upgrade with the faction you are playing. (There is an option to hide these icons.)

Locked Upgrade (! exclamation mark): You can unlock this upgrade with the Faction you are playing. The Icon tool-tip will show your unlock progress %.

Locked Upgrade (? question mark): You cannot unlock this upgrade with the Faction you are playing.

Step 2: Unlocking Research

Auto Casting: Spiritual Surge on Silver everything else on Gold unless stated otherwise.

2.1: Get to 55+ Research Points Use Fairy with Elf Bloodline.

2.2: S30: 4000 Mana, S50: 6000 max mana, C10: 2500 Farms, Use Fairy with Elf Bloodline.

2.3: D50: 15000 good buildings as Angels, S10: 2000 heaven's gates this game, Use Angel with Goblin Bloodline.

2.4: E30: 1000 royal exchanges this game, E50: 1000 royal exchanges as Goblin, A10: 2250 Goblin Banks, W25: 1e32 coins this game, Use Goblin with Goblin Bloodline. (E30-E50 will be last, Bronze cast Goblin's Greed)

2.5: D10: 2000 Infernal Realms, Use Demon with Goblin Bloodline.

2.6: E10: 2000 Undercities, Use Undead with Goblin Bloodline.

Step 3: Get to 80 Research Points Use Elf with Elf Bloodline.

3.1: C50: 1 B (1e9) Faction Coins, E25: 100 M (1e8) Faction Coins found this game, W10: 2000 Warrior Barracks, Use Elf with Elf Bloodline.

3.2: C80: 16K Good and Evil Buildings (Total, this game), E80: 9K Neutral Buildings, Use Fairy with Goblin Bloodline.

Step 4: Get to 105 Research Points Using Fairy with Fairy Bloodline and A105.

4.1: D55: 3 M (3e6) mana produced this game, A55: 25K spells this game, C25: 12K spells this R, Use Angel with Druid Bloodline. (2 Hour run) (Everything Gold autocast Tax Collection last)

Step 5: Get to 136 Research Points Using Fairy with Fairy Bloodline

5.1: A120: 6500 max mana, W120: 250 base assistants, Use Fairy with Faceless Bloodline unlock.

5.2: S135: 5K Unique Buildings this game as Fairy, Use Fairy with Goblin Bloodline.

5.3: C105: 25K clicks, C120: 200K clicks, C135: 250K Clicks this game as Elf, Use Elf with Elf Bloodline, After all upgrades and research bought autocast Moon Blessing and Call to Arms.

5.4: A135: 1 day play time this R Use Undead with any Bloodline.

5.5: D135: 250 m/s Mana Regen(as Angel) Use Angel with Druid Bloodline.

5.6: E135: 28,000 Total Buildings(as Goblin) Goblin with Goblin Bloodline.

5.7: A25: 666 Hellfire Blast, A30: 750 Fairy Chanting this R, W135: 580 trophies Use Demon with any Bloodline. (Use Merc build below and read note) (After spell count reached switch to Demon and Fairy to unlock both research)

Merc Build

Alingment: Neutral

Bloodline: Druid

FR2,FR6,EL9,AN3,AN6,AN9,DD4,DD6,DD8,DN2,DN3,DN7,SP:Fairy Chanting,SP:Hellfire Blast

Note: Cast Hellfire Blast and Fairy Chanting on Bronze everything on Gold and no Tax Collection. (Just under 4 hour run)

4.8: D25: 8 hours offline as Undead, A50: 120 m/s Mana Regen(as Undead), W50: 2 days evil playtime this R, Use Undead with Druid Bloodline. (After 2 days evil time switch to Demon to unlock W50)

Note: D25 and W50 can wait until after R18 but needs to be done.

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