The patch notes, or changelogs, can also be accessed by clicking the Version Number on bottom right corner of the ingame options window.

v4.2.10, Feb 8, 2023, Valentine Event

Global Reminder: The Valentine Event will be starting on Feb 13th 2023, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Feb 17th 2023, 7.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW VALENTINE FEAT, unlocking a new event upgrade.

v4.2.9, Dec 18, 2022, Christmas Event

Global Reminder: The Christmas Event will be starting on Dec 21st 2022, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Jan 5th 2023, 7.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW CHRISTMAS FEAT, unlocking a new cosmetic option.

v4.2.8, Oct 24, 2022, Halloween Event

Global Reminder: The Halloween Event will be starting on Oct 28th 2022, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Nov 4th 2022, 7.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW HALLOWEEN FEAT, unlocking a new cosmetic option.

v4.2.7, Sep 16, 2022, Idillium Event

Global Reminder: The Idillium Event will be starting on Sep 23rd 2022, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Sep 30th 2022, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW IDILLIUM FEAT, unlocking a new cosmetic option.

v4.2.6, Aug 9, 2022, Summer Event

Global Reminder: The Summer Event will be starting on Aug 17th 2022, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Aug 24th 2022, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW MIDSUMMER FEAT, unlocking a new cosmetic option.

v4.2.5, Jul 6, 2022, Goblin Invasion Event

Global Reminder: Goblin Invasion Event will be starting on Jul 11th 2021, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Jul 15th 2021, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW GOBLIN INVASION FEAT, unlocking a new cosmetic option.

v4.2.4, May 11, 2022, Blood War Event

Global Reminder: The Blood War Event will be starting on Apr 14th 2022, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Apr 21st 2022, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW BLOOD WAR FEAT, unlocking a new cosmetic option.

v4.2.3, Mar 30, 2022, Easter Event

Global Reminder: The Easter Event will be starting on Apr 14th 2022, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Apr 21st 2022, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW EASTER FEAT, unlocking a new cosmetic option.

v4.2.2, Feb 7, 2022, Valentine Event

Global Reminder: The Valentine Event will be starting on Feb 12th 2022, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Feb 16th 2022, 7.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW VALENTINE FEAT, unlocking a new cosmetic option.

v4.2.1, Dec 17, 2021, Christmas Event

Global Reminder: The Christmas Event will be starting on Dec 20th 2021, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Jan 4th 2022, 7.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW CHRISTMAS FEAT, unlocking a new upgrade.

Prestige Artifacts can now be excavated properly.

AN1 base decreased.

AN2 now also increases Angel Coin find chance by 500%.

AN10 first effect increased.

DD12 base and scaling decreased.

DG4 additive and production parts, effects decreased.

DG6 scaling decreased for both effects.

DG8 scaling decreased.

DG11 multiplicative effect decreased.

AR2 now changes Precognition starting duration to 5 minutes.

MK7 start value decreased, base increased, scaling decreased.

White Dragon's Breath scaling decreased.

All Creation, all effects decreased.

S11125 (Multiplication) is now based on mana produced in this game.

S12250 (Necrodoomancy) base and scaling decreased.

S13125 (Fantasia) base decreased.

S13500 (Legerdemain) reworked: now increases the production of all buildings based on Royal Exchange bonus.

C5375 (Manufacture) base increased and scaling decreased for both effects.

D13125 (Asceticism) now also increases all faction times.

E11125 (Grey Friday) now also increases the production of all buildings based on Royal Exchange bonus.

W11625 (Genocide) scaling decreased.

W12250 (Raiding) base increased, scaling decreased.

E11875 (Overworking) base increased, scaling decreased.

Archon Challenges 1, 2 and 3 now remove Ascension Penalties from Angel's, Undead's and Titan's Upgrade 9s respectively.

Makers Challenge 5 max mana requirement reduced.

Druid Union base and scaling decreased.

Dragon Order Union base decreased.

Dragon Balance union base increased, scaling decreased.

Dragon Chaos Union base increased, scaling decreased.

Drow Set 1 effect swapped with Drow Set 2. New Drow Set 1 scaling increased.

Chrono Loading formula changed to logarithmic. Start value removed.

True Harlequin upgrade is now available at 5 different upgrades purchased. Formula reworked. Unlock conditions for the secret trophy and Mercenary Challenge 5 remain unchanged.

Expert Combinator now has the same formula as Novice Combinator.

Fairy-Demon Legacy Combo (Brooding Abyss) all values decreased.

Goblin-Undead Legacy Combo (Homunculus Lab) formula reworked, and now also increases the production of all buildings based on unspent research budget.

Lineage Perk 5's requirement increased to Reincarnation 139.

Former R180 power reintroduced, moved up to R190.

A4 Prestige factions entry requirement decreased to Reincarnation 235.

Prestige artifacts requirement decreased to Reincarnation 235.

Added a cap of R279 for A4.

All effects that increase spell tiers should also increase the automax tier when autocasting.

Added new advisor hints.

v4.2.0, Oct 27, 2021, Halloween Event

Global Reminder: The Halloween Event will be starting on Oct 29th 2021, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Nov 5th 2021, 7.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL FEAT, unlocking a new upgrade.

PRESTIGE FACTIONS are now integrated into the Legacy System, available from Reincarnation 240.



UD7 effect decreased.

DM2 base increased, scaling decreased.

DN3 has been changed to be based on excavations this R, including resets. Formula adjusted to a higher base and lower scaling.

DN7 base increased, scaling decreased.

DN11 base increased, scaling decreased.

DW9 is no longer nerfed in Ascension 4 like the other faction upgrades. Combo Strike tiers removed from the bonus formula. Formula changed.

DG1 changed to affect all buildings for a reduced value. T4, T9 and T11 have a higher bonus instead.

DG2 changed to increase Iron Stronghold production by 200% per spell affecting it.

DG3 has been swapped with DG8. DG3 base increased, scaling decreased.

DG4 has been changed to increase assistants additively and multiplicatively in addition to its previous effect.

DG6 has been changed to increase Royal Exchange bonus and Faction Coin find chance instead of its previous effect.

DG7 now also increases Max Mana multiplicatively.

DG10 now also increases assistants. Base and scaling reduced.

DG11 reworked: now removes 1 Ascension Penalty from Royal Exchanges and gives White Breath a multiplicative effect.

MK8 reworked: now increases production bonus from Gems based on the time spent on your longest game session in this Reincarnation.

Fairy Perk 4 scaling decreased.

Dwarven Perk 3 base and scaling increased.

Elven Union base increased, scaling decreased.

Undead Union base increased, scaling decreased.

Drow Balance Union base and scaling decreased.

Drow Chaos Union base and scaling decreased.

Dragon Balance Union base increased, scaling decreased.

Dragon Chaos Union, Non-Unique part, base decreased. Overall base increased and scaling decreased.

All Union bonuses no longer suffer from Ascension penalties.

Uniformity base increased.

White Breath additive part, base increased.

Dwarven Forge base increased, scaling decreased.

Dragon Pasture base and scaling increased.

Dragon Challenge 1 changed to be based on Lightning Strike in this game. Formula adjusted should have lower base and much higher scaling.

Dragon Challenge 5 base increased, scaling decreased.

R180 power removed

W11875 (Scouting) base and scaling decreased.

Prestige Heritages cost increased to 1e36 Faction Coins in A4.

Fairy Set base increased, scaling decreased

Drow Set reworked: now removes Ascension Penalties over time from Royal Exchanges and increases their production based on the amount of Gems you own.

Advanced Heritages time requirement reduced to 6 hours.

MAD quests for masks time requirement reduced to 1 day.

Twisting Nether was adding points to the sum of Lineage levels, not per individual Lineage. This has been fixed.

v4.1.3, Sep 21, 2021, Idillium Event

Global Reminder: The Idillium Event will be starting on Sep 23rd 2021, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Sep 30th 2021, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW IDILLIUM FEAT, unlocking a new upgrade.

Added the COPY ID feature: by clicking on the ID in your Options menu, it will be copied to clipboard, then you can paste it on any text area.

Added a spell counter on the Golden Age feat.

v4.1.2, Aug 23, 2021, Summer Event

Global Reminder: The Summer Event will be starting on Aug 26th 2021, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Sep 2nd 2021, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW SUMMER FESTIVAL FEAT, unlocking a new upgrade.

v4.1.1, Jul 19, 2021, Goblin Invasion Event

Global Reminder: The Goblin Invasion Event will be starting on Jul 26th 2021, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Jul 30th 2021, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW GOBLIN INVASION FEAT, unlocking a new upgrade.

TT4 now also increases the production of its respective buildings by 1000%.

TT8 effect increased.

Holy Crusaders effect decreased.

C3100 (Engineering) time required reduced to 12 days.

Makers Perk 2 buildings required reduced to 300k.

DM2 restored to 4.0 values.

v4.1.0, Jun 28, 2021, Legacy Combos

NEW FEATURE: LEGACY COMBO UPGRADES. When you have at least two different Legacies, you will be able to purchase a unique upgrade matching any combination of 2 Vanilla Factions. Only one Legacy Combo upgrade can be purchased in a single Abdication.

NEW RESEARCHES. 2 new Researches per branch have been added.

A NEW SECRET TROPHY has been added

A NEW REINCARNATION POWER for Reincarnation 230 has been added.

FR2 bonus decreased.

FR3 base and scaling increased.

FR6 base and scaling increased.

FR9 base and scaling increased.

EL1 effect increased.

EL2 base increased.

EL3 scaling increased.

EL5 scaling increased.

EL8 (Elven Luck) now also triggers on autoclicks.

EL10 all effects increased.

AN2 base decreased.

AN9 base decreased.

AN6 effect decreased.

AN7 base decreased.

God's Hand mana multiplier decreased.

GB2 scaling increased.

GB4 effect increased.

GB6 now increases the production of all buildings based on Tax Collection worth.

GB9 highest roll bonus increased. Now also accounts for all spell effects.

UD4 base and scaling increased.

UD5 changed to be based on time spent offline in this Reincarnation.

UD6 base and scaling increased.

UD Heritage base and scaling increased.

DM2 base increased.

DM4 Hell Portal effect increased, now also adds hours of playtime as a count more effect.

DM5 base increased.

DM7 base increased.

DM8 base and scaling increased.

Infernal Realm base decreased.

DD5 base decreased.

DD7 base decreased.

FC1 base increased.

FC4 scaling increased.

FC5 base increased.

FC8 base increased, scaling decreased.

C50 (Refining) base decreased.

E225 (Forgery) base decreased.

A25 (Deflagration) effect bonus decreased.

W1 (Assault) base decreased.

W25 (War Funds) scaling decreased.

F11000 (Godslaying) base increased, scaling decreased.

F11250 (Inanity) base and scaling increased.

Master Archeologist effect increased.

Goblin Invasion's Fight Upgrade formula made logarithmic.

Holy Frenzy now also increases Faction Coin find chance for Good and Evil factions, in Ascension 4 only.

Function getFactionTime() now uses the max value among the factions you're using. This has consequences in A330 (Adaptation) and C200 (Journeymen), for the better or the worse depending on the gamestate.

v4.0.3, May 13, 2021, Blood War Event

Global Reminder: The Blood War Event will be starting on May 17th 2021, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on May 21st 2021, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW BLOOD WAR FEAT, unlocking a new upgrade.

v4.0.2, Mar 25, 2021, Easter Event

Global Reminder: The Easter Event will be starting on Apr 2nd 2021, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Apr 9th 2021, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW EASTER FEAT, unlocking a new upgrade.

Fixed Unrequitedness not targeting neutral buildings only.

Changed Ancient Egg to reduce the base cost for excavations instead of their cost multiplier.

Fixed Tax Collection cache persisting through abdications in certain circumstances.

Fixed Lore artifact count being unachievable.

Removed Unique Building requirement check for Prestige upgrade 10s.

Fixed Prestige upgrade 10s using a wrong method in their formula.

Fixed an issue with high bonus values for Craftsmanship 11625 (Motus Perpetuum).

Fixed Perk 5s being advertised at Lineage 45 when they are now unlocked at Lineage 40.

Mercenary Challenge 1 now negates all bloodline synergies (for example related to Reincarnation Power 58 and 115).

v4.0.1, Feb 9, 2021, Valentine Event

Global Reminder: The Valentine Event will be starting on Feb 12st 2021, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Feb 16th 2021, 7.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW VALENTINE FEAT, unlocking a new upgrade.

v4.0.0, Dec 16, 2020, Christmas Event

Global Reminder: The Christmas Event will be starting on Dec 21st 2020, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Jan 5th 2021, 7.59 PM UTC.

INTRODUCING: ASCENSION 4. Starting from Reincarnation 220, you will be able to perform the 4th Ascension, unlocking new endgame content with different progress systems and options!

NEW PROGRESS SYSTEM: FACTION LEGACIES. In Ascension 4 you will be able to purchase Legacies for coins and faction coins, allowing you to mix and match upgrades from different factions and unlocking special bonuses as you purchase more.

Building cost multiplier in Ascension 4 is reset to Ascension 0 values.

All Vanilla upgrades, challenges and heritages in Ascension 4 have their Ascension Penalty removed.

An incredibly large number of upgrades have been rebalanced or reworked entirely.

Most tooltip texts have been changed for clarity and consistency.

v3.8.4, Oct 23, 2020, Halloween Event

Global Reminder: The Halloween Event will be starting on Oct 28th 2020, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Nov 4th 2020, 7.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW HALLOWEEN FEAT, unlocking a new upgrade.

v3.8.3, Sep 18, 2020, Idillium Event

Global Reminder: The Idillium Event will be starting on Sep 23th 2020, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Sep 30th 2020, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW IDILLIUM FEAT, unlocking a new upgrade.

v3.8.2, Jul 17, 2020, Summer Event

Global Reminder: The Summer Festival Event will be starting on Aug 17th 2020, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Aug 24th 2020, 6.59 PM UTC.

Added a Community button in the Options Menu to quickly access the community hubs for Realm Grinder.

Fixed a wrong requirement in Mercenary Challenge 3.

{web}Fixed notation issues with the mana bubble.

v3.8.1, Jun 29, 2020, Goblin War Event

Global Reminder: The Goblin Invasion Event will be starting on Jul 09th 2020, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Jul 13th 2020, 18.59 PM UTC.

Trade Lords formula changed to prevent overflowing. No changes to the upgrade effect. Most of the other logarithmic upgrades have undergone the same change, which should improve performance and avoid overflowing risks.

All effects based on spell duration now consider the duration of the spell at the moment it is cast. This will lower the efficiency of those upgrades (i.e. Druid Challenge 4), but will improve the game performance significantly.

Order Warcry formula changed to be logarithmic.

Faceless Set base increased.

Researches that are not yet unlocked cannot be purchased or imported via template.

Fixed several persistent UI issues.

Premeditation can no longer be unlocked by Mercenaries.

Chocolate Egg is no longer affected by Ascension penalties.

Restored the "Disable Buy Hotkeys" option. It no longer hides the buymax button.

{web}Text inside the Mana Sphere has been reorganized for better visibility.

Fairy 9 (Swarm of Fairies), Angel 1 (Holy Bells), 4 (Guardian Angels), 7 (Magical Gates), Undead 3 (Death Temples), Demon 7 (Infernal Magic), Demon 8 (Burning Legion), Druid 2 (Animal Companions) formulas streamlined. Balance change should be irrelevant.

Support Goblin 1 (Elite Goblins) formula changed to logarithmic.

Support Goblin 3 (The Slack King) offline production now suffers from Ascension Penalties.

Faceless 1 (Territorial Expanse) no longer autobuys buildings.

Faceless Challenge 2 requirements changed to: "Get to 6500 Max Mana and 8000 Buildings within 10 minutes of a new game.".

Several secret upgrades now have their cost reduced to trivial or flavor-based coin amounts.

Mercenary Union Contracts can no longer be imported without their requirement.

Clarification: assistants provided by spells are temporary, not illusory (i.e. upgrades that have "count more" effects). They are now consistently used as requirements for various upgrades and trophies.

v3.8.0, May 13, 2020, Blood War Event

Global Reminder: The Blood War Event will be starting on May 17th 2020, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on May 21st 2020, 18.59 PM UTC.

MERCENARY CHALLENGES. Starting at Reincarnation 190, 5 new Mercenary Challenges will be unlocked. Complete them all to gain a new upgrade for the Call to Arms spell!

Spell Tiers time requirements reduced.

Added Researches Hints to help players understand what they are required to do to unlock specific Researches.

Fixed a NaN overload with mana regen in Ascension 0.

Fixed MAX checks with spells cast in the stats panel.

The Z key can now be used to shortcut BUY10k.

Shortcuts are now always visible on building buttons.

Dwarven Perk 5 effect reduced.

Dwarven Forge base and scaling reduced.

True Harlequin can no longer be purchased without a true harlequin build.

Chocolate Egg reworked to multiplicatively increase clicking reward by 100%.

Wall Fragment scaling increased.

Initial Research costs have been reduced.

All level 1 researches have been buffed.

Spellcraft 5125 (Spilling) base and scaling decreased.

Spellcraft 5625 (Leylines) base increased, scaling decreased.

Spellcraft 5875 (Mirrors) scaling decreased.

Craftsmanship 405 (Metallurgy) base and scaling decreased.

Divine 25 (Cursing) and Warfare 50 (Exertion) unlock time reduced.

Spellcraft 590 (Trickery), scaling decreased.

Craftsmanship 590 (Allows), base and scaling decreased.

Divine 435 (Devotion) base decreased.

Divine 290 (Transubstantiation) multiplicative part, base increased and scaling decreased.

Divine 590 (Dispelling) base increased, scaling decreased.

Economics 410 (Marketing) base decreased.

Economics 5125 (Decentralization) scaling decreased.

Alchemy 5125 (Putrefaction) base and scaling decreased.

Warfare 560 (Resilience) base and scaling decreased.

Spellcraft 150 (Pyromancy) base increased, scaling decreased.

Divine 55 (Transfixion) base and scaling decreased.

Divine 320 (Deliverance) scaling decreased.

Alchemy 495 (Elixirs) base and scaling decreased.

Warfare 560 (Resilience) base and scaling decreased.

Heresiarchs base and scaling decreased.

Ruby Power and Royal Exchange containers, interface improved.

Ruby Power bonuses have been buffed to avoid decimals.

Ruby Power Reset no longer costs Rubies, but it also triggers a forced Abdication when you do it.

Undead 1 (The Walking Dead) now also increases Faction Coin find chance based.

Undead 6 (Plagued Buildings) no longer ticks every hour. Base increased.

Night Time now also increases assistants by a fixed value.

Fortune Teller Machine can now be purchased at Reincarnation 40. Cost reduced.

Druid 3 (Natural Recycling) base and scaling increased.

{web}The option to disable the Building Multibuy button has been removed. Now the Multibuy button is always visible. Hotkeys will override the button settings.

Dwarven Set base reduced.

Faceless Set base reduced.

v3.7.4, Apr 3, 2020, Easter Event

Global Reminder: The Easter Event will be starting on Apr 09th 2020, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Apr 16th 2020, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW EASTER FEAT, unlocking new cosmetic options.

Forbidden Research branch now correctly adds to the Research Points stat.

Rough Stone Artifact now correctly requires the Survey Equipment upgrade.

Hard Reset now correctly resets spell timers and all stats.

Stats panel layout improved.

Mana Bar colors, Share Benefits tier pictures, tooltips, and various other minor issues have been fixed.

v3.7.3, Jan 31, 2020, Valentine Event

Global Reminder: The Valentine Event will be starting on Feb 12th 2020, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Feb 16th 2020, 7.59 PM UTC.

ADDED A NEW VALENTINE FEAT, unlocking new cosmetic options.

Fixed Heart per second production rate for Valentine.

Fixed several event tooltips regarding stack sizes.

Fixed Autocast tutorials locking game progress.

Added graphics for later Share Benefits tiers.

v3.7.2, Jan 16, 2020, R150 Power added

NEW REINCARNATION POWER at Reincarnation 150: unique buildings count more for Call to Arms purposes based on Reincarnations made.

Fixed Spellcraft 180 (Incantation) not unlocking correctly.

Fixed Warfare 5375 (Officers) being more powerful than intended.

Fixed spell tutorial not advancing when using hotkeys.

Mercenary now count their Tax Collection alternatives as faction spells, for the purpose of several upgrades' formulas.

Drow Challenge 1 now requires Honor Among Killers purchased, as intended.

Buy10000 is no longer available in Ascension 0.

Research branches in Ascension 2 now show the correct amount of slots.

God's Hand no longer overflows when you have high mana regeneration.

Forbidden 6000 (Inevitability) headstart is now capped at time spent in your current Reincarnation. No longer gives double time in this Reincarnation. No longer provides a headstart when Reincarnating.

Rough Stone artifact, fixed unlock chance and unlock requirements.

Djinn Challenge 4, requirements reduced.

Craftsmanship 5625 (Discovery) base reduced.

Craftsmanship 5375 (Manufacture) base and scaling reduced.

Economics 5875 (Prosperity) base and scaling reduced.

Spellcraft 5125 (Spilling) base and scaling reduced.

Craftsmanship 5125 (Restauration) base reduced.

Share Benefits spell tiers cost increased for tiers equal or above 40.

Mercenary Set effect to Lineage count reduced.

Divine 5875 (Birthright) reworked to be based on the least used non-Mercenary faction.

Archon Lineage bonus reduced.

Spell Tier levels are now visible in the spells tooltips.

Archon Challenge 4, bonus to Unique Buildings production increased.

Djinn Challenge 4, all bonuses increased.

Note: Djinn Challenge 4, only the lowest bonus was increased and not all as the ingame changelog states.

Fixed Stats panel layout. Lineage levels are now shown in the Faction section. Added lines for Spiritual Surge and Catalyst in the Magic section.

v3.7.0, Dec 16, 2019, A3 Research

Global Reminder: The Christmas Event will be starting on Dec 20th 2019, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Jan 4th 2020, 7.59 PM UTC.

A NEW ARTIFACT, Forgotten Relic, becomes available at R175 that unlocks the 5000 research points cap.

NEW RESEARCH FACILITIES will be available to unlock if you have at least 5000 Research points in their respective branch tier. Each Research facility will add 2500 budget points to its respective branch.

A NEW RESEARCH BRANCH appears at R175. Forbidden researches will be unlocked once you purchase the Apeiron Facility.

FOUR NEW RESEARCHES PER BRANCH have been added, with costs above the 5000 threshold.

NEW TROPHIES, for Mercenaries who wish to be different.

Converted the Research System to Research Points budget: you will now have 3500 points to spend on * Researches instead of slots. Faction Researches are no longer slot-free. This change applies only from Ascension 3 onwards.

Archon Bloodline effects, starting from Ascension 3, have been reworked to be based on Research Points cost.

Call to Arms now has a 25% headstart bonus.

Chrono Loading base increased, scaling decreased.

Archon Bloodline scaling reduced.

Dragon Set base increased, scaling decreased.

Faceless Lineage scaling reduced.

Economics 400 (Conversion) base and scaling reduced.

Neutral Art of the Crow base increased, scaling decreased.

Share Benefits now keeps track and shows this game stats.

Evil Art of the Crow base increased, scaling decreased.

Fairy Set base and scaling increased.

Angel Set base and scaling increased.

Mercenary Set effect reduced.

Faceless Union base and scaling increased.

Fairy Union base decreased, scaling increased.

Dwarven Chaos Union base reduced.

Order Dragon Union base and scaling increased.

Chaos Dragon Union base decreased, scaling increased.

Flesh Workshop base increased.

Makers Challenge 2, bonus from Gems base and scaling increased.

Archon Challenge 5, Precognition bonus requirements reduced.

Undead 10 (Flesh Servants) scaling increased.

Undead 11 (Zombie Apocalypse) base and scaling increased.

Undead Union base increased.

Elven Set changed to improve click reward. Now clicks 10 times per second in addition to that effect.

Elven Union clicking reward bonus base reduced.

Elven Bloodline, Elven Lineage, Elven Union, Elven Set, Craftsmanship 590 (Alloys) and Chocolate Egg now also generate offline clicks.

God's Finger trophy requirements reduced to 100e6. Now unlocks an upgrade that autoclicks 5 times per second and makes clicks count 100% more.

Djinn Challenge 2 base and scaling reduced on both effects

Share Benefits tier cap raised to 99.

Reincarnation 60 bonus has been moved up to Reincarnation 58.

Demon Perk 2 requirements reduced to 2 days.

MAD quests requirements changed to this Reincarnation.

Added spell stats in the info panel.

Added and reviewed a lot of tutorials. This should make the game easier to understand and keep track of recently unlocked content.

Lineage Container is now visible before purchasing a Bloodline. This should help planning for this game strategies without having to look out-game for information.

Every NaN display is now shown as INF.

v3.6.3, Oct 24, 2019, Halloween Event

Global Reminder: The Halloween Event will be starting on Oct 30th 2019, 1:01 PM UTC and will end on Nov 6th 2019, 7:59 PM UTC.

Event stacks increased to 720. Feats that required full stacks of resources still require 480 resources.

Spell tier unlock system reworked: the formula now produces progressively shorter results based on individual spell tiers unlocked, and reincarnations. No longer considers Arcane Brilliance, but the reduction value is significantly better. As a result, unlocking spell tiers in general will be much faster, especially when you have already unlocked some.

Tax Collection no longer counts against spells in autocast for offline activity time generation.

Wall Fragment base and scaling increased.

Mana Regeneration base upgrades increased for Ascension 1 or higher.

Added a new Halloween feat and upgrade.

Fixed spell switching in Halloween.

v3.6.2, Sep 17, 2019, Idillium Event

Global Reminder: The Idillium Event will be starting on Sep 23rd 2019, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Sep 30th 2019, 6.59 PM UTC.

Spell Reset function is now available only when a spell has been active for at least 2 seconds.

Djinn Challenge 3 no longer counts temporary assistants. Requirements lowered.

Archon Challenge 2 requirements lowered.

Djinn Challenge 2 now gives additional evil cast for each tier of spell autocast.

{mobile}Fixed cropped version number in several localizations.

v3.6.1, Aug 21st, 2019, Summer Event

Lucifer Trophy and Mercenary Champion can be unlocked again before MAD upgrades.

Warfare 590 (Torture): now requires Divine 245 (Sanctification) as intended.

Artifact Set: tutorial no longer locks the game if you had already purchased a Set.

Reap Interests: no longer breaks the spell count when you had cast less than 8.

Limited Wish: no longer overflows when casting too many times (up to e308 casts).

When loading Mercenary Templates, the game now attempts to buy lockable upgrades (dragon's up to A3, MAD's afterwards) before free upgrades. This should prevent locking yourself out of special upgrades.

Old Mercenary upgrade 13 no longer breaks template imports: now it is saved as a different variable. Unfortunately this invalidates all existing Mercenary Templates, but should improve the quality of life of future templates and updates.

Mobile version number is now shown in the Options menu as it was before latest update.

Chrono Loading: base increased, scaling decreased. Unlock requirements reduced.

Mercenary Duel: assistant requirements reduced.

Lineage: cost multiplier increase every 30 levels reduced by half.

Goblin Set: base and scaling for multiplicative effect increased.

Dragon Set: base increased, scaling decreased.

Spellcraft 200 (Cryomancy): base increased, scaling decreased.

Craftsmanship 250 (Magnetism): base increased to 7.5.

Craftsmanship 305 (Golemcraft): base increased.

Economics 230 (Coercion): base increased, scaling decreased.

Mercenary Set: now gives access to all faction lineages, rather than base only.

Mercenary Researches: from Ascension 1, previously locked in 3.6, are again available to all alignments.

Titan Lineage: tooltip changed to reflect its new intended bonus.

Flash Workshop: base and scaling increased.

Forbidden Libraries: base and scaling increased.

Precognition: boost moved from Archon 10 (Purity of Form) to Archon 2 (Energy Recharge).

Reap Interests: formula was implemented incorrectly, fixed now.

Drow Chaos Union: base and scaling increased.

Catalyst: now forecasts its next 3 spells.

Advanced Elven Heritage: base increased.

Dragon Chaos Union: base and scaling increased.

Reincarnation 1 Power: was incorrectly replaced by Reincarnation 10 instead of just merging tooltips.

Reincarnation 120 Power: is now implemented as a proper Ascension 2 upgrade and it also applies to Mercenaries and Elite factions. Base increased.

Archon Challenge 1: makes Precognition also affect Seraphim Wings. Doubled bonus on Seraphim Wings and God's Hand.

Archon Challenge 2: assistant bonus, base and scaling increased.

Archon Challenge 3: changed to logarithmic, resulting in higher base and lower scaling.

Archon Challenge 4: time bonus reduced. Added an effect that increases Unique buildings production based on time spent in this game. Requirements reduced.

Djinn Challenge 1: Maelstrom effect is now based on the lowest tier targeted.

Djinn Challenge 2: mana requirements reduced. Base and scaling increased.

Djinn Challenge 3: now also grants Catalyst regardless of Djinn Bloodline and increases Catalyst casts by 100 per cast.

Djinn Challenge 4: requirements reduced.

Makers Challenge 2: base grows faster.

Makers Challenge 4: now increases Faction Coins found matching its Set by 1000%.

Makers Challenge 5: max mana and assistants requirements reduced.

Angel 10 (Heaven's Brilliance): base increased.

Angel 11 (Angelic Fortitude): base increased.

Goblin 12 (Lousy Architecture): now also increases Non-Unique buildings production based on their quantity.

Undead 11 (Zombie Apocalypse): base and scaling increased.

Faceless 12 (Dimension Door): base increased.

Archon 1 (Star Trading): base increased.

Archon 2 (Energy Recharge): scaling decreased.

Archon 5 (Archon Pride): base and scaling decreased to linear.

Archon 7 (Superior Consciousness): base and scaling increased to linear.

Archon 8 (Strange Attraction): start, base and scaling increased.

Archon 9 (Arcane Core): base increased.

Archon 10 (Purity of Form): effect reduced.

Djinn 1 (The Desire Within): scaling increased.

Djinn 3 (Magical Circuit): scaling decreased.

Djinn 4 (Aura of Magic): base increased.

Djinn 5 (Spiritual Bindings): scaling increased.

Djinn 6 (Wild Surge): base and scaling increased.

Djinn 7 (Wishing Well): base increased, scaling decreased.

Djinn 9 (Mana Creatures): base and scaling decreased.

Makers 3 (Infinite Improvements): now affects all buildings.

Makers 4 (Everlasting Materials): base increased.

Makers 7 (Stonecarving): base increased.

Makers 10 (Valuable Antiquity): base and scaling decreased.

Drow Chaos Union: now only counts real buildings, i.e. ignores those given by the \"count more\" effects.

Mercenary Building Contract: moved to Reincarnation 165, added an Amethyst Coin cost (progressively increasing based on faction tier) and increased Faction Coin cost.

Mercenary Union: Contract, added an Amethyst Coin cost (progressively increasing based on faction tier) and increased Faction Coin cost.

Mercenary Union: Contract now shows the selected Union tooltip when purchased.

Goblin Union: effect reworked to multiplicative Faction Coins find chance.

Demon Union: as Mercenary now properly increases Trophy count.

Druid Challenge 4 and Demon Lineage: changed how ascension penalties are handled: now they are removed progressively as time passes.

Elven Bloodline: base decreased.

Drow Bloodline: base and scaling increased.

Infinite Spiral: base for assistants decreased, base and scaling for max mana decreased, base for Faction Coin find chance increased.

Archon Mask: effect increased.

Base Assistant: stat added to assistant tooltip.

Excavation Resets MAX: stat is now properly implemented.

Limited Wish: no longer loses its active effect upon reloading.

Dragon Heritage: is now properly affected by time modifiers.

Reversed Autocast: can no longer be used on instant spells.

Fixed: Makers Challenge 1 not working when only the Set was matching.

Fixed: several stats increasing inappropriately due to IDs mismatches.

Fixed: Archon Challenge 4 formula that had an improperly calculated log10.

v3.6.0, July 15, 2019, Elite Challenges, A3

Global Reminder: The Goblin Invasion Event will be starting on Jul 22nd 2019, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Jul 26th 2019, 6.59 PM UTC.

ADDED MAD CHALLENGES, starting from Reincarnation 135. Five new challenges, plus a spell upgrade, will be available for each of the new Elite factions.

ASCENSION 3 BEGINS IN THIS UPDATE, starting with Mercenaries, which will be as strong as you have ever seen. You will now collect Amethyst Coins. New gem and reincarnation formulas, Lineages will be capped at L50.

NEW SPELL RESET FUNCTION to allow smarter control of Realm Grinder spellcasting - this will be available way earlier than endgame.

ADDED NEW BUY10K AND BUY SMART OPTIONS, allowing you to purchase Buildings, Excavations and Royal Exchanges up to a round value.

LOTS OF UPGRADES AND TROPHIES have been changed throughout all stages of the game, changing and shifting balance of powers and allowing player to create new strategies.

Chrono Loading now uses seconds rather than ticks for its formula, base reduced.

Archon 6 (Absent-Mindedness) now has a headstart of 30.

Dragon 9 (Chromatic Scales) and Dragon Challenge spell upgrade (Prismatic Breath) are now correctly affected by Dragon Perk 4.

Infinite Spiral now has a headstart of 10.

Most "Researcher" and all "Challenger" upgrades no longer suffer from Ascension penalties.

Mercenaries can now buy Dragon upgrades only with the fourth tier of their contract-based upgrades. Cost has been increased.

Alchemy 400 (Bloodspring) can no longer provide MAD bloodlines before R130.

Spellcraft 200 (Cryomancy) reworked: it's now based on mana produced in this game.

Druid challenge 2 reworked: it's now based on all buildings owned.

Druid challenge 3 reworked: it's now based on all buildings owned.

Faceless challenge 2 reworked: it's now based on all buildings owned.

Dragon Challenge 2 now affects Non-Unique buildings. Spell tier cost reduction is now based on Grand * Balance activity time in this Reincarnation. No longer suffers from Ascension penalties.

Bloodline coming from Alchemy 2950 (Combination) is now taken into account by R60 power.

Freemason's Hall now has a headstart of 20. Base increased.

Maelstrom and Catalyst no longer lose their targets when reloading.

Flesh Workshop base and scaling reduced.

Holy Sites base and scaling increased.

Swarming Tower base and scaling increased.

No Recruiting no longer suffers from Ascension penalties.

Fixed a bug that caused assistants not to produce anything under certain circumstances.

Eligible artifacts now show their excavation chance in their tooltip.

All MAD contracts and Heritages cost reduced.

All Advanced Heritages cost reduced..

Archon Bloodline growth reduced by half.

Warfare 1375 (Scavenging) base decreased, scaling increased.

Warfare 275 (Domination) base increased, scaling decreased.

Multiplicative Faction Coin Chance has been reduced from Warfare 1375 (Scavenging), Craftsmanship 400 (Gravitation), Alchemy 3400 (Chemistry).

Archon Mask bonus reduced.

Djinn Mask bonus reduced.

Makers Mask now also adds assistants.

Excavated Mirage bonus reduced.

Goblin Invasion Support 1 (Elite Goblins) changed to be based on Evil spells cast in this Reincarnation.

Chocolate Egg effect increased to 100% and now also clicks once per second.

Advanced Elven Heritage base increased, scaling decreased.

Advanced Druid Heritage base increased, scaling decreased.

Vanilla Flavor Juice and Chocolate Flavor Smoothie effect reduced.

Chrono Loading mana requirements reduced.

Faceless Lineage base effect reworked to provide spell duration.

Archon Bloodline growth reduced by half.

Titan Lineage now increases Royal Exchange bonus by an additional 200% per level. No longer increases count.

Goblin Perk 5 now gives actual Faction Coin find chance rather than making it count more.

All A2 faction artifacts now have a requirement of 2000 Excavations, down from 3000.

Raw Emerald is now easier to excavate.

Angel 11 (Angelic Fortitude) reworked to provide Faction Coin find chance. Base increased.

Angel 12 (Seraphim Wings) now also increases Maximum Mana, bonus increased to 200%.

Angel Union now provides Mana Regeneration based on mana produced in this game instead of its previous effect.

Ascension 2 Spell Tier 2s cost reduced.

Share Benefits now produces TC casts per second based on your Maximum Mana.

Appraisal Vantage base is now based on the amount of assistants you own, scaling decreased.

Gem Grinder formula changed to depend on Reincarnations and Ascensions.

Drow Challenge 4 (Trained Assassins) is now log-based, with a much higher base and much lower scaling.

Economics 1425 (Rarity) base and scaling decreased.

Reap Interests base increased, scaling decreased.

Tyrant Garrison base increased.

Drow 9 (Blade Dance) is now an independent upgrade based on Combo Strike casts.

Veteran Figurine now grants only your alignment challenge effects.

Stonecarving (MK7) now has a headstart of 30.

Spellcraft 330 (Reverberation) now has a cap of 500 for active spells.

Precognition base and scaling decreased.

Spellcraft 2875 (Scholarship) is now available for Good alignment only. Base and scaling increased.

Craftsmanship 3000 (Customizing) is now available for Neutral alignment only. Base and scaling increased.

Warfare 3050 (Flanking) is now available for Evil alignment only. Base and scaling increased.

Divine 2775 (Intervention) base increased.

AR10 (Purity of Form) now also increases Precognition values (above previous stats - this is an improvement for Archons only).

Dragon Challenge 1 tooltip states that it removes 1 ascension penalty. No longer increases the scaling of the upgrades, but increases their base.

Druid Challenge 4 now increases Non-Unique buildings production based on the duration of your longest spell instead of its previous effect. Ascension penalties removed.

Fairy Perk 4 changed to provide temporary assistants based on Fairy Chanting duration.

Druid Perk 4 spell duration base and scaling increased.

Goblin Perk 1 base increased, scaling decreased.

Primal Balance now also increases Grand Balance targets production based on the amount of targets exceeding 10.

Titan Lineage base now increases Royal Exchange bonus by 200% per level. No longer increases count.

Titan Perk 1 effect merged into Djinn Perk 1. New Titan Perk 1 removes 1 Ascension penalty from Titan Bloodline.

Titan Perk 3 now increases the base production of tier 4 and tier 7 buildings based on Unique Buildings owned.

Everything that was unlocked at Lineage level 50 is now unlocked at level 45.

Spellcraft 200 (Cryomancy) reworked to provide spell duration.

Alchemy 270 (Synthesis) reworked to provide spell duration.

Warfare 1275 (Authority) reworked to provide spell duration based on the amount of Non-Unique buildings you own.

Dragon Set reworked to provide spell duration.

Divine 205 (Communion) effect increased.

Added Elven Luck stats to the stats panel.

The initial costs for Trade Treaties with Neutral factions have been halved.

Combo Strike now has a fixed duration of 16 seconds. Cannot be changed.

Tiered Autocast cost lowered.

"Know Your Enemy II" requirements lowered to Reincarnation 75. Now requires a mercenary Unique Building.

Prismatic Breath bonus reduced to 50%.

Production bonus provided by Research Facilities has been reduced.

Ancestral Hourglass now reduces Lineage cost multiplier based on Reincarnations made.

Lineage base cost multiplier reduced to 8, down from 15. Now increases by 1 additional step every 30 levels.

Challenges can no longer be toggled on and off. Instead, the Challenge Power upgrade activates their power when you buy it from the Upgrades panel.

Gem Power, Ruby Power, Reincarnation Power, Challenge Power and Unique Building upgrades can be excluded from the BuyAll button by disabling the "Buy All Upgrades" option in the Options menu.

Autoclicks no longer count against manual click cap.

v3.5.0, Apr 15, 2019, Elite UB and Bloodlines

Global Reminder: The Easter Event will be starting on Apr 18th 2019, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Apr 25th 2019, 6.59 PM UTC.

MAD UNIQUE BUILDINGS. Each of the new MAD Factions now has its own Unique Building, unlockable from Reincarnation 130.

MAD BLOODLINES. Three new Bloodlines to select, themed for the new factions.

MAD LINEAGES. Available when you get their respective Bloodline and reach 400 of each Royal Exchange.

LEVEL 50 LINEAGE PERKS. Perk 5s for all Lineages, available from Reincarnation 130 and Lineage Level 50.

NEW ARTIFACTS and their relative upgrades.

NEW SECRET TROPHIES and their relative upgrades, including MAD spell upgrades.

Precognition base and scaling increased.

Arcane Core base decreased, scaling increased.

MAD Trade Treaties costs reduced.

Elven Diplomacy reworked: now increase click count based on Faction Coins found in this game.

Elven Lineage effect changed to additive, resulting in a much lower click count.

Goblin Lineage reworked: now increases Tax Collection worth in seconds.

Demon Lineage reworked: now increases Non-Unique buildings production, ignoring Ascension Penalties.

Dwarven Lineage reworked: now increases all buildings base production based on their tier. Bonus is multiplied by the Lineage level.

Drow Lineage changed to standard exponential (base and scaling reduced).

Old Goblin Perk 4 merged into Goblin Perk 1 and turned into a multiplicative bonus.

New Goblin Perk 4 now makes Goblin's Greed stop producing Faction Coins instantly. Instead, increase your Faction Coin find chance based on the Gems required for your next Reincarnation.

Avarice Drive reworked: now makes Goblin's Greed use Faction Coins found in this Reincarnation.

Fairy Perk 4 effect decreased.

Elven Perk 3 effect increased.

Elven Perk 4 effect increased.

Druid Perk 1 base increased.

Druid Perk 3 merged into Grand Balance effect.

Drow Perk 3 reworked to provide Faction Coin find chance.

Undead Perk 4 changed to provide an independent offline bonus based on Night Time activity time.

Dwarven Perk 3 reworked: Excavations and artifacts count 1% more for every 1500 Unique Buildings.

Fairy Challenge 1 now provides 2 assistants per Fairy upgrade.

Dragon Challenge 3 time req reduced to 8 days total and 2 each.

Advanced Elven Heritage base increased.

Advanced Titan Heritage base increased, scaling decreased.

Advanced Undead Heritage base increased.

Camouflage also increases click count.

Sylvan Treasure Frills bonus reduced.

Elven Discipline now gives assistants instead of mana regen.

Wooden Dice was incorrectly replacing Elven Luck bonus instead of multiplying it. Now it does, and it also casts automatic Tax Collections when Elven Luck triggers.

Angelic Fortitude base and scaling increased.

Spellcraft 30 (Vacuumancy) both base and scalings increased.

Divine 175 (Resurrection) now counts time in this Reincarnation. Base and scaling increased.

Divine 250 (Demonology) scaling increased.

Economics 230 (Coercion) reworked: now makes Trophies count more based on time spent being Evil.

Alchemy 400 (Bloodspring) now gives Elite Bloodlines as intended.

Economics 3250 (Estates) now costs 3300 Economics points.

Economics 3300 (Hirelings) now costs 3250 Economics points. No longer locked to Mercenaries.

Economics 590 (Slavery) base increased, scaling decreased.

Spellcraft 2875 (Scholarship) base decreased.

Warfare 3050 (Flanking) base increased, scaling decreased.

Craftsmanship 3000 (Customizing) base and scaling decreased.

Economics 1425 (Rarity) base and scaling decreased.

Hellfire Burst reworked: now makes Hellfire Blast add part of Evil spells cast in this Reincarnation to fuel its bonus.

Archangel Feathers base increased.

Seraphim Feathers renamed to Seraphim Wings: base increased, now also increases Faction Coin find chance and assistants.

Fairy Set base and scaling reduced.

Archon Pride is now based on Lineage level.

Lunar Cycle reworked: now increase Maximum Mana additively based on time spent online in this game. Increase Maximum Mana multiplicatively based on time spent offline in this game.

Strange Attraction base increased.

Eternal Servitude is now based on time spent in this Reincarnation. Now also affects Flesh Workshops.

Djinn Union base reduced.

Drow Set base and scaling increased.

Dwarven base and scaling increased.

High Bastion scaling increased.

Reincarnation 50 power, base increased.

Elven Set base increased.

Goblin Set reworked to increase general Faction Coin find chance additively and multiplicatively.

Stone Servants renamed to Stonecarving.

Holy Crusaders now increases its bonuses with Ascensions.

Share Benefits now adds Tax Collections casts based on its duration and current tier cast.

Mercenary Camp scaling increased.

Tyrant Garrison base and scaling decreased.

Freemason's Hall scaling increased.

Uniformity effect and scaling increased.

Ziggurat scaling increased.

Mountain Palace base increased.

Genealogist scaling increased.

Underworld Tyranny base increased.

Mana Addicts effect increased.

Blood Sacrifices base increased.

Spider Gods base increased.

Professional Assassins base decreased, scaling increased.

Demonic Fury base and scaling increased.

Druid Lineage base effect reworked: now each Lineage level counts as 2 additional Reincarnations.

Sun Force: Faction Coin find chance changed to additive mana regen.

Excavated Mirage bonus increased.

Angel Set is now based on the highest amount of spells cast in a single game.

Faceless Set reworked: now increases assistants based on the highest amount of assistants you had in a previous game.

Dwarven Set base decreased.

Arboreal City scaling changed to ln(x).

Undead Union scaling changed to ln(x).

Heaven's Brilliance all effects increased.

Goblin Union base and scaling increased.

Fairy Union scaling increased.

Faceless Union base and scaling increased.

Elven Union now also adds 10 clicks per second, in addition to its previous effect.

Druid Union Lineage count scaling increased.

Angel Union mana produced scaling increased.

Dwarven Ale base decreased.

Mining Prodigies base decreased.

Magic Resistance scaling decreased.

Solidity base and scaling increased.

Evil Art of the Crow is now based on production bonus from Gems.

Drow Set now increases the production of all buildings based on Evil spells cast in this Reincarnation.

Titan Set now increases Royal Exchange bonus additively and multiplicatively based on time spent in this game.

Hand of the Makers changed to exponential (decreased base, increased scaling).

Cosmic Resonance changed to exponential (decreased base, increased scaling).

Reality Marble changed to exponential (decreased base, increased scaling).

Moon Blessing changed to exponential (decreased base, increased scaling).

Secret Clicking Techniques changed to exponential (decreased base, increased scaling).

Sharp Claws changed to exponential (decreased base, increased scaling).

Advanced Elven Heritage changed to exponential (decreased base, increased scaling).

Warfare 1400 (Cataclysm) changed to exponential (increased scaling).

Craftsmanship 3100 (Engineering) changed to exponential (decreased base, increased scaling).

Divine 3350 (Vampirism) reworked: now increase assistants additively and multiplicatively based on your Offline Bonus.

Divine 290 (Transubstantiation) changed to provide Max Mana.

Divine 275 (Meditation) primary effect reworked to provide mana regen based on max mana. Formula is similar to Druid Bloodline.

Spellcraft 500 (Heirlooms) now also increases mana regen.

Alchemy 1500 (Sublimation) reworked to provide Faction Coin find chance instead of Maximum Mana.

Warfare 175 (Overwhelm) base and scaling increased.

Economics 1225 (Hoarding) changed to reduce production by 90% (one less order of magnitude) when active, in addition to its previous effect.

Divine 245 (Soulrending) now has D1375 (Sanctification) effect. New D1375 makes Ascensions count 50% more for Spiritual Surge.

High Bastion formula changed to exponential (decreased base, increased scaling).

Djinn Perk 1 effect increased.

Advanced Dwarven Heritage, Infinite Spiral, Stonecarving: resets contribution moved from exponent to base.

Evil Art of the Crow base and scaling increased.

Bloodlines no longer require 100 upgrades to unlock.

Spiritual Surge formula changed. Now it provides an higher bonus early on, but scales worse at later stages.

Faceless unlock requirements now count total time, making them easier to get in the early stages.

Changed automatic click handler: now all automatic clicks perform only once per second, but they increase click stat and reward as if they clicked X times (depending on the effect). This should greatly reduce lag and screen littering.

Offline gains now take place before loading spells. Spells no longer cancel when you reload the game.

Challenge tooltips now clarify all requirements.

v3.4.4, Feb 4, 2019, Valentine Event

Global Reminder: The Valentine Event will be starting on Feb 11th 2019, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Feb 15th 2019, 7.59 PM UTC.

Added a new Valentine feat and upgrade.

v3.4.3, Dec 19, 2018, Christmas Event

Fixed an issue with Royal Exchange checks for all factions, resulting in Elven Challenge 3 being non-unlockable

Added a new Christmas feat and cosmetic option.

Camouflage effect and scaling increased.

Grove Farming effect increased.

Druid Union effect increased.

Dwarven Set effect increased, scaling decreased.

Reality Marble effect and scaling decreased.

Hand of the Makers scaling decreased.

Everlasting Materials effect increased.

Structural Stability effect and scaling increased.

Ancillae Obscurae effect and scaling increased.

Elven Union effect and scaling increased.

Infinite Spiral scaling decreased.

FC Chance and Max mana from spells now count for upgrade purposes, resulting in much higher bonuses overall.

Titan Helmet requirements reduced.

Makers Heritage effect and scaling decreased.

Golemcraft (Craftsmanship 305) effect increased, scaling decreased.

Makers Union mana calculations fixed, resulting in a higher All Creation effect when using it.

Zombie Apocalypse effect increased, scaling decreased.

Angel Union effect increased.

Dwarven Order Union effect increased.

Dragon Order Union effect increased.

Energy Recharge effect and scaling decreased.

Archon Pride effect decreased.

Precognition scaling decreased.

Archon Heritage effect decreased.

Star Trading scaling increased.

Superior Consciousness effect and scaling increased.

Druid Union GB target scaling increased.

Structural Stability now provides double bonus where appropriate.

Aura of Magic effect decreased.

Flashy Storm made logarithmic, resulting in increased effect and reduced scaling.

Limited Wish Fairy/Faceless changed to spell duration count. Demon/Faceless get Faction Coin find chance.

Infinite Spiral assistants formula made logarithmic, resulting in increased effect and reduced scaling.

Stone Servants reworked into all buildings production. Effect increased.

The Desire Within scaling decreased.

Aura of Magic effect and scaling decreased.

Wishing Well effect and scaling decreased.

Everlasting Materials position switched with Magical Shards.

Masks costs reduced.

Abyssal Furnace effect increased.

Devastation made logarithmic, resulting in increased effect and reduced scaling.

Demonic Fury reworked to provide Faction Coin find chance.

Elite factions heritage costs reduced.

Elite factions union costs increased.

v3.4.0, Nov 27, 2018, Elite Factions

THREE NEW FACTIONS! New alignment factions will be able to stack upon a base and prestige factions, for a total of three affiliations simultaneously. All new factions will start with Union upgrades and a new faction spell, and will be available at Reincarnation 125+ after completing their Entry Quest.

NEW ARTIFACTS AND TROPHIES, some of which will also grant new upgrades. A lot of generic trophies have a new tier as well!

Fixed Advanced Gobin Heritage interaction with other Tax Collection bonuses.

Druid set now considers building count upgrades. Effect increased, scaling decreased.

Elven Union effect increased.

Titan Union now also increases max mana additively. All effects increased.

Goblin Lineage effect increased.

Goblin Perk 3 effect increased.

Angelic Fortitude effect and scaling increased.

Demon Union now also increases trophy count.

Conjuration (Spellcraft 50) now has diminishing returns. Base effect increased.

Maelstrom click part has been changed to trophies unlocked.

Excavated Mirage effect increased.

Sun Force: Faction Coin find chance made logarithmic.

Elven Discipline, additive mana regen scaling decreased.

Colossus Kingdom effect increased.

Giant Market effect and scaling increased.

Zombie Apocalypse effect and scaling increased.

Flesh Servants effect and scaling increased.

All Creation is now log-based, resulting in higher effect and reduced scaling.

Drow Set changed to provide additional mana regeneration.

Drow Challenge 4 is no longer linear.

Spell duration cap removed, now Druid Challenge 4 is capped to 100000%.

Druid Perk 4 reworked to provide less duration boost and a reduced effect, but Ascension 2 penalty is removed, resulting in a significant bonus.

Wooden Dice effect increased.

Seraphim Feathers effect increased.

Forbidden Language scaling increased.

Eternal Servitude effect increased, scaling decreased.

Devastation effect increased, scaling decreased.

Camouflage effect increased to 1500%.

Angel Union scaling increased.

Elven Union effect and scaling increased.

Goblin Perk 4 now also makes Tax Collection casts count 100% more.

Faceless Perk 3 no longer suffers from Ascension penalties.

Advanced Titan Heritage effect increased.

Advanced Angel Heritage effect increased.

Angel Perk 2 time requirements lowered.

Demon Perk 2 time requirements lowered.

Know Your Enemy effect increased, scaling decreased.

Vanilla Flavor Juice duration increased.

Reap Interests scaling increased.

Exertion, Engraving, Golemcraft and Mesmerization researches: time requirements reduced.

Warfare Exertion scaling increased.

Spellcraft 400 (Capacity) made logarithmic.

Craftsmanship 305 (Golemcraft) effect decreased, scaling increased.

Mana Regeneration penalties from Autocast upgrades have been removed, and replaced with a 5% and 10% bonus for Improved and Masterful Autocast, respectively.

Helden Sterben Nicht mana regeneration bonus reduced.

Prismatic Mana mana regeneration bonus reduced.

Mana Matrix max mana bonus increased.

Dragon Pastures effect and scaling decreased.

Share Benefits Tier 36 wasn't correctly providing its bonus and it has been fixed.

Added an option to disable spell effect icons on building buttons.

A new formula for the BuyMAX features has been implemented. This should reduce lag issues and remove the cap of 20k entities purchased at once.

Fixed several offline interactions from incorrect implementations of certain spells and effects. Timewarps and offline rush actions should be less effective as a result.

v3.3.2, Oct 11, 2018, Halloween Event

Global Reminder: The Halloween Event will be starting on Oct 29th 2018, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Nov 5th, 7.59 PM UTC.

Added: New Halloween feat and cosmetic option.

v3.3.1, Aug 20, 2018, Summer Event

Global Reminder: The Summer Event will be starting on Aug 23rd 2018, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Aug 30th 2018, 6.59 PM UTC.

Fixed: Dragon Union targeting formula.

Fixed: Share Benefits not working correctly with the recently added spell duration cap.

Maelstrom click bonus has been changed to count all clicks in the current Reincarnation.

Game sound is now muted when scrying.

Fixed: A few sound issues on iOS.

v3.3.0, Jul 30, 2018, Advanced Heritages

Global Reminder: The Goblin Invasion Event will be starting on Aug 3rd 2018, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Aug 7th 2018, 6.59 PM UTC.

NEW BUILDING UPGRADES: For all buildings.

THREE NEW ARTIFACTS: Which will unlock Tier 2 for the new Ascension 2 spells.

ADVANCED HERITAGES: Available for all factions! Each of them is a new unique upgrade which will be empowered by their respective Lineage.

REALM GRINDER MUSIC: Added to the game, one track for each of the basic alignments. You can turn it on/off via the button on the main screen, or adjust volume in the Options menu!

Several secret trophies: Have been reworked to give a greater bonus, and their Ascension penalty has been removed.

Starting mana regen: Increased to 1 per second.

Natural Recycling: Is now based on total building quantity.

Dimension Door: Scaling reduced.

Fairy Challenge 1: Effect decreased.

Goblin Challenge 1: Now makes Green Fingers Discount trigger every 2 minutes.

Goblin Challenge 3: Effect increased.

Undead Challenge 1: Effect increased.

Undead Union: Effect and scaling increased.

Druid Union: Effect increased.

Flesh Workshop: Production bonus increased.

Druid Challenge 1: Effect increased.

Druid Challenge 4: Formula reworked to be non-linear.

Dragon Challenge 6: Effect increased.

Dwarven Chaos Union: Scaling reduced.

Drow Balance Union: Effect and scaling reduced.

Dragon Chaos Union: Effect and scaling reduced.

Fairy Lineage: Effect increased.

Angel Lineage: Effect reduced.

Fairy Perk 1: Now removes 1 Ascension penalty.

Angel Perk 3: Effect reduced.

Angel Perk 4: Effect reduced.

Goblin Perk 3: Effect increased.

Temporal Flux: Effect and scaling increased.

All spell: Durations are now capped to 10000 times their base duration.

"Total": References have been reworded to "This Reincarnation" for clarity.

Tireless Workers: Bonus increased to 1500%, up from 1000%.

Plagued Buildings: Effect increased.

Dead Field: Effect increased.

Maelstrom: Click bonus, scaling increased.

Faceless Set: Scaling reduced.

Druid Set: Effect and scaling increased.

Titan Set: Effect increased.

Chaos Dragon Union: Now only counts Faction Coin find chance exponent for targeting purposes.

Burning Abyss: Quest requirement reduced from 160 to 120 seconds.

v3.2.0 May 16, 2018, A2 Prestige

Global Reminder: The Blood War Event will be starting on May 18th 2018, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on May 22nd 2018, 6.59 PM UTC.

PRESTIGE FACTIONS added to Ascension 2 content.

You will be able to ally with Dwarves, Drow or Dragons starting from Reincarnation 116.

NEW UNIQUE BUILDINGS for all prestige factions.

NEW UPGRADES: Faction Unions are available for all prestige factions. As usual, they grant access to three new Union upgrades per faction.

FACTION UNION POWERS. Starting from Reincarnation 111, each Faction Union will gain a new unique power.

Prestige faction powers will be different for each of the new alignments.

NEW ARTIFACTS: Dwarven, Drow and Dragon final set pieces have been added, unlocking new Set upgrades for them.

NEW SECRET TROPHY: for Ascension 2, granting new strategic choices for all alignments.

Undead's Eternal Servitude effect increased.

Goblin Set effect increased.

Demon Set effect increased.

Angel Set effect and scaling increased.

Scintillation (Craftsmanship 1300) reworked: now increases production based on max mana and Gem bonus.

Swarming Tower effect and scaling increased.

Wooden Dice production bonus, effect and scaling increased.

Elven Discipline effect increased, and it now also adds mana regeneration.

Pheromones effect and scaling increased.

Ancestral Hourglass formula slightly changed.

Added Excavation Resets as a stat.

Fixed a bug that caused several autocasting options not to work properly.

The Bunny Helpers Feat will be awarded to all players who completed it during Easter 2018 event, unlocking the cosmetic mana bar color if you also completed all the other feats.

v3.1.1, Mar 25, 2018, Easter Event

Global Reminder: The Easter Event will be starting on Mar 30th 2018, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Apr 6th 2018, 6.59 PM UTC.

Note 1: Due to the latest change in assistant handling, Titan Challenge 1 and similar effects were suffering from rounding errors. This should have been fixed.

Grand Champion: Grand Champion trophies were incorrectly requiring 4 lineage perks since last patch. Fixed.

Undead Set: Undead Set formula is now logarithmic, resulting in a stronger effect but with lower scaling. Values match at around 1e6 Offline Bonus.

Spell Tier 7 upgrades Offline Bonus ascension penalty reduced.

Elven and Undead Set requirements made easier.

Ancestral Hourglass lineage level counts more against cost reduction.

Faction upgrades 11 and 12 cost reduced.

Added hints for all Lore Artifacts requirements.

v3.1.0, Feb 5th, 2018, Union Upgrades and Faction Sets

NEW FACTION UNION UPGRADES: Two tiers per faction added to the existing series.

NEW LINEAGE PERKS: at level 30, for Ascension 2 and higher.

NEW TROPHIES: Two more secret trophies, unlocking new unique upgrades.

NEW ARTIFACTS: for Ascension 2 and higher.

NEW FACTION ARTIFACTS: One new artifact per faction, for ascension 2 and higher.

NEW UPGRADES: ARTIFACT SETS: Finding all the faction artifacts for a specific faction will also unlock a new selection of upgrades called "Artifact Sets". You will be able to pick one per game only, similar to Bloodlines and Lineages. Abdicating will reset your choice and allow to pick another.

EXCAVATION RESET REVAMP: You will be able to reset your excavation count within a single Reincarnation, provided you have made enough of them. The amount of excavations required increases per reset, and is based on Reincarnations you made. However, resetting your excavations this way will also reduce overall production by one one order of magnitude (a 90% reduction) until you abdicate. Your excavation count will still reset when Reincarnating, and you will still be able to use Rubies to force a reset.

EXCAVATION PANEL REVAMP: Undiscovered artifacts will now be shown in the panel as obscured, similar to secret trophies.

NEW REINCARNATION POWERS: At Reincarnations 108 and 115.

Wooden Dice: Effect and FC effect improved.

Angel Union: Upgrade names have been swapped.

All Creation: Effect increased, scaling decreased.

Hellfire Blast: Will make Evil spells cast count 50% more for all purposes per tier.

Stat Panel: Updated with a new "All Time" tab. A lot of stats have also been rewritten to be consistent with their tab.

v3.0.3, Dec 12, 2017, Christmas Event

Global Reminder: The Christmas Event will be starting on Dec 20th 2017, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Jan 4th 2018, 7.59 PM UTC.

New Christmas Event upgrades: Heavy and Grand Avalanche will increase Avalanche bonus for higher Ascensions.

Spellcraft 2875 (Scholarship) effect reduced.

Fixed a bug with D435 being purchasable while unintended.

v3.0.2, Nov 24, 2017, Ruby Shine Evaent

Global Reminder: The Ruby Shine event will be starting on Nov 27th 2017, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Nov 30th 2017, 5.59 PM UTC.

Factions Coins from Scry are now based on Faction Coin find chance and assistants instead of production.

Mana regeneration bonus from Scry now lasts 30 minutes, up from 10.

All Gifts now provide a 250% offline bonus. All Gifts bonuses to Faction Coin find chance now are both additive and multiplicative.

All Ruby upgrades now have both an additive and a multiplicative bonus (instead of just additive).

New upgrade introduced, based on an old artifact.

Alchemy 545 (Mineralogy) reworked: now increases mana regen based on Gems you own instead of its previous effect.

Fixed an issue with Spellcraft 215 (Projection), Craftsmanship 300 (Weighting) and Mabinogion causing them to have an unintended effect.

Sun Force: assistants scaling reduced. Sun Force: Production and Sun Force: Offline Bonus scaling increased in higher ascensions.

Dragon Challenge 1 bonus to titan upgrades scaling reduced.

Typos and bugfixes.

v3.0.1, Oct 25, 2017, HalloweenEvent

Global Reminder: The Halloween Event will be starting on Oct 30th 2017, 1:01 PM UTC time and will end on November 6th, 2017 at 7:59PM.

Spell durations are now formatted better.

Spellcraft 215 (Projection) had wrong formula and has been rebalanced. Overall effect and scaling are reduced do to this change.

Mabinogion had wrong formula and has been rebalanced. Overall effect and scaling are reduced do to this change.

Druid Perk 3 had a wrong formula and has been rebalanced. Overall effect and scaling are reduced due to this change.

Elven Luck now generates Faction Coins based on reincarnations made.

Demon Perk 2 had an incorrect unlock formula. It now counts only this reincarnation stats rather than all time.

Vampire now gives the effect of the bloodlines of the factions outside your alignment.

Other halloween monsters had some balance tweaks too.

S270 (Runecarving) formula fixed - was incorrectly set as post-A1.

Holy Site and Burning Abyss requirements increased.

v3.0.0, Oct 11th, 2017, Ascension 2

Ascension 2 will become available at Reincarnation 99 or higher. Most production upgrades effects will be heavily scaled down. Currency will change to Emerald Coins, and all upgrades costing Diamond Coins will be free to purchase.

When performing Ascension 2, all Lineages will be set back to level 25 if higher.

THREE NEW ALIGNMENTS: Order, Chaos and Balance. You will be able to purchase a combination of old and new alignments before selecting a faction. At first only one faction per combination will be available, but later on old and new factions will be unlocked to produce new gameplay strategies.

NEW SPELLS: one new spell for each new alignment. They cannot be upgraded via spell tiers for now, but their bonus is unaffected by ascension penalties.

FACTION UNIONS: the affiliation level after Alliance, unlocking more faction upgrades.

NEW UNIQUE BUILDINGS: one new unique building for each available faction, in addition to existing ones.

NEW ARTIFACTS: new artifacts for all ascension stages!

NEW UPGRADES: new upgrades for all ascension stages!

NEW TROPHIES: several A2-exclusive trophies have been added, and old trophy series have gained more elements. Warrior Researcher has finally been added to Ascension 1 content.


NEW SPELL TIERS, up to tier 7, for post-A2 only.


Research Points cost scaling reduced for Ascension 1.

Research points are now capped at 5000.

Research slots after Ascension 2 will be capped at 1 per branch. Faction Researches will be unlocked after purchasing 1 Research in each branch, and they will not consume slots.

S215: (Projection) moved out of Spiritual Surge formula.

S270: (Runecarving) has been reworked: now increases the production of all buildings based on your production bonus from gems.

S375: (Illusion) effect increased.

S1500: (Psionics) effect and scaling increased.

S2875: (Scholarship) effect increased.

W350: (Survival) effect increased.

C330: (Overload) has been reworked: now increases mana regeneration based on research made.

C1300: (Scintillation) effect and scaling increased.

C1325: (Plasmation) scaling increased.

C3000: (Customizing) effect and scaling decreased.

D1225: (Oblation) effect and scaling increased.

D1275: (Solemnity) effect increased.

D1375: (Sanctification) effect increased. Requirements increased.

E1: (Coinage) effect increased.

E260: (Sifting) effect and scaling increased.

E260: (Sifting) effect increased.

E320 (Smuggling) has been reworked: now increases Faction Coin find chance based on the amount of Unique Buildings owned. Also gives a FC chance multiplier in line with similar upgrades.

E1225: (Hoarding) effect increased.

E1425: (Rarity) effect and scaling increased. Requirements reduced.

A25: (Deflagration) effect increased.

A250: (Philosoper's Stone) scaling increased.

A300: (Creeping) effect and scaling increased.

A1200: (Melting) effect increased.

A1500: (Sublimation) effect and scaling increased.

W175: (Overwhelm) scaling increased.

W275: (Domination) effect and scaling decreased.

W350: (Survival) effect and scaling increased.

W1275: (Authority) effect and scaling increased.

W1375: (Scavenging) FCC and multiplier bonus increased. Requirements increased.

S50, S3200, D275, W205, God's Throne, Angelic Wisdom, Versatile Combo: now increase generic spells cast while offline multiplicatively in addition to their current effects.


Angel Bloodline reworked: now increases mana regeneration based on spells cast in this game.

Elven Bloodline: now multiplies Faction Coin find chance based on clicks made in addition to its previous effects.

Drow Bloodline reworked: now increases Faction Coin find chance based on time spent in this game.

Versatile Combo: scaling reduced and is no longer linear.


Angel Perk 1 reworked: now makes Angel Bloodline count total spells cast.

Demon Perk 2 requirements now count total activity time

Druid Perk 1: effect and scaling increased.

Drow Perk 1 reworked: now makes all time spent counts 100% more for all purposes while using Drow * Bloodline.

Drow Perk 1: now removes Drow Bloodline penalty rather than reducing it.


Pixie Mischief: counts all Fairy upgrades instead of base only; scaling increased.

Mana Crypts: effect increased.

Angel Challenge: God's Throne increases mana regeneration by 50%, up from 20%.

Elite Warriors: effect increased.

Elven Luck: now generates 100 times your Faction Coin find chance rather than 200 Faction Coins.

Elven Treasure Casing: effect reduced.

Death Temples scaling increased.

The Walking Dead effect increased.

Plagued Buildings effect increased.

Corpse Supply: effect and scaling increased.

Natural Recycling: effect converted to an additive and multiplicative FC find chance bonus.

Undercity: bonus effect increased.

Deadly Impatience: effect increased.

Hive Mind: effect increased.

Dragon Tamer: effects doubled.

Druid Challenge 3: effect increased.

Dragon Challenge 1: production and FC chance effects increased, bonus to Titan upgrades increased.

Dragon Challenge 2: effect increased. Now requires only 7 Grand Balance targets. Scaling increased.

Dragon Challenge 3: now removes Deep Memory penalty and increases its effect. Faction Coin find chance scaling from Evolutive Mutation reduced. Requirements reduced.

Dragon Challenge 4: scaling increased.

Dragon Challenge 6: building and mana regeneration requirements reduced. Effect converted to multiplicative.

Fixed an issue with Dragon Challenge 1 being unintendedly active at all times.

Faceless Challenge 4 unlock requirements fixed for post-ascension.


Lightning Strike: now has a 3-cast forecast in its tooltip.

God's Rest: now gives Faction Coins based on Faction Coin find chance.

Lightning Strike: tier bonus increased.

Gem Grinder: tier bonus is now additive instead of multiplicative.

Spiritual Surge: now has increased power on higher ascensions.

Red Dragon's Breath: effect decreased.

Black Dragon's Breath: effect reduced, scaling increased.

Grand Balance: now requires more mana produced to increase the number of targets hits based on ascensions made, and its effect on subsequent ascensions is reduced. Fixed an unintended nerf to Grand Balance bonus.

Mabinogion, C300 (Weighting) and Druid Perk 3 have been moved out of Grand Balance spell formula, resulting in different production values. The outcome should be better in A0 and A1, worse in A2.


Tiered Autocasting requirement is now Ascension 1 rather than Reincarnation 42.

Arcane Brilliance trophy series further reduces the time requirement for subsequent spell tiers.

Arcane Brilliance trophy series now shows which spells you are missing from completing each step.

Autoclicker trophy is now locked at R60+.

Mana Sea/Ocean: requirements reduced.


Stonehenge: upgrade effect increased.

Goblin Bank: base production formula reworked. Overall bonus is lower at all game stages, but it scales * much worse on higher ascensions.

Drow Lineage base effect is no longer affected by ascension penalties.

Mana produced per second while offline is now capped at max mana.

Wall Fragment: effect increased.

Mana Waste: effect and scaling increased.

Exchange High Lord: effect increased.

Master Researcher: effect increased.

Dragon Heritage: effect and scaling increased.

Holy Light: effect reduced.

Blood Frenzy: effect increased.

Thunderstorm: scaling increased.

Secret Exchange: effect and scaling reduced.

Reincarnation 41 Power: scaling increased.

Reincarnation 45 Power: scaling increased.

Demonic Figurine: requirement changed.

Infernal Realm: effect increased.

Sun Force: assistant bonus for Ascension 2 removed. FC Chance bonus changed to a multiplier.

A lot of building count requirements have been reduced, including Dragon Challenge 1-4-6, Iron Rush and mercenary researches.

All Mercenary Unique Building bonuses scaling decreased.

Faction Bonus in the Royal Exchange panel replaced with Individual Bonus for Ascension 1 and higher.

Several requirements have been fixed not to calculate counting bonuses.

Z+Click is now used to set a spell to its maximum possible tier.

Mercenary Unique Buildings requirement reduced to 125000.

Assistant production in higher Ascensions reduced due to a bugfix in their formula.

Non-neutral building upgrade tiers 20, 21, 22 effect increased.

Faceless' Magical Treasure effect increased, scaling decreased.

Reincarnation and Gem requirement formulas have been adjusted for A2 balance.

v2.7.5, Aug 8, 2017, Summer Event

Global Reminder: The Summer Event will be starting on Aug 16th 2017, 12.00 PM UTC and will end on Aug 23rd 2017, 7.00 PM UTC.

Fixed an issue with Dragon's Breath repeating its effects.

Spells can now be scrolled when they don't fit the screen.

v2.7.4, Jul 19, 2017, Small Patch/Fixes

Spells are now turned off at loading, fixed an issue with a Goblin Invasion event upgrade.

v2.7.3, Jul 17, 2017, Goblin Invasion Event

Global Reminder: The Goblin Invasion Event will be starting on Jul 21st 2017, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on JUL 25th 2017, 6.59 PM UTC.

Drow's Shadow Advance is now included in the Offline Production tooltip and applies twice multiplicatively when offline (results in a much higher bonus while offline).

Added localization for the latest versions released.

v2.7.2, Jun 4th, 2017, Small Patch/Fixes

Patch 2.7.2 June 4th, 2017

Multiple Dragon upgrades can no longer be purchased as Mercenaries.

Unavailable researches can no longer be purchased as Mercenaries.

Fixed: Unlock condition for the Lucifer trophy.

W1375: (Scavenging) effect increased, scaling decreased.

C400: (Gravitation) effect and multiplier increased.

W275: (Domination) effect increased, scaling decreased. Added 50% multiplier to its effect.

Fixed various typos.

v2.7.1.0, May 30, 2017, Ascension 1 Mercenaries


Global Reminder: Global Reminder: The Blood War Event will be starting on June 2nd 2017, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on June 6th 2017, 6.59 PM UTC.

MERCENARY FEATURES!: Mercenaries will gain a lot of new powers starting on Reincarnation 75, including the ability to Research and all its related perks. In addition, they will be able to choose different Unique Buildings depending on their alignment, they will gain a new alignment-locked upgrade and some more nifty surprises!

SPELL TIER 6: All spells can now be cast up to tier 6 upon buying their upgrade.

NEW BUILDING UPGRADE TIER: and other new upgrades.

NEW TROPHIES: 2 new regular trophies and 2 new secret trophies.

NEW ARTIFACTS: 1 Lore artifact and 1 Quest artifact.

Magical Treasure and Shapeshifting: effect increased, scaling reduced.

Evil Mercenary's Heresiarchs: effect decreased, scaling increased, ascension penalty removed.

Hall of Legend: post-ascension upgrades effect decreased.

A30: (Delayed Reaction) bonus to duration is no longer linear. Effect increased, scaling decreased.

A120: (Vivification) is no longer linear. Effect increased, scaling decreased.

E590: (Slavery) is now based on Non-Unique buildings instead of Evil buildings.

C590: (Alloys) is now linear. Effect increased, scaling decreased.

W590: (Torture) is now based on total time spent instead of time spent as Evil.

W175: (Overwhelm) scaling increased.

S305: (Mesmerization), D25 (Cursing), W405 (Ambush), Van!shment formulas reworked due to faulty post-ascension scaling.

W1375: (Scavenging) effect increased, scaling reduced.

S1500: (Psionics) effect increased, scaling decreased.

C250, C400, A305, A3400, W1375: now also multiply FC Chance.

Druid Bloodline: effect increased, scaling decreased.

Fairy Lineage and Dragon Lineage: base effects are now additional with each other.

Fairy Perk 3: effect reduced.

Elven Perk 1: multiplier increased to x10000.

Angel Perk 3: reworked now increases God's Hand bonus instead of its previous effect.

Undead Perk 1: effect reduced.

Elven Lineage: now also increases click count for all purposes.

Demon Lineage: base effect reduced.

Grand Balance from Druid Lineage: is no longer capped.

Druid Perk 3: effect increased.

Faceless Lineage: effect increased.

Dwarven Lineage: now also increases artifact count for all purposes.

Dwarven Perk 1: effect and scaling increased significantly.

Dwarven Perk 3: effect increased significantly.

Drow Perk 1: effect increased significantly.

Drow Perk 3: effect increased significantly.

Dragon Bloodline: effect increased, scaling reduced.

Dragon Lineage: base effect reduced.

Dragon Perk 1: effect reduced.

Evil Mercenary's Heresiarchs: effect increased.

Most Max Mana upgrades have been greatly improved, while several mana regeneration upgrades have * been nerfed in order to rebalance mana stats for end-game content.

A lot of offline bonus upgrades have been improved, especially undead and drow stuff.

Most Faction Coin Chance researches have been improved, except those mentioned earlier.

Drow Unique Building: upgrade bonus increased.

Overflowing Mana: (Druid Challenge 4) effect decreased.

Draconstellation: (Dragon Challenge 4) formula rebalanced to avoid abuse of artifact count boosts.

Fairy and Goblin Trade Treaties: are now free when at 0 Reincarnations and 0 Gems.

Fairy: base upgrades improved.

Goblin's Greed: now always generate a minimum of 20 Faction Coins.

Undead: base upgrades improved.

v2.6.2, Apr 6, 2017, Easter Event

Global Reminder: The Easter Event will be starting on Apr 12th 2017, 12.00 PM UTC and will end on Apr 19th 2017, 7.00 PM UTC.

NEW TROPHIES: added an element to most regular trophy series and one new Secret Trophy!

NEW REINCARNATION POWER: At Reincarnation 70, increasing research slots for all branches.

Druid L5 Perk reworked: Now increases Non-Unique buildings production based on time spent in this game.

Added a stat to the Diamond Pickaxe spell’s tooltip to check how many Faction Coins you found with it.

Added Multiple Casting effect description for Combo Strike.

Fixed Angel Perk 1 not working while offline.

Fixed Dragon’s Breath’s cast stat not working correctly.

Fixed Suggestion Master trophy unlock condition.

Excluded Lineages from the unpurchased upgrades counter.

Reworded several tooltips for clarity.

Fixed several translation texts.

v2.6., Mar 10, 2017, Lineages

LINEAGES [v2.6.0.0 Full Patch Notes] [March 10, 2017]

NEW MECHANIC: FACTION LINEAGES. Starting at Reincarnation 60, you will be able to choose a Faction Lineage. You will be able to upgrade your Lineage by spending massive amount of Faction Coins, gaining progressively higher bonuses and unlocking new perks at specific thresholds, including more spells taken from the Faction Spells pool. In order to purchase a Lineage, you will need to have 400 Exchanges and a Bloodline of a specific faction. You cannot use the same Lineage as your faction.

NEW TROPHIES related to Lineages and more.

NEW REINCARNATION POWER: at Reincarnation 60, increasing Faction Coins found if they match your Faction or Bloodline.

NEW LOCALIZATIONS: Italian and Russian.

Fixed a lot of text and translation bugs, typos, missing or cut off strings, etc.

Fixed Knights Joust icon not showing the trophy tab.

Fixed a bug causing assistant amount to fluctuate under certain circumstances.

Fixed the forced tutorial appearing every time you open the Trophies panel. Now it should only appear once.

Added a line to mana and autocast trophies stating that they can be unlocked only after Ascension.

Fixed artifacts not being scrollable in the Excavation panel.

The first research upgrade is now always visible for all branches. This should fix scrolling issues in some circumstances.

Druid Bloodline slightly scaled down and made into a non-linear value.

Faceless Bloodline effect increased significantly.

White Dragon's Breath effect has been fixed to work similarly to Fairy Choir and Brainwave temporary assistant bonus.

Reverted spell duration bar to the old one.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed a minor issue with research

v2.5.6, Feb 11, 2017, Mobile Released

Patch 2.5.6 Feb 11th, 2017

Global Announcement: Realm Grinder Mobile has been officially released worldwide. Look for it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store! Added translations to the game for the following languages: Spanish, German, French and Brazilian Portuguese. Language will be auto-detected, and you will be able to change it from the new Language button in the options panel.

Global Reminder: The Valentine Event will be starting on Feb 14th 2017, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Feb 18th 2017, 7.59 PM UTC.

Prestige Challenger, Master Researcher and Eternal Researcher now gives post-ascension bonuses as intended.

Text confirmations like Cloud Restore are no longer case sensitive and ignore differences in diacritics.

Several panels have been resized for better usability. (Royal Exchange, Ruby Upgrades, Bloodlines, Mercenary Upgrades, Shop).

Moved several buildings around on the background for better visibility.

Menu buttons have been set fixed on the left side of the game for better usability.

Extended view option removed from the game as it was more confusing than helpful.

Upgrade categories now default as off since they were more confusing than helpful. They still remain on by default for trophies. Both choices can still be switched in the Option menu.

Fixed an issue with offline Faction Coins production.

Hotfix #1: Fixed an issue with the Valentine event. This version is required for starting the event.

v2.5.0, Dec 19, 2016, Neutral Prestige Challenges

Patch 2.5.0 Dec 19th, 2016

Global Reminder: The Christmas Event will be starting on Dec 20th 2016 1:01PM UTC and will end on Jan 4th 2017 7:59PM UTC.

SIX NEW CHALLENGES: for Neutral Prestige Faction, plus their unique spell upgrade once you have completed them all.

NEW TROPHIES!: New trophiy series for tier system, new Researcher and Challenge trophies, a new tier for several existing trophy series plus a new secret trophy.

ALL THE UPGRADES: related to the aforementioned trophies.

NEW ARTIFACTS!: 2 Neutral Prestige lore artifacts and a 2-piece artifact set unlocking a new upgrade.

Drow's Blade Dance: now works properly with spell tier.

All Prestige Challenges now have a base faction requirement.

Patch Dec 19th, 2016

(Hotfix#1): Fixed a bug with seasonal event bonus (people at version or lower won't be able to start Christmas Event)

Prestige challenges requirement tooltips updated

Fixed a mercenary upgrade not being properly usable.

Patch Dec 21st, 2016


Snowball requirements for completing Christmas quest lowered

Sun Force assistants rebalanced pre-ascension

Dragon Challenge 3 now reduces Deep Memory ascension penalty instead of removing it entirely

Lightning Strike now has a duration even when cast with no primary target.

v2.4.0, Nov 24, 2016, Thanksgiving Event

Patch 2.4.0 Nov 24, 2016

Global Reminder: The Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sale event will be starting on Nov 24th 2016, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Nov 26th 2016, 7.59 PM UTC.

Fixed the last Hall of Legends upgrade which was previously not providing any bonus.

Fixed Bloodlust (Warfare 525) and Purity (Divine 525) tooltip.

Fixed Scavenging (Warfare 1375) and Sanctification (Divine 1375) not calculating Reincarnation time in their unlock formulas.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed the Thanksgiving upgrade not appearing with categories enabled.

v2.3.2, Oct 2016, Small Patch/Fixes

Patch 2.3.2 Oct, 2016

Added graphics for Neutral Prestige buildings.

Mesmerization (S305) effect decreased, scaling increased.

Excavations' FC reward reduced at lower values, scaling increased.

Fixed permanent event bonus from Halloween quests.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed an issue with autocasting.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed an issue with monsters not being unlocked correctly.

v2.3.1, Oct 26, 2016, Halloween Event

Patch 2.3.1 Oct.26th 2016

Global Reminder: The Halloween event will be starting on Oct 28th 2016, 12.01 PM UTC and will end on Nov 04th 2016, 7.59 PM UTC.

Added a Guide button to the Event Panel, explaining the current event mechanics.

Reincarnation Power 50 was incorrectly active at all reincarnation levels. This has been fixed.

Iron Flight now activates when the building is affected by any spell, rather than faction’s only. And it is no longer always active.

Reworded several tooltips for clarity.

Fixed an issue with the loading screen

(Hotfix #1): Fixed several typos and graphical issues for Halloween

v2.3, Oct 21, 2016, Dragon Faction

FULL PATCH NOTES: Oct 21, 2016

Starting from Reincarnation 46, you will finally be able to start the questline for the new Neutral Prestige faction! Keep your excavations ready, as the quest starts with an ancient and mysterious artifact...

NEW FACTION: A Prestige Neutral faction has been added. You will be able to stack it up onto a neutral faction such as Titans, Druids or Faceless once you complete their entry quest. Starting from Reincarnation 46, excavate more to discover more about the new race!

NEW BUILDING UPGRADE TIER for 4000 buildings of the same type.

NEW TROPHIES. Several more secret trophies for you to discover.

NEW ARTIFACT. One new artifact with a nice tooltip perk.

NEW REINCARNATION POWER at Reincarnation 50.

Offline bonus from Reincarnation Power increased.

Research points and research upgrades costs have been updated to Diamond Coins after reaching 780.

Added Buy All Points to the research panel. It will buy points evenly in all branches until your resources are exhausted.

Increased cost for post-ascension Hall of Legend upgrades.

Lowered Faction Coin cost scaling for spell tier upgrades.

Offline production bonus from spell tier upgrades has been reduced significantly.

Domination (Warfare 275) has been reworked to increase Faction Coin chance, in line with the other recent changes.

Mesmerization (Spellcraft 305) converted to a logarithmic formula.

Creeping (Alchemy 300) scaling increased.

Refraction (Alchemy 55) effect decreased, scaling increased.

Spell Cataclysm upgrade cost reduced.

Faceless' Magical Treasure is now a regular mana regeneration bonus.

Elven Bloodline's FC chance bonus is now based on FC found in single game.

Elves' Elven Diplomacy now only increases building production; Elven Luck bonus lowered to 250000%, down from 650000%; Empowered Luck (Spellcraft 175) bonus increased.

Offline clicks from the Sturdy Treasure series lowered to 1 per second per upgrade.

Fixed a bug with Goblin's Greed tooltip formula.

Tiered Autocasting is now locked to R42+.

Drow's Shadow Advance upgrade reworked: now increases offline production directly and online production only when you have no spells active.

Angel Bloodline effect doubled, and Angel Challenge 3 now reduces its ascension penalty.

Added tier 4 to background building graphics.

Added a line to each spell tooltip stating the highest tier unlocked and castable for that spell.

Red dots now appear on new trophies when you unlock them.

BuyMAX for buildings, Royal Exchanges and Excavations now goes up to 20000, up from 10000.

Secret Trophy names are now visible at all times, except faction spoilers.

Secret Trophies related to spell upgrades have been moved to the Magic category.

Many incorrect tooltips have been fixed converted to a "based on" description post-ascension.

Removed keyboard instructions from spell tooltips, except Call to Arms and Tax Collection.

Added an option to prevent spell tooltip lingering (you can only set autocasts with hotkeys with this option on).

Solved an issue that could potentially cause massive lag in some circumstances.

v2.2, Aug 29, 2016, Summer Festival Event

Patch 2.2 - Aug 29, 2016

Global Reminder:

The Summer Festival event will be starting on Aug 30th 2016, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Sep 06th 2016, 6.59 PM UTC.

Fixed unique building buttons being too small.

Spiritual Surge Upgrade Tiers now cost faction coins.

Magnetism (C250) and Retribution (D150) reworked: now they provide a bonus to faction coin find chance.

Hotfix #1: Fixed Fairy Coin particle graphics.

v2.1, Jul 2, 2016, Spell Tiers

2.1.0 - Jul 2, 2016

NEW SPELL SYSTEM: starting from Reincarnation 42 (post-ascension), you can unlock upgrades which will allow you to cast a single spell up to 5 times simultaneously, also multiplying their effects, for increased mana costs. To unlock them, you must have enough Activity Time with each respective spell. In addition, each spell tier upgrade will also increase offline production based on mana statistics.

NEW AUTOCAST UPGRADE: Tiered Autocasting, which allows to manage the new spell tiers.

NEW UPGRADES: in the mana production series, for post-ascension only.

NEW TROPHIES: three new secret trophies!

BUILDING LEVELS: Buildings will now level up on your background as you purchase more of them! There are currently 3 building levels to unlock, but we plan to add more in future updates.

UNIQUE BUILDING MODELS: You will now be able to upgrade background building graphics to their unique version.

Masterful Autocasting now adds spell activity time based on your mana regen, spell statistics and the amount of spells being autocast.

The Sturdy Treasure upgrade series now adds Automatic Clicks while you are offline.

Goblin Banks scaled down for post-ascension stages.

Added hotkey "X" for all stuff for which ctrl+shift weren't enough (i.e. Buy1000).

Re-implemented options to disable multibuy of upgrade series.

Re-implemented options to disable consolidation of upgrades and trophies.

Minor Bugfixes to Grand Balance (wrong tooltip), Angel Bloodline (did not work without autocasting), Buy All Exchanges option.

Tutorial system revamped.

Improved readability.

Greatly improved Floating Particle and Text performance.

v2.0, Jun 30, 2016 Graphic Overhaul - 2.0.12

Jun 30, 2016 - Graphics Notes

All in-game graphics have been remade.

Added a Realm Background where you will be able to see your alignment, faction, building and assistant themes.

Removed the Treasure. Clicking is now done directly on the background.

Added particle effects for clicking on the background (can be disabled).

UI Notes

Added a Tutorial & Hint System to help new players with the basics mechanics of the game.

Added Build Template Savers for Mercenary and Research builds.

Added a Buy 1000 option for buildings, Royal Exchanges and Excavations. Unlocked at Reincarnation 1.

Added a BUY ALL upgrades button in the Upgrades panel. Unlocked at 100 Gems.

Added Red Dot markers to highlight significant in-game situations.

Added a note in the Excavation panel stating how many artifacts you can find when excavating at a specific time.

Balance Minor Notes

Faction Coin base find chance increased to 10%, up from 2%.

Formula for FC rewards from excavations reworked.

Buildings no longer give assistants when you reach 100 of them. Instead, the first two building upgrades tiers for each category now give 1 assistant each (basically you get double the assistants, and earlier). Hall of Legends does not provide assistants this way (same as before).

Spell upgrade-related secret trophies (i.e. Fairy Choir, Hell Rush…) are now normal trophies, allowing players to know their requirements beforehand.

Nonexistent Ruler cost lowered to 10e153, down from 10e183.

Titan Challenge 2, Harmony of Thought now only increases Faceless playtime for Hive Mind purposes, rather than in all circumstances.


Fixed a bug with the requirements of Fairy Challenge 1.

Fixed countless typos and minor text issues.

In addition, we’d like to announce that Realm Grinder is going to be launched on mobile environment soon!

Once it is out, you will be able to play on all Android and iOS devices with the same Cloud account you use on Kongregate.

The new UI has been refit with that purpose in mind, but all purely web features such as tooltips and key bindings have been maintained. You may also switch from the new Upgrades view to the old one via the Switch Lists to Compact Style option in the Options menu without losing any functionalities.

Regarding development, this won’t change anything: both versions work on the same engine, so we won’t have double the work to do and there will be no risk of discontinued developing for the web platform.

Last but not least, we are already working on the next content update: Spell Upgrades! No ETA as of yet, but we’ll try our best to deliver it as soon as possible.


To all people disoriented by the new UI, here is a brief guide on how to take advantage of the new features or return to your old customs with the help of options.


Fixed an issue with Mercenary Upgrades

BuyMAX button is no longer tutorial-locked and is available to view and change at all times.

There was an issue that could potentially caused performance lag which has now been fixed. Performance may have improved for people affected by that.


Fixed an issue with Challenges tutorial.

Compact List View is now on by default when you open the game, option has been inverted to allow switch to the extended view.

Fixed an issue with building quantity upgrades, causing some effects not working as intended (such as Dwarven Challenge 5).


Scrollbars are now draggable.

Fixed an issue with mercenary import.

Fixed other minor issues.

Version 2.0.10:

Added an option to disable menu sliding animations: enabling this will make them open instantly.

Added an option to let the BuyAll button also buy Royal Exchanges.

Added a notification when using the BuyAll button letting you know how many upgrades/exchanges were purchased.

Added a separate BuyMax button for exchanges.

Background is no longer scrollable.

Increased Mana Globe text size.

Fixed already purchased upgrades being still purchasable.

Fixed the BuyMax tutorial when having the button disabled in the options.

Fixed the spell list being invisible under certain conditions.

Fixed Lightning Strike spell icon not appearing on Halls of Legends under certain conditions.

Also, update about lag issues: it seems that the problems mostly happens with Chrome browser, since we don’t see as much performance drop on Firefox. We will keep investigating and working on the specific reasons why it happens.


Added colored backgrounds for alignment-based and faction-based elements.

Unavailable upgrades and trophies now have a more distinguishable border and should be more easily recognizable from brighter ones.

More changes to in-game text to make it more easily readable.

Buy All Exchanges will give priority to upgrades, so it won’t fail to buy Heritages or other upgrades that cost FC.


Fixed a bug that caused Coins Gained to be stuck at 0. Players with saves corrupted by this bug should now be able to continue playing.

Fixed an issue related to collapsing research categories which caused warfare researches not to be visible.

Fixed research template load not spending resources.

S175 (Incantation), A25 (Delayed Reaction), E225 (Coercion) moved up 5 research points. This should solve template load issues with those researches.

Added Mana and Spells stats to the Stat page.

Changelog and Template list scrollbars are now draggable.


Follow-up workaround for the NaN gems (short numbers will show it as 1 M) bug which should allow players to continue playing again. We’ll keep investigating this issue closely until we solve it permanently.

Background assistants will now increase in amount as you get more assistants, and they will now be mixed between base and prestige faction (if you have one).

Version and .6:

Fixed an issue causing unintended advancing of in-game time.

Version 2.0.11:

All panels have been increased in size to allow a broader view of the items inside.

Research panel reworked completely for compact mode. The new view should be more organized and easy to understand and use.

Added Cumulative Event Bonus to the Event panel.

Added an assistant indicator to the bottom bar.

Increased text size for some UI elements.

Added hover effect on compact list upgrades.

Fixed Hive Mind effects with Titan Challenge 2 (Harmony of Thought)

Evolutive Mutation and W50 (Exertion) reworked: now they increase Faction Coin find chance instead of their previous effect.

Fixed Dwarven and Drow Faction Coins count in the Stats (visual bug only, upgrades worked correctly).


Fixed a crash occurring in version 2.0.11.

Version 2.0.12:

The loading screen has been revamped.

Text has been made more readable throughout the game, especially red text on several backgrounds.

Mercenary upgrades are no longer purchasable multiple times.

Research upgrades are no longer purchasable multiple times.

Improved Mana Globe performance.

v1.6.55, Jun 30, 2016, Secrets Of the Underworld

New in v1.6.55

1.6.55 On June 30TH 2016 Realm Grinder will launch a major update which will change all the user interface and graphics.

In the new game screen you will be able to see your realm growing in the background with a unique theme for each alignment and ubique faction monuments,while the UI has been made more intuitive, easier and quicker to use and will provide more room for new elements - such as new spells - in future updates.

in this update we have also made the very early game (about the first 20-30 minutes of gameplay) easier and less boring, increasing base Faction Coins find and allowing players to purchase assistants sooner.

Last but not least, the overhaul will also introduce a whole lot of quality of life features such as the Buy All upgrades button, Mercenary Template Save/Load, Research Template Save/Load, in-game tutorials and hints for beginners(veterans can skip them entirely at once) and more!

Patch: - April 21 2016

NEW REINCARNATIONS POWERS for Reincarnation 41 and 45.

NEW TROPHIES: more regular trophies plus two secrets, with their respective unique upgrades!

NEW UPGRADES: Heroic and Villainous Proclamations, for post-ascension only.


We're still working on the new Spell System update and Neutral Prestige faction, so there are no big news to advertise here. This minor update is here to fill in the gap since they still require a bit of time before release. Regardless, we are also going forward at a good pace on the overhaul. Here are some new pics for you!

v1.6.52.0, Apr 9, 2016, PRESTIGE CHALLENGES

Patch: - April 9 2016



5 challenge tiers and a spell upgrade for Dwarves and Drow!

New building upgrade tier, for post-ascension only!

Chain Lightning (S300) effect and scaling increased.

Jewellery (E495) effect increased.

Gemcutting (C175) effect increased.

Crusade (W200) effect and scaling increased.

Overwhelm (W175) scaling increased.

Goblins' Fool's Gold reworked: now increases Faction Coins find chance based on the amount of Witch Conclaves you own instead of its previous effect.

Drow's Mana Addicts effect increased.

Angel Bloodline bonus now falls off slower.

Demon Bloodline reworked: now increases production from gems based on total time spent being Evil instead of its previous effect.

Bloodlines are now free to purchase once you unlock them.

A lot of tooltip fixes, including post-ascension former linear formulas.


As some of you may know, the next big update will feature the Neutral Prestige faction, finally bringing the intended end game to the true post-ascension stage. The Neutral Prestige will come with 9 base upgrades and a base spell as all other factions, plus a Heritage, a Bloodline and its own set of researches. Challenges will come a bit later, completing the Prestige cycle and awarding the Prestige Challenger trophy.

What you may not know yet is that before the Neutral Prestige expansion we will release at least one more minor update! This will be a huge addition to the existing spell system, allowing players to make strategic use of their excess mana regen and max mana instead of throwing everything into more Tax Collections.

Last but not least, here are some additional icon previews for the graphic overhaul!

v1.6.51, Apr 1, 2016, April Fools joke

Patch: 1.6.51 - April 1 2016

Added a new secret upgrade. (Note: This upgrade no longer exists as it was only an April Fools joke!)

Fixed an issue that caused Drow assistant to crawl on the game screen.

v1.6.50, Mar 25 2016, Easter Event

Patch: 1.6.50 - Mar 25 2016

Global Reminder: The Easter Event is starting on Mar 25th 2016, 1.01PM UTC and will end on Mar 31st 2016, 6.59PM UTC! Check the forums for full details about the Event mechanics.

Fixed Bloodspring (A400) not affecting Faceless Bloodline.

Fixed several typos.

(Hotfix #1): Critical Strike (W225) reworked: now its bonus is based on Holy Light activity time rather than on your clicking reward; Fixed several tooltips and graphic issues.

(Hotfix #2): Minor tooltip fixes.

(Hotfix #3): Added a notification with the amount of common and rare eggs found when clicking on an egg stack; Fixed a few tooltips.

v1.6.49, Mar 18, 2016, SECRETS OF THE UNDERWORLD

1.6.49 - Mar 18 2016


NEW RESEARCHES: The Research system has been expanded to the Prestige factions: Dwarves and Drow. Starting from Reincarnation 29, excavate enough and follow the questline to discover the Secrets of the Underworld and unlock Prestige Unique Buildings and 30 new researches for you to explore, unlock and customize your builds in synergy with the faction combinations.

NEW TROPHIES: new regular trophies, research-related trophies and one new secret trophy!

NEW ARTIFACTS: new key artifacts for the Prestige Research questlines and two more.

ADDED RUBY UPGRADES RESET OPTION! You can now reset all your Ruby Upgrades and get your Rubies back to spend as you see fit, at the cost of a few Rubies.

Non-Expansion notes:

Heaven's Domain upgrade gives a bonus of 35000% per spell active, up from 25000%.

Enchanted Fields upgrade has no longer a linear progression: it will perform better under 500 assistants, and will suffer diminishing returns after that value.

Faceless Bloodline reworked: now increases maximum mana based on mana produced in this game instead of its previous effect.

Dwarven Bloodline reworked: now increases the production of all buildings based on excavations made instead of its previous effect.

Berserking (W205) now has diminishing returns.

Cursing (D25) effect increased and scaling decreased.

Refraction (A55) effect increased and scaling decreased.

Blessing (D1) effect and scaling increased.

Gilding (A50) effect and scaling increased.

Resurrection (D175) is now based on God's Hand activity time rather than times cast. Angels' Angel Feathers and Archangel Feathers now increase mana regen by 40%, up from 20%.

Angels' Seraphim Feathers was renamed to Wings of Liberty and reworked: now increase the production of all buildings based on mana regeneration.

Undead's Walking Dead, Plagued Buildings, Dead Fields and Undead Resilience have been improved.

Drow's Honor Among Killers now increase Faction Coin chance based on the amount of assistants you own instead of its previous effect.

Drow's Shadow Advance effect increased to 750%, up from 300%.

Elves' Elven Luck effect decreased.

Angels' God's Hand now generates Faction Coins based on mana regeneration rather than a flat 200.

Grinding Dedication now remains unlocked through abdications and reincarnations.

Fixed an issue that caused incorrect upgrade counts.

Lightning Strike's new formula was offset for high amounts of Iron Strongholds. We changed it so that it is now slightly more powerful for very low amounts of buildings, and stabilizing to the old value when you get more.


Easter Event! It will start next week :) we'll make a dedicated post for it in a few days, explaining the dates and mechanics in full detail.

Also, there are some additional icon previews for the graphic overhaul! (see source post)

v1.6.48.0, Mar 6, 2016, ASCENSIONS - Mar 6 2016


At Reincarnation 39, the Reincarnate button will turn into an Ascend button with the same requisites as Reincarnation 40. Clicking it will reset all the progress a Reincarnation would reset, but it will not reset your Reincarnation count, and then will revert back to the Reincarnate button for Reincarnation 41 with new requisites. By Ascending you will unlock a new main currency, Diamond Coins, that will be used for post-ascension upgrades and features, resulting in much smaller numbers. All upgrades that previously cost Gold Coins are now free, and the formulas for subsequent Reincarnations will change to allow continued progress. All Gifts bonuses, Scry Rewards, Ruby bonuses, Event bonuses and Gem bonuses will NOT be affected by the Ascension reduction.

NEW ARTIFACTS: a couple artifacts were added at mid-range Reincarnation levels. They will also unlock upgrades that should help progress significantly during those stages of the game.

NEW TROPHIES: two new secret trophies for your fun!

Challenges will now provide the fulfill requirement descriptions immediately. * We have decided this way since it is usually extremely difficult to figure out the requirements without a guide/forum/wiki, and since Challenges are now an important aspect of the game we don’t want players to skip them simply because they wouldn't know what to do.

Added a stat to track the activity time for each individual spell. Brainwave headstart from Faceless' Focused Thoughts Challenge is now calculated based on that stat rather than the amount of Brainwaves cast.

Autocast upgrades now also help while offline by increasing the Mana Produced and Spells cast statistics.

Offline production has been reviewed and tweaked to provide more consistent results.

Offline bonus shown in the production tooltip is now the full multiplier you get when you go offline. Previously, it was shown as 100% + multiplier.

Royal Exchanges and Excavations tooltips now show how many you have rather than the next one.

A lot of internal changes have been made to prevent tooltip inconsistencies. Several upgrades were also working incorrectly or were showing an incorrect tooltip - all of those have been fixed. All bonuses are now written as percentages rather than multipliers.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed minor graphic issues and Primal Balance not being affected by offline mana production.


As you all know, the next update in order is the Prestige Research Expansion part 1. It will include new researches for the Dwarven and Drow factions along with new upgrades, trophies and artifacts. The expansion is intended to start from Reincarnation 28 and carry players up to approximately Reincarnation 34.

v1.5.47.2, Feb 11, 2016, Secrets Of The Ancients - Feb 11 2016

Global Reminder: the Valentine's Day Event is starting on Feb 12th 2016, 1.01 PM UTC and will end on Feb 16th 2016, 12.59 PM UTC!

IMPORTANT CHANGES TO TIMEWARPS AND GEM CONVERSIONS: now these premium features cost Rubies rather than Kreds. This new pricing will allow players to get higher bonuses from the Ruby Production tiers, and at the same time make Timewarps and Gem Conversions much more convenient for everyone due to Ruby discounts on larger bundles.

Fixed an issue with the excavation button tooltip going outside the game window.

Hotfix #1): Added a note on the mana bar that tells the requirement for the next tier of heart production.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed heart production from scrying not working correctly while offline and added a note to timewraps to clarify that they don't help unlocking offline Heart upgrades., Feb 1, 2016, Secrets Of The Ancients - Feb 1 2016


NEW ARTIFACTS: More than 20 new artifacts were added to the Excavation panel! They can be unlocked at different stages of the game with different strategies - some of them also unlock cool new upgrades!

NEW TROPHIES: new regular trophies for buildings and other categories, new regular trophy series for the new artifacts, and 3 brand new secret trophies.

Collection (Economics 330) has been scaled down. It's still hugely more powerful than before due to the amount of new artifacts!

Added options to temporarily disable Premium Gifts individually, in order to allow for easier neverclick runs and trophy hunting.

Added an option to hide unavailable researches to have a tidier research panel.

(Hotfix #1): Loading an old save with Premium features disabled will now disable gifts instead of only the Gift Heroes.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed an artifact unlock condition.

(Hotfix #3): Fixed the wrong Witch Conclave trophy icon added hints towards a trophy...

(Hotfix #4): Tweaked some artifact unlock chances.


Love is in the air! Realm Grinder will host a season event based on Valentine's Day, starting Feb 12th. The event will last 4 days and will feature different mechanics from the previous event, involving a new spell, a new resource and new upgrades. As always, we will offer quests and feats to unlock as well! Stay tuned for more info about the event in the near future :)

1.5.45, Jan 15, 2016, FACTION CHALLENGES

1.5.45 - Jan 15 2016

NEW FACTION CHALLENGES: 4 challenge tiers and a spell upgrade for each of the Neutral Factions!

NEW UPGRADE: New Offline Production upgrade!

Runecarving (Spellcraft 270) reworked: now increases the production of all buildings except the most productive one based on maximum mana. While offline, it affects all buildings.

Engraving (Alchemy 305) effect and scaling increased.

Cursing (Divine 25) is no longer dependent on Night Time and had its effect increased.

Weighting (Craftsmanship 300) reworked: now increases Grand Balance multiplier by x20 when hitting Stonehenge Circles. Also increases its multiplier for every target based on maximum mana.

Druid's Grand Balance can now target buildings you have 0 of.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed a rare issue with loading.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed an issue with Royal Exchanges.

(Hotfix #3): Fixed a crash with Titan Challenge 4 and lighting Strike; Fixed Druid Challenge 4 tooltip.

(Hotfix #4): Fixed several GUI issues.

(Hotfix #5): Fixed overlapping spell icons; Bloodstream is now affected by Titan Challenge 2 when playing as Faceless.

(Hotfix #6): Fixed Grand Balance not targeting farms; Fixed minor GUI issues.

1.5.44, Dec 2015, FACTION CHALLENGES

1.5.44 Dec 2015

Fixed Grand Balance second target (from Weighting Research) not targeting buildings properly.

Added a timer for Miracle (Devine 400) on building tool tips.

Added description of your own faction's bloodline on Bloodspring (alchemy 400) tooltip.

Changed graphics for the Buy snowballs button in Events panel.

Added additional information about Ruby tiers production bonus in their respective tooltips.

Fixed several typos and minor graphic bugs.

(Hot fix #1): Reworded several tooltips, added event duration to the event panel.

1.5.43, Dec 2015, Event Tab added

1.5.43 - Dec 2015

Fixed Efficient Autocasting wrong priorities. Fixed Grand Balance not targeting Farms.

Added a separate multibuy system for Excavations only.

Golden Scarab and Rough Stones requirements changed to less random-heavy.

The Events button now also appears on the main screen when Events is active.

You can now see when Research panel has something to scroll down for.

Fixed wrong building names and calculations in several tooltips.

(Hot fix #1): Fixed BuyMAX Excavation not working correctly.

(Hot fix #2): Fixed Snowballs resetting on Abdicate and fixed upgrade wording.

(Hot fix #3): Fixed Snowballs offline production

(Hot fix #4): Missing Snowballs from a previous buy will now be added automatically.


1.5.42 - Dec 16 2015


NEW RESEARCHES: The Research system has been expanded to the Neutral factions: Titans, Druids and the Faceless. Starting from Reincarnation 23, excavate enough and follow the questline to discover the Secrets of the Realm and unlock Neutral Unique Buildings and more than 40 new researches for you to explore, unlock and customize your builds more than ever before!

EXCAVATIONS REVAMP: Excavations now have their dedicated panel, no longer littering the upgrade list with their everlasting presence and allowing players to manage them better. In the new panel, you can now Multibuy excavations in the same way you do with buildings (you can activate the Excavation Warning option in the Options menu if you don't want to excavate too much); Reset your excavation progress manually at the cost of a few Rubies; and lastly you can check Excavations stats and logs and a list of the artifacts you discovered so far.

Note: Rubies are only awarded the first time you reach specific Excavation thresholds - resetting excavations and reaching them again won't award more rubies.

RUBY REVAMP: You can now get rubies for free by excavating, and they now unlock upgrades and trophies as you accumulate them. They no longer give a fixed 2% bonus, but are instead tied to a new upgrade system. As a result, their bonus per money value has been increased significantly as Rubies now not only give a nifty bonus for accumulating them, but you can also spend them to fulfill your most urgent Realm Grinding needs such as assistants, mana regeneration and more. WARNING: rubies are no longer tied to your Kongregate account and will be reset upon Hard Resetting or importing from a different save. Rubies you purchased before this expansion will be available for transfer to a save of your choice.

NEW AUTOCAST UPGRADE: Efficient Autocasting, which will allow you to select Independent Spells (bronze icon, set with CTRL+SHIFT+Clicking the spell) to work outside of contingency settings. These spells disregard your contingency rules and are casted as soon as you have enough mana for them.

NEW REINCARNATION POWER: At Reincarnation 25, Reincarnation Power will increase Royal Exchange bonus by 0.5% per Reincarnation.

NEW UPGRADES: new upgrade tiers for most of the already existing categories including but not limited to buildings and neutral production.

NEW TROPHIES: new trophy tiers for most of the already existing categories, and several secret trophies for you to discover :)

Non-expansion notes:

Perfectly Good, Diabolical Evil and Lucky Neutral now count time through Reincarnations.

For Science! now affects all factions with access to research.

Cursing (Divine 25) has been scaled down.

Tinkering (Craftsmanship 150) effect and scaling decreased.

Aeromancy (Spellcraft 250) has been scaled down.

Magnetism (Craftsmanship 250) has been scaled down.

Druid upgrades rebalanced: Bardic Knowledge effect increased; Mabinogion effect increased.

Faceless upgrades rebalanced: Deep Memory effect increased and mechanic reworked: now calculates its bonus based on the longest session (including the current one) rather than last session; Brainwave bonus increased to 2% per second (3% with Faceless Overmind), up from 1.8% (2.5%).

Quality of Life improvements: more upgrade series are now consolidate and available for Multibuy, including but not limited to Autocast Series and assistants from buildings.

New Events panel to accommodate event-based feats and quests!

Fixed lots of tooltips.

Technical notes:

Game performance improved.

With this expansion, we changed they way Cloud accounts are handled. If you did not Link your previous Cloud account to Kongregate, a new one will be automatically created and linked to Kongregate for you. If you have any question, or if you can no longer access your old Cloud account, please contact us via PM.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed Excavation Warning not working correctly.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed Ruby upgrades ordering when sorting by price.

(Hotfix #3): Options "Multibuy Upgrade Series", "Excavation Warning" and "Ruby Warning" are now enabled by default.

(Hotfix #4): Moved Ruby Upgrades inside a container to have a cleaner Upgrades tab and added the total number of rubies gained to the currency panel.

(Hotfix #5): Reworded several tooltips for clarity.

(Hotfix #6): Fixed Efficient Autocast graphics and Neutral Research not unlocking properly.


Look forward the upcoming Christmas Event, starting in a few days! More detailed info here.

v1.4, Nov 21, 2015, Secrets Of The Realm

1.4.41 - Nov 21, 2015

Added a timer for Green Fingers Discount.

Elven Luck calculations tweaked: now multiplies the total production of 1 assistant, instead of its base production.

Star Blessing reworked: now makes all automatic clicks for Sun Blessing have an additional 5% chance to trigger Elven Luck, down from of a fixed 100% chance.

Fixed Goblin Challenge 3 unlocking when not intended.

Fixed Tax Collection cast order with Conjuration (Spellcraft 50).

Fixed Contingency threshold not being saved correctly.

Fixed some upgrades being buyable when not intended.

Fixed Reincarnate Button showing a new power unlocking at Reincarnation 18 while it is intended to unlock at Reincarnation 20. It was only a description error, functionalities remain the same.

Fixed several other tooltips.

(Hotfix #1): Empowered Luck (Spellcraft 175) now increases Elven Luck chance by 24%, up from 4%; Angels Gods Throne now increases mana regeneration by 20%, up from 4%; Faceless Territorial Expanse chance now also counts for assistant production; fixed Moon Blessing wording; fixed Fairy Orchestra not giving Faction Coins when intended.

1.4.40, Nov 17, 2015, FACTION CHALLENGES

1.4.40 - Nov 17, 2015

NEW MECHANIC - FACTION CHALLENGES: starting from Reincarnation 2, you can now find a new button in the Trophy tab, "Challenges". These are a new kind of special achievements, only unlockable after meeting certain criteria with the proper faction. Completed challenges will unlock new perks which you can toggle on or off by clicking the colored challenge button. When you complete all challenges of a single faction you will get an additional reward!

NEW SECRET TROPHIES for your enjoyment!

Fixed Drow Bloodline resetting itself each time you went offline.

Faceless upgrades rebalanced: Evolutive Mutation formula changed to be non-linear; Mitosis scaling increased; Abominations effect increased to 300% per active spell, up from 200%; Hive Mind effect increased.

Cryomancy (Spellcraft 200) was unintendedly working when offline. It has been reworked to work only while online and its tooltip was correct to reflect this.

Elven Emissary is now purchasable as a Non-Good Mercenary due to its assistants-based effect.

Fixed an issue which caused loss of time progress while your device is on standby.

Reworded several tooltips for clarity.

Save format improved to be lighter and faster, as a result the game performance should have improved greatly.

(Hotfix #1): Elven Challenge 1 reworked: now reduces Elven Exchange cost multiplier instead of giving Free Exchanges.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed Sun Blessing always triggering Elven Luck without completing the proper challenge.

(Hotfix #3): Fixed Goblin Challenge 2 not working properly and several tooltips.

1.4.39, Nov 8, 2015, Hotfix

1.4.39 - Nov 8, 2015

Coinage (Economics 1) formula was incorrect and has been fixed.

Plague (Alchemy 1) formula was incorrect and has been fixed. Bonus increased to 8% per assistant, up from 5%.

Blessing (Divine 1) formula was incorrect and has been fixed.

Dummy Targets (Craftsmanship 1) formula was incorrect and has been fixed.

Automatons (Craftsmanship 225) formula was incorrect and has been fixed.

Formation (Warfare 180) tooltip result was incorrect and has been fixed, although the upgrade formula worked correctly.

Decay (Alchemy 135) effect increased.

Corrosion (Alchemy 200) was not working correctly and has been fixed; effect also increased.

Undercities upgrade effect increased.

Fixed several tooltips.

(Hotfix #1): Elven Luck now multiplies assistant production. [Accounts for it]

(Hotfix #2): Fixed Projection (Spellcraft 215) not working correctly and reworded several tooltips for clarity.

1.4.38, Nov 1, 2015, Hotfix

1.4.38 - Nov 1, 2015

Goblin's Greed reworked: now instantly produces Faction Coins based on the gems you own and increases the production of all buildings based on faction coins found in this game for 6 seconds. Costs 600 mana, up from 500.

Fixed Socketing not working correctly.

Fixed an issue with Magnetism not being counted by Tax Collection.

(Hotfix #1): Researches can no longer be unlocked by research-less factions.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed novice researcher being purchasable as a non-vanilla faction and reworded Plague (Alchemy 1) for clarity.

(Hotfix #3): Goblins rebalanced: Strong Currency scaling decreased; Goblin's Green cost increased to 800, up from 600, duration decreased to 5 seconds, down from 6, FC output decreased and scaling decreased.

(Hotfix #4): Strong Currency restored to its old formula; Conjuration (Spellcraft 50) scaling decreased; Forgery (Economics 225) effect decreased; War Funds (Warfare 25) effect and scaling decreased.

1.4.37, Oct 29, 2015, SECRETS OF THE REALM

1.4.37 - Oct 29, 2015


NEW PROGRESS SYSTEM: UNIQUE BUILDINGS! Upon reaching Reincarnation 16, each Vanilla faction (Fairies, Elves, Angels, Goblins, Undead, Demons) will start a questline to upgrade a particular building into a new more powerful one, which will be pivotal for the new mechanics involved in the expansion. They will also get unique effects and graphics.

NEW PROGRESS SYSTEM: RESEARCH! When you purchase the Unique Building for your faction, you will unlock Research Facilities for your Vanilla factions. The Research system will boost all production tremendously, allowing them to compete and surpass even the current most powerful Mercenary builds. Once you have bought at least one Research Facility, use the button in the top right corner of the Upgrades tab to access the Research Panel: there you will find the six Research branches available and you will be able to start discovering new upgrades. Each of the new upgrades has particular requisites to fulfill before you can unlock and purchase it - you will have to discover by yourself how to progress in the system. Attention though: the points you spend in each branch is limited by the amount of Reincarnations you made, and you can purchase a maximum of 4 upgrades per branch.

NEW UPGRADES: several new generic upgrades for you to discover.

NEW TROPHIES: lots of new regular and secret trophies. Added a new regular trophy type, "Clouded", awarded for registering in my Cloud Service.

NEW FEATURE: CLOUD SAVE: You will finally be able to store your progress on an online server which doesn’t wipe itself when you clear cookies or change browser/working station, either intentionally or accidentally; you will also be able to restore your progress immediately when you play from different browsers or devices. In order to benefit from Cloud features, you will have to register via the button in the Save tab. Note: you will still be able to use the existing save and import/export features just as you always did.

NEW PREMIUM UPGRADE: GIFT OF THE GODS: increase the production of all buildings by 100%, click rewards by 50%, faction coin chance by 15%, offline gains by 100% and mana regeneration by 10%. It will also grant +100Td gold and +25000 faction coins for each faction upon any reset. This upgrade is permanent and will persist through Abdications and Hard Resets.

New preloader screen which will handle login and sync systems better, preventing some issues which occasionally caused incorrect working of premium features for some players. Lots of performance improvements.

Non-Expansion notes:

Elven upgrades rebalanced: Elven Emissary now also increases clicking reward based on the amount of Good buildings you own; Elven Efficiency bonus increased to 2%, up from 1%; Elven Diplomacy now also increases the production of all buildings based on your chance to find Faction Coins in addition to its previous effect; Elven Heritage has been scaled down; Moon Blessing scaling improved and cost lowered to 700, down from 800; Elven Bloodline now clicks 3 times per second, up from 1, increases faction coin find chance by 350%, up from 250% and autoclicks from it benefit from a x100 multiplier, up from x10.

Angel upgrades rebalanced: Angelic Determination scaling improved; God's Hand now increases production by 150x mana regen, up from 120×.

Undead upgrades rebalanced: Deadened Muscles bonus increased to 1.35%, up from 1.2%; Tireless Workers now increases assistants production by 800%, up from 500%.

Drow Bloodline reworked: now increases offline production by a cumulative 0.1% per second while you are offline by at least 1 minute. The value is preserved when you come back online, and persists through abdications.

A secret upgrade has been reworked.

Underworld Diplomacy is now permanently unlocked since Reincarnation 3.

Fixed calculations for trophies unlocked.

Fixed an issue with Mabinogion giving a lesser bonus than intended.

Fixed an issue with Honor Among Killers not factoring assistants in its FC production.

Building Button GUI resized to make it tidier.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed a bug which prevented reincarnations in certain circumstances.

(Hotfix #2): Improved Cloud Save performance and fixed a typo.

(Hotfix #3): Fixed several typos.

v1.3, Oct 5, 2015 Afterlife

1.3.36 - Oct 5, 2015

Fairy's Kind Hearts improved: now increases maximum mana by 1 each 12 buildings, up from 1 each 15.

Goblin's Greed effect improved and added a tooltip showing the random ranges.

Demon's Very Bad Guys reworked: now also makes Blood Frenzy affect Hall of Legends.

Removed the Gem cost for Excavations.

Added a Cancel button to the Scry waiting popup.

Not listed in patch notes: removed possible coin reward and increased chance of faction coins from 30% to 35% for excavations

v1.3.35, Sep 26, 2015 Scry added

1.3.35 - Sept 26, 2015


NEW FREE PREMIUM OPTION: Shows an ad for some bonuses in game.

Secret trophies for assistants removed and replaced with a regular upgrade series

Reincarnation power reworked: offline production increased from 50% to 200% per reincarnation, Assistants giving by Reincarnation 5 now scale with reincarnations (1 assistant/reincarnation)

Fairy rebalancing: Fairy Workers now multiplies Farms, Inns and Blacksmiths production by x100, up from x15; Fairy Helpers renamed to Kind Hearts and reworked: now increases maximum mana by 1 every 15 Good buildings you own instead of its previous effect; Fairy Chanting now multiplies the production of Farms, * Inns and Blacksmiths by x500, up from x100, and its cost has been increased to 1000 mana, up from 800.

Angel's God's Hand now costs 900 mana, down from 1000.

Undead rebalancing: Unholy Rituals' formula has been improved; Plagued Building now gives 20% per offline hour, up from 5%; Epidemic Building renamed to Undead Resilience and reworked: now increases your offline production by 50 times your mana regeneration rate instead of its previous effect.

Added Offline Production value in the Production per Second tooltip.

Removed the 4000 building cap on loading.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed new trophies ordering.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed Kind Hearts purchasable as a non-good Mercenary


1.3.34 - Sept 19th, 2015

NEW UPGRADES: 1 new building upgrade tier, 1 new upgrade series for Halls of Legends.

NEW TROPHIES: new mana produced trophy series. These will make mana upgrades persist through reincarnations. The change is not retroactive, but if you have fulfilled the requirements in the current game, you will automatically unlock them.

Elves' Elven Treasure Casing improved: now increases your chance to find faction coins in addition to its previous effect.

Goblins' Cheap Materials reworked: now increase the production of all buildings based on the cost of a BuyMAX Witch Conclave instead of its previous effect.

Demons' Very Bad Guys rebalanced: now gives a 0.05% bonus, down from 0.1%.

Titans' Charged Click reworked: now increases your click reward by 250% for 20 seconds whenever you cast a spell instead of its previous effect.

Druid upgrades rebalanced: Druidic Vocabulary effect significantly increased; Bardic Knowledge reworked: now increases the production of all buildings based on your maximum mana, and has switched positions with Earthly Bond; Mabinogion reworked: now makes buildings affected by Grand Balance receive an additional bonus based on their tier.

Mercenaries' Holy Crusaders rebalanced: now increases clicking reward by 1000% per active spell, up from 300%, and provides more assistants.

Bloodstream reworked: now gives a bonus based on time spent instead of upgrades.

Spiritual Surge moved to R14 down from R16. Its effects were unchanged.

Fixed Goblin Bloodline tooltip not showing the amount of Goblin upgrades purchased.

Fixed Beard Carpet not unlocking as mercenary.

Added stats for times allied and time spent with factions. That layout is temporary, we are planning to improve the Stat tab in the near future.

Lots of performance improvements.

The mana bar animation is now less choppy.

Resized spell buttons and resource panels to make room for the new spell, which was previously overlapping on other UI elements.

Fixed several tooltips.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed the last 2 building upgrade tiers not working.

(Hotfix #2): Bloodstream now also accounts for time spent as Mercenary, by a fraction based on the amount of upgrades of your bloodline faction. Cheap Materials is no longer buyable by non evil mercenaries.

(Hotfix #3): The new Hall of Legends upgrade series has been rebalanced to +75/150/225 due to faulty testing caused by building tier upgrades not working before latest hotfixes.

(Hotfix #4): Bloodstream tooltip reworded for clarity.


1.3.33 - Sept 12th, 2015

NEW REINCARNATION BONUSES: reintroduced the production bonus from gems at reincarnation 2 with a scaling formula. Also added a new power for Reincarnation 15.

NEW UPGRADES: 1 additional building upgrade tier, 1 new Hall of Legends upgrade, 1 new assistant upgrade and 1 new offline upgrade.

NEW TROPHIES: more regular trophies to expand the endgame achieving potential.

Elven Bloodline rebalanced: now increases the chance to find Faction Coins by 250% autoclicks from the bloodline benefit from a 10 times higher clicking reward and faction coin find chance.

Angel Bloodline rebalanced: now gives 0.5% per second when you have an active spells and falls off by 10% per second while you have no active spell instead of resetting instantly.

Goblin Bloodline reworked: now reduces all building cost multipliers instead of its previous effect.

Faceless Bloodline reworked: now produces faction coins based on mana gained, for significantly higher amounts than before.

Added Engineering Notation as a selectable option and improved the performance of the short number formula.

Fixed some issues with Faction Coins generation.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed a couple issues with new upgrades.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed an issue with human numbers notation and a new upgrade.


1.3.32 - Sept 7th, 2015

Bloodlines now require 7 reincarnations to unlock.

Bloodline Cost formula has been rebalanced. Now it should be much easier to purchase bloodlines at all game phases.

Goblin's Greed reworked: now finds random coins and factions coins based on your resources and overall production.

7th Reincarnation bonus removed and replaced with Bloodlines unlock.

Fixed several tooltips.

(Hotfix #1): Added a floating text to Goblin's Greed gains.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed an issue when buying Underground Citadels with 0 gems.

(Hotfix #3): Various performance improvements.

(Hotfix #4): Fixed an issue with bloodlines and mercenary spells not showing.

(Hotfix #5): Fixed an issue with Linux and old flash player versions.

v1.3.31, Sep 4, 2015, Bloodlines added

1.3.31 - Sept 4th, 2015

NEW FACTION UPGRADES: BLOODLINES. Each faction will unlock its unique Bloodline upon purchasing 100 upgrades of that faction. You will be able to purchase a single bloodline per run, choosing it by using an interface similar to the mercenary upgrades. Bloodlines and their unlocking progress will stay unlocked through Abdications and Reincarnations.

UPGRADES AND TROPHIES CONSOLIDATION: Upgrades and Trophies tab will no longer be littered with hundreds of icons. You will now see only the last purchased upgrade and the first unlocked trophy (greyed out) or the last trophy in a series (colored) if you completed that series.

UPGRADE MULTIBUY: You will now be able to purchase multiple upgrades of a same series at once by checking the "Multibuy Upgrade Series" option in the Options menu.

NEW UPGRADES: 1 new building tier.

NEW TROPHIES: more regular trophies and 1 secret trophy.

NEW REINCARNATION POWER: unlocked at 12 reincarnations.

NEW AUTOCAST UPGRADE: Planned Autocasting. Allows you to select Primary and Secondary spells to work with your contingency settings. Primary spells (silver icon, set with CTRL+Clicking the spell) will fire once you contingency has reached its threshold. While these are active, Secondary spells (gold icon, set with SHIFT+Clicking the spell) will be fired as soon as you have enough mana. If there are no secondary spells selected, the contingency settings will be the same as without Planned Autocasting. If there are no primary spells selected, spell casting will work the same as Priority Autocasting.

SOFT RESET renamed to ABDICATE. Kings and Queens will now be able to resign the crown in favor of their heirs and let them rule in their place to choose a new way for the realm to prosper! (in-game functionality remains exactly the same as the old Soft Reset, but it's way more immersive!)

Faction coin find chance is no longer capped. Now, when your chance is higher than 100, you will find one FCs for sure and roll against the remaining value to find one more. The formula to get FC chance from gems has been reworked, and Gem upgrades now directly improve this formula.

Elven Heritage Reworked: now increases clicking reward based on your chance to find faction coins.

Undead Heritage Reworked: now gives additional assistants over time instead of a fixed amount.

Diamond Pickaxe and Minedwarf have been reworked to reflect the new changes to the Faction Coin find system.

True Neutrality and Absent Ruler upgrades now remain unlocked through reincarnations.

Effects that trigger or increase when you are idle or offline (such as Drow's Shadow Advance) no longer break on mouse movements. They still break on clicks and key presses.

Excavations reports are now hidden if they have already fulfilled their purpose.

Fixed Natural Recycling not producing coins while offline and not affecting Coin Pillage.

Fixed Trade Lords not producing coins while offline.

Fixed Reincarnate Button tooltip now showing the correct values for some Reincarnation Powers.

Added Short Numbers up to Uncentillion (e306).

Fixed a few misplaced trophy icons.

Fixed some tooltips.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed Hall of Legends upgrade unlocking incorrectly. You might need to buy your Hall of Legends upgrades again if you already purchased them.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed a crash bug.

(Hotfix #3): Fixed Contingency Autocasting not working correctly.

(Hotfix #4): Fixed some visual bugs and tooltips.

(Hotfix #5): Fixed an issue with Angel Bloodline.

v1.3.30, Aug 22, 2015, Mercenary and R power added

1.3.30 - Aug 22nd, 2015


NEW FACTION: you will obtain a new faction quest upon your 3rd Reincarnation. Follow the quest line to unlock their amazing ability to combine all faction powers into one.

NEW TROPHIES: more regular trophies, new reincarnation based trophies, and 7 new unique secret trophies, each of which will unlock new unique upgrades.

SPELL UPGRADES: on the lines of True Night, we have added 5 new secret trophies in addition to those mentioned above which will unlock spell upgrades for the rest of vanilla factions, plus a 6th one as a surprise.

NEW UPGRADES: 2 new building upgrade tiers, 1 new upgrade for assistants, and 1 new upgrade for gems.

REINCARNATION POWER UPGRADES: new unique powers are unlocking at certain Reincarnation thresholds.

Non-Expansion Notes:

Spell effect graphics reworked: now spell effects enhance their targets with an unique icon to allow players to recognize immediately which spell id doing what. An option has been added to disable the new icons.

Added timers for spell durations, and an option to disable them in the Options menu.

Reincarnation bonuses to building production, offline production, and faction coin chance now scale linearly. Mana regeneration still gets diminishing returns (unchanged from before).

Factions now remain unlocked through reincarnation. This change is not retroactive.

Added a Warning Popup when you unlock a new faction.

Fairy rebalancing: Golden Pots bonus has been increased to 20%, up from 15%; Rainbow Link bonus has been increased to 0.3%, up from 0.25%; Fairy Chanting duration increased to 10 seconds, up from 8.

Angels' mana producing buildings now generate slightly more mana from their upgrades.

Goblin rebalancing: Strong Currency formula reworked to have significant diminishing returns at high FC amounts; Goblin heritage reworked: now increases the production of all buildings based on the amount of gems you own.

Undead rebalancing: The Walking Dead now gives +3000% to Necropolises, up from +500%; Unholy Rituals reworked: now increased your offline production based on your total time spent being offline instead of its previous effect.

Demons upgrades reworked: Devil Tyrant and Demon Overseers now increase the three highest building tiers by 0.5% per trophy instead of their previous effect; Demonic Presence now increases the production of the two highest building tiers by 0.2% for each building you own instead of its previous effect.

Titans rebalancing: Lightning Strike FC generation has been rebalanced: Lightning Strike will be more efficient at lower gem values, then heavy diminishing returns will kick in; Cyclopean Strength now gives 0.25% per assistant per Hall of legends, down from 0.3%; Charged Structures now gives 250% bonus, up from 150%; Titan Obelisk now gives 2.25% per Ancient Pyramid, up from 2%.

Druids rebalancing: Druidic Vocabulary, Bardic Knowledge, and Mabinogion have been improved significantly; Building Forest has been renamed to Natural Recycling and now makes your least production building tier generate factions coins based on its production; Animal Companions now gives 3 assistants instantly and its scaling over time has been improved; Earthly Bond now gives +1.5 Max mana per Stone Pillar, up from 0.75; Shapeshifting now gives 0.125 mana per assistant, down from 0.25; Earthly Soul reworked: now makes Stone Pillars increase mana regeneration in a similar way other buildings do; Building Jungle now gives 1.75% bonus, up from 1%; Halls of Balance now also decreases Grand Balance cost by 200.

Faceless rebalancing: Territorial Expanse formula is now based on your income per second/next labyrinth cost ratio and provides a production bonus to Labyrinths; Hive Mind is now based on time spent affiliated with the Faceless instead of the amount of times you allied with them, and its counter persists through Reincarnations; Brainwave base bonus increased to 1.8% per second, up from 1%, Faceless Overmind now brings it to 2.5%.

Dwarven Upgrades reworked: Underground Citadels now gives Citadels a bonus based on the gems you own (efficiency improved strating from 1Sx e21 gems); Battlehammers formula reworked to have significant diminishing returns at high FC amounts; Overwatch now increases overall production by 500$, decreasing over time as you are not actively playing; Dwarven Pickaxe duration increased to 12 seconds, up from 8.

Dwarven and Drow Heritages cost reduced to 75000, down from 95000.

Prices of spell upgrades have been streamlined: 1M for vanilla factions, 2Dd for neutrals, 100Sxd for prestige good and evil.

True Night now increases Night Time effect to 40%, up from 35%.

Excavations' gold cost multiplier reduced; chance to find FC and FC output increased.

Added Max Trophies counter to the Trophy tab.

Added tooltips to mana generating upgrades.

ADDED THE MISSING TREASURE LINE! We had to nerf all production by 99% to compensate for this improvement, but we're sure you understand. Maybe.

(Hotfix #1,2,6,7): Fixed a secret trophy unlocking incorrectly.

(Hotfix #3): Reworded several tooltips.

(Hotfix #4): Fixed an issue with lightning strike not producing FCs correctly.

(Hotfix #5): Fixed an issue with Mercenary Badge.

(Hotfix #8): Fixed a secret trophy not unlocking correctly and reworded a couple tooltips.

v1.2+, Aug 5th, 2015, Hotfix

1.2.29 - Aug 5th, 2015

Elves upgrades and spell Elves upgrades and spell rebalanced: Secret Clicking Techniques and Moon Blessing now use a new formula to calculate bonuses from total clicks. Mouse clicks should feel much more rewarding and will provide a much higher bonus up to ~300,000 clicks, afterwards huge diminishing returns will kick in.

Autocast upgrade prices have been lowered (unlock requirements are still the same).

Fast Forward's offline requirement have been lowered to 88 hours (still cumulative).

(Hotfix #1): Faction Grinder now unlocks once you have the first 6 faction heritages.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed a secret trophy upgrade not working for all factions.

(Hotfix #3): Fixed a typo.


1.2.28 - Aug 3rd, 2015

Perfectly Good trophy requirement has been reduced to 333 hours (~14 days).

Diabolical Evil trophy requirement has been reduced to 6 days, 66 hours, 666 minutes and 666666 (~17 days).

Beard Carpet trophy requirement has been reduced to 3km beards (~3.5 days).

Added a separate stat for Gift of the Kings clicks to differentiate them from mouse clicks.

Added an option to block all mouse clicks on the treasure.

Fixed an exploit that allowed players to select multiple factions per run.

Faceless unlock requirement lowered to a single run of 36 hours, down from 3 days.

Faceless upgrades rebalanced: Evolutive Mutation is no longer based on assistants, labyrinths will produce faction coins by themselves with higher efficiency than before; Deep Memory has been scaled up; Abominations now increases assistants production by 200% per active spell, up from 150%; Heritage has been reworked: now increases overall production based on the highest amount of buildings you own.

Reworded Death Temples tooltip to reflect the fact that it no longer gives linear mana per second. Upgrade mechanics weren't changed.

(Hotfix #1): Excavation Report 6 reworded to reflect the new changes in the game.

(Hotfix #2): Faceless' Abomination was being calculated incorrectly. This has been fixed.

(Hotfix #3): Added additional countermeasure to prevent timeskip exploits.


1.2.27 - Jul 31st, 2015

Magical Treasure was giving less mana than intended. This has been fixed.

Fixed underworld heritages not being buyable when playing as a neutral faction. now you can purchase Underworld Diplomacy for any faction as soon as you completed any underworld quest. Underworld heritages will not only appear after purchasing Underworld Diplomacy.

Reworded Excavation to state that gems are restored after a soft reset.

Reworded Reincarnation tooltip to clarify that the new bonuses replace the existing ones.

Changed the Hard Reset button with a red border to distinguish it from the Reincarnate button.

v1.2.26, Jul 30, 2015, Reincarnation added

1.2.26 - Jul 30th, 2015

NEW FEATURE: Reincarnation. Upon reaching a threshold of 1Oc Gems, you will be able to Reincarnate through a new button in the Save tab. The Reincarnation process will reset all your stats, your archeology progress including excavations, and remove all your gems, you will however keep your trophies and gain a new free upgrades, Reincarnation Power, unlocking immediately upon starting a new run. This upgrade will grant a bonus to overall production, faction coin chance, mana regen, and offline production depending on the amount of times you reincarnated and will persist through subsequent soft resets (but not through hard resets). You will not lose Gifts and Rubies as they are permanent premium features. You may find additional details in the forums.

The total clicks requirement for unlocking dwarves has been lowered drastically.

All FC requirements to unlock later stages of Dwarves and Drows have been reduced drastically.

Elven upgrades rebalanced: Sylvan Treasure Frills now increase click rewards by 80%, down from 100%; Secret Clicking Techniques now provides an [sic] higher starting bonus but its scaling has been lowered; Elven Luck now gives 7500x production, down from 10000x.

Diamond Pickaxe now makes assistants produce 1 additional Faction Coin per second. These faction coins will count towards a certain secret trophy, which is now less click-intensive and no longer click-exclusive.

Dwarves' Battlehammers has been scaled down slightly.

Faceless upgrades rebalanced: Gold Synthesis now increase production by 1.5% per Alchemist Lab, up from 1.25%; Mitosis's assistant generation has been scaled up; Magical Treasure now gives assistants a 15% chance to produce 1 mana each second; Hive Mind has been scaled up.

(Hotfix #1): Autocast upgrades will now unlock new trophies. These will be carried over after reincarnation and will allow you to purchase Autocast upgrades.


1.2.25 - Jul 30th, 2015

Fixed a bug which caused the last two building upgrades not to actually increase the building production.

Fixed a bug which caused Torture Chambers not to provide its bonus to Evil Fortresses.

All buildings which produced mana per second now follow a non-linear formula. Mana regen from those sources will see higher values in the early game and significant diminishing returns at higher building amounts.

Angels' God's Hand power has been reduced to 120 times your mana regen, down from 150.

Dwarves' Mining Prodigies, Battlehammers, and Heritage upgrades have been scaled down.

Formula for Faction Coins found from Excavations has been reworked: now gives higher rewards until ~50 excavations, then it will see significant diminishing returns. Chance to find Faction Coins and Gold has been doubled.

Drow's Blood Sacrifices now gives 2.5% per Dark Temple, up from 2%; Blackmail multiplier reduction has increased.

Fixed incorrect wording in True Night upgrade and Diamond Pickaxe spell.

Rubies are no longer visible in currency panel when you have 0.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed incorrect mana regen display values after latest update.

(Hotfix #2): The 240 upgrades trophy was unobtainable due to unique upgrades being counted in. The trophy now unlocks at 235 upgrades.

v1.2.24, Jul 28, 2015, Prestige Factions added

1.2.24 - Jul 28th, 2015


ADDED TWO NEW FACTIONS: new prestige factions, one for the Good and one for the Evil alignment are lurking in the underworld. Excavate your way down to 200 to unlock a new upgrade series which will lead you into contacting these new races and combine their power to an already existing Good or Evil faction.

NEW UPGRADES: 3 building upgrade tiers, 2 upgrades for neutral buildings, an upgrade for Halls of Legends, and a new unique upgrade to boost your offline production.

NEW PREMIUM UPGRADES: Gift of the Kinds. It is a direct follow-up to Gift of the Heroes, stacking with it and increasing the production of all buildings by 50%, click rewards by 30%, faction coin chance and chance cap by 5%. It will also provide a special assistant which actually autoclicks twice a second (triggering all real click effects and increasing the clicks stat) and counts as 2 common assistants while offline. Last but not least, it will grant 10Qa gold and 500 coins for each vanilla faction upon any reset. As usual the upgrade is permanent and will persist through Soft and Hard Resets.

Non-expansion notes:

Random effects such as Goblin's Greed, Lightning Strike, and Excavation are now randomized with a deterministic algorithm, so their result will not change by exporting/importing your saves.

Filled Treasure upgrade series rebalanced: now each upgrade increases clicking reward by 25% and all buildings production by 25%.

Assistant Trade Union reworked: now increases all buildings production by 1% per assistant.

Building Hater upgrade now increases clicking reward by 25%, down from 50%.

Fairy Ports now gives +15% clicking reward, up from +10%; Swarm of Fairies now uses a non-linear formula.

Elven Upgrades rebalanced: Sylvan Treasure Frills now gives 100% of total production, up from 10%; Elven Emissary now makes assistants give 3x faction coins, up from 2x; Elven Luck now gives x10000 total production, up from 10000% and 200 faction coins, up from 100; Secret Clicking Techniques reworked: now increases buildings production based on total clicks; Ancient Clicking Arts reworked: now increases mana regen based on total clicks.

Angel upgrades rebalanced: Feathers upgrade series now gives +20% mana regen, down from +25%; Angelic Determination effect has been scaled down.

Goblin Upgrades rebalanced: Cheap Materials now reduces building costs by 25%, up from 10%; Goblin Economists reworked: now increase the production of all buildings based on upgrades purchased; Green Finger Discount reworked: now gives random amounts of coins every 10 minutes.

Undead upgrades rebalanced: Deadned Muscles now also increases Necropolis production; Dead Fields Reworked: now makes assistants increase all buildings production by 0.01% per Necropolis; Corpse Supply now uses a non-linear formula; Tireless Workers bonus now gives +500% to assistants, down from +800%; Night Time now gives 30% per Necropolis, down from 50%.

Demon upgrades rebalanced: Torture Chambers reworked: now makes Evil Fortresses produce +5% per assistant; Devil Tyrant now gives +200%, up from +150%; Evil Conquerors now also increases Evil Fortresses and Hell Portals by 200,000; Burning Legion now uses a non-linear formula; Demonic Presence now gives a +0.5% bonus per building, up from 0.25%; Very Bad Guys reworked: now gives +0.1% production bonus to Hall o Legends per trophy for each Evil Fortress and Hell Portal you own.

Druid nerf partially reverted: Shapeshifting is back to 0.2 mana per second per assistant, up from 0.15; Building Forest and Jungle are back to 1% per building, up from 0.75%.

Faceless upgrades rebalanced: Magical Treasure now has a 50% chance to produce mana, up from 20%; Heritage has been scaled down.

Tax Collection now adds assistants production to its effect.

Excavation's money cost and money cost multiplier have been increased. Gem cost and gem cost multiplier are the same as before.

Fixed an issue with Fool's Gold which caused miscalculations in rare circumstances.

Technical patch notes:

Fixed a GPU memory leak that caused grey screen issues.

Added a toggleable button for Buy10, Buy100, BuyMAX. You can disable this in the options if you wish to continue using CTRL+SHIFT key combinations. Now CTRL+SHIFT will have the BuyMAX effect.

Resource Panel revamped: now shows Coins per Second and provides useful tooltips for each resource.

Added an additional security measure against accidental Hard Resets. Now players will have to write "RESET" in the textbox to enable the button.

Enabled scrolling with the mousewheel. Currently, it works only in Windows OS.

Added a cap to clicks per second to prevent extreme autoclicking abuse. The game will not accept up to 30 treasure clicks per second.

Savefiles and export strings are now lighter and shorts. They will grow over time instead of having a fixed size.

Added a warning popup when a new game build is uploaded.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed an issue with a new secret trophy.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed Combo Strike and Cheap Materials tooltips.

(Hotfix #3): Faceless Heritage and Hive Mind will now count Alliances with the Faceless instead of affiliation. Your previous bonus will be converted retroactively to the new stat.

(Hotfix #4): Fixed another issue with a new secret trophy.

v1.1, Jul 10th, 2015, Hotfix

1.1.23 - Jul 10th, 2015

Titans' Heavy Coins upgrade now gives +40% bonus to Royal Exchanges, up from +10%; Titan Heritage now gives +15% bonus to Royal Exchanges, up from +5%; Charged Structures now gives a +150% bonus, up from +100%; Cyclopean Strength now gives +0.3% bonus, up from 0.25%.

Goblin Heritage now gives +2% bonus, up from +1%; Goblin's Fool's Gold reworked: now makes Witch Conclaves produce faction coins per second instead of reducing upgrade costs, the upgrade has also switched positions with Black Market.

Fixed an issue that caused Tax Collection from Goblin Central Banks not to get the active spell production bonus in its calculations.

Added info for your total Royal Exchange bonus in the Stats tab.

(Hotfix #1): Fixed an issue with the changelog.

(Hotfix #2): Updated the individual Royal Exchange tooltips with the new Heavy Coins and Titan Heritage values.

(Hotfix #3): Fixed an issue with Excavation that caused abnormal gem gains.

v1.1.22, Jul 7, 2015, Priority Autocasting added

1.1.22 - Jul 7th, 2015


Priority Autocasting allows you to prioritize casting of certain spells. Spells with a lower priority will not fire unless higher priority ones are already active.

Contingency Autocasting allows you to set a minimum amount of mana before firing spells, then it checks for priorities. If you have an instant cast spell in the queue, it will be cast until you deplete your mana, at which point the contingency ends.

Added an additional tier for building upgrades.

Tooltips now refresh themselves every second.

Moved Options to a button in the lower left corner of the game window, next to the Coins panel. Renamed Options tab to Save tab.

Added game version in the Save tab. Clicking it will open a changelog.

Next Gem Tooltip revamped: now shows how many coins are required for the next unit in the same order of magnitude. (e.g. 11.3T gems will show how many coins you need for 12T gems).

Many Druid upgrades were rebalanced: Druidic Vocabulary, Bardic Knowledge, Mabinogion bonus were scalred down; Building Forest and Building Jungle now give 0.75% bonus, down from 1%; Earthly Bond and Earthly soul now give +0.75 mana per Stone Pillars, down from +1; Shapeshifting now produce 0.15 m/s per assistant, down from 0.2.

Call to Arms now suffers from slight diminishing return.

Reworded several tooltips and descriptions.

(Hotfix #1): Reworded Call to Arms description to reflect the new diminishing return.

(Hotfix #2): Fixed an issue which caused unintended incorrect clock errors.

(Hotfix #3): Fixed an issue that caused the slide bar from Contingency Autocasting to appear even if you didn't purchase the actual upgrade.

(Hotfix #4): Fixed an issue which caused the last Slave Pen upgrade not to work correctly while affiliated with the Goblin Faction.


1.1.21 - Jul 3rd, 2015

Added number names up to Quinquagintillions. For higher values, please remember that you can always toggle Scientific Notation on and off in the options tab.


1.1.20 - Jul 2nd, 2015

Fixed an issues that caused certain versions of Chrome not to create the backup save properly.

Fixed an issue that caused secret trophy upgrade not to be saved correctly. We apologize for the inconvenience if you had already purchased them before.

Fixed Night Time and Timewarp tooltips.

v1.1.19, Jul 1, 2015, Secret Trophy Upgrades added

1.1.19 - Jul 1st, 2015

SECRET TROPHIES UNLEASHED: now each secret trophy unlocked also unlocks an unique upgrade. They will be visible after you get the trophy and have gained enough coins to be in range of their cost in the current session.

Added an additional tier for building upgrades.

The building upgrade series for Farm, Inn, and Blacksmith has been rebalanced: now scales up to +500%, then decreases down to 100%. The final result is still higher than the current value, and much higher than other buildings.

Grand Balance hotfix reverted and mechanics reworked: now the target building changes dynamically as you improve buildings production.

Excavation base coin cost has been increased to 500Sp, up from 50Sp. Faction Coins found by Excavation have been scaled down slightly (the chance is still the same).

Fixed an issue that caused faction coins received from Elven Luck not to be added in the total faction coins stat.

Fixed an issues that caused mana produced by Magical Treasure no to be added in the total mana produced stat.

Fixed a typo due to Very Bad Guys upgrade which caused the Halls of Legends description to show an incorrect value.

Fixed an issue with Plagued Buildings and Epidemic Buildings which caused them not to work properly while offline.

Fixed an issue with the excavation warning option that caused it to show a message even when you couldn't actually buy the upgrade.

Reworded several tooltips for clarity.


1.1.18 - Jun 29th, 2015

Added an option to display warnings when purchasing Excavation or Exchanges that use coins from your faction.

Added an option to temporarily disable Rubies and Gift of the Heroes bonuses for players who missed some trophies or just want to experiment with different bonuses.

Added a warning for players who don't get offline gains due to incorrect clock settings.

Grand Balance has been changed to work only on the amount of buildings you have at the moment of casting. This was necessary to counter an exploit which caused the coin output to go far beyond the intended usage of the druid spell under certain circumstances.

Elven Treasure Casing now gives +250,000 coins per trophy, up form 25,000; Sylvan Treasure Frills and Secret Click Techniques now give 10% of total production, up from 5%.

Fixed a small inconsistency with the random distribution of Faction Coins which caused Fairy and Demon coins to have a slightly lesser chance to be found than other faction coins.


1.1.17 - Jun 27th, 2015

Territorial Expanse was recently nerfed incorrectly due to a typo in the formula, which was always greater than 1%, even with thousands of Labyrinths. This was unintended, therefore the nerf was reverted and the formula was fixed. Territorial Expanse chance should now have a significantly greater diminishing return for higher amounts of Labyrinths (more than ~450) while having a significantly higher chance below that value.

We fixed an issue with Grand Balance which caused the spell to miscalculate the building it should have empowered. Now it should always empower the building types which contributes less to your total income.


1.1.16 - Jun 26th, 2015

Fixed a typo in Grand Balance tooltip which showed the production boost as a percentage while it's actually a flat multiplier (game-play was unchanged).

Territorial Expanse chance has been scaled down.

Fixed an issue that caused clicks not to be registered correctly in the upgrades tab.

Added an option to disable the Show/Hide button in the Upgrades tab. Shown/Hidden upgrades will stay the way you left them when you disabled the button.

Hovering the Timewarp buttons now shows an [sic] handy tooltip which tells you approximately how many coins and factions coins you will gain by purchasing it.

Shop window has been made bigger, letting you see all available items at once.

Gem Conversion buttons both in the Options and Shop tabs will gray out if you would gain 0 gems.


1.1.15 - Jun 24th, 2015

Titan's Lightning Strike was giving far more faction coins than intended. This has been corrected. The production boost has also been scaled down to 4x Iron Strongholds and its cost has been raised to 900 mana.

Faceless Heritage has been scaled down slightly.

Fixed an issue which caused some players not to receive offline production under certain circumstances.

Fixed a bug that caused some neutral building trophies not to unlock correctly.

v1.1.14, Jun 24, 2015, THE ANCIENT RACES

1.1.14 - Jun 24th, 2015


NEW ALIGNMENT: the neutral alignment unlocks new buildings and upgrades, as well as three new neutral factions.

NEW FACTIONS: neutral factions are unlocked through the Archeology System, which kicks in after you get to 1 Billion Gems. From there on, follow the upgrade sseries to discover and unlock the three new prestige factions. They will cost more and perform better in the endgame than the old factions.

NEW UPGRADES: each building has 2 more upgrade tiers with higher efficiency.

NEW TROPHIES: there is now a regular trophy for each of the new buildings, three new trophy tiers for all buildings, and 8 new secret trophies for you to discover.

Non-expansion notes:

Building Upgrade prices have all been rebalanced to provide a better sense of progress.

Clicking Reward bonus from total production reduced to 1% per upgrade, down from 2%.

Hall of Legends upgrade series rebalanced. Now increase Halls of Legends production by 75-150% and all other buildings by 0.25-0.5% per trophy.

Goblins Strong Currency has been slightly toned down, Slave Trading and Hobgoblin Gladiators now give 0.75% per building up from 0.35%, Goblin Central Bank has been reworked: now it casts a free Tax Collection each time you cast a spell.

Undeads Necropolis upgrade series has been buffed to 500%, up from 300%; Corpse Supply now gives additional assistants every 15 Necropolis, down from 20; Tireless Workers now increase assistants production by 800%, up from 500%. Plagued Buildings and Epidemic Buildings now give +5% per hour, up from 2%.

God's Hand base cost has been increased to 1000, up from 900[1]; Angelic Determination bonus has been scaled down a bit.

Evil Conquerors now gives 1.5% per Evil Fortress, up from 1%; Devil Tyrant now increases Evil Fortress production by 150%, up from 100%.

Elven Efficiency now gives 1% per Royal Exchanges, up from 0.5%; Elven Emissary now makes assistants find twice as many faction coins instead of increasing your overall chance.

The upgrade tab has been improved: there is now a button to Show/Hide purchased upgrades, and an option in the Options tab to sort them by price instead of their default order. The overall performance of the upgrade tab should have increased dramatically.

A new rollback system has been implemented to help players who don't want to lose their data. The game now creates an additional savefile every 10 minutes which is checked against your default savefile. If your default save appears to be corrupted, the game will ask you whether to load the backup save or start from scratch.

Shop notes:

By popular demand, we added a Shop for users who wish to support the game. There you can purchase different game features with Kreds.

v1.0, Jun 3, 2015, Scientific Notation added

1.0.13 - Jun 3rd, 2015

ADDED an option for displaying numbers in scientific notation.

Offline report now addresses you with a genderless title.

Assistants now find more faction coins while offline, based on your amount of gems. This will result in a lot more faction coins.

Elven Heritage reworked: now increases your click reward by 10% and your chance to find Faction Coins by 5%. Raises your cap to 30% (if it was lower than this).

Elven Luck now gives 10000% of your production and 100 random factions coins, up from just 1000% production.

Demonic Presence now increases Hell Portal production by 0.25% per other building, down from 0.5%.


1.0.12 - Jun 1st, 2015

NEW UPGRADES: added some misc late game upgrades for your pleasure.

Moon Blessing bonus per click ratio has been reduced, but it now accounts for total clicks instead of clicks in this game. The final result should be much higher.

Elven Diplomacy no longer doubles your chance to get faction coins. Now, each time you find a faction coin, you have a 50% chance to find an additional one.

Elven Treasure casing now grants +25k per trophy instead of a flat +250k.

Added more trophies for coins gained and a secret trophy.

Mana Upgrade icons were redesigned.


1.0.11 - May 31st, 2015

Fixed a bug that caused the offline report screen not to include assistants produced coins. Coins were added to your actual resource total, they just weren't added to the offline report.

More gray screen fixes.

v1.0.10, May 30, 2015, Faction Heritage added

1.0.10 - May 30th, 2015

NEW UPGRADES: upon unlocking the Faction Champion trophies (buy all upgrades for a certain faction), you will unlock a Faction Heritage upgrade. This will cost 5000 Faction Coins, and will grant you a bonus depending on the faction involved. It will remain unlocked and available to purchase through soft resets. You can have all Faction Heritage upgrades at once, and they stack!



1.0.9 - May 28th, 2015

Added Hotkeys for Spells! 1: Tax Collection, 2: Call to Arms, 3: Alignment Spell, 4: Faction Spell.

NEW UPGRADES: each building now unlocks a new upgrade when you build 200 of them. Farms, Inns, and Blacksmiths follow the increasing rule set in a previous update, granting them a further bonus of +500%. All other buildings get a 100% bonus while Halls of Legends get the +50/+0.5xTrophy as usual.

God's Hand base cost has been increased to 1000 mana, up from 900.[1]

Call To Arms effect has been reduced to 0.3% per building, down from 0.35%.

Added visuals for Assistants! A small, flying, faction-themed dot will be stationing beside the treasure as soon as you have at least one assistant, providing a useful tooltip when you hover it. If you wish to disable assistant graphics, there is a new checkbox in the Options tab.

Grinding Dedication now remains unlocked and available to purchase through soft resets.

Added an option to disable Trophy Popups.

Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash and grey screen.


1.0.8 - May 27th, 2015

Added performance options to the Options tab: click on the switch at the top to change from Save to Options page. This will help users having performance issues, we plan to add more GUI customization options in the future like scientific notation for numbers, so look forward to them!

Fixed a bug in the demon upgrade Demonic Presence which caused Hell Portals to produce less than they were supposed to. Lazy demons were punished and are now working as intended.

Spell tooltips were not updating correctly when buying Angelic Dominance. They should now display the correct data. This has no effect on game mechanics, it was only a tooltip issue.

Hellfire Blast's bonus per trophy ratio has been increased significantly.

Night Time has been reworked. Now increases Assistant production by 50% per Necropolis you own for 20 seconds. This should make the spell much more useful in the end game at the expense of the early game.

We changed the way saves are handled. Hopefully this should help users with save issues, please let us know if it works!

Added a line in the mana bar tooltip and stats to clarify the Autocast effect.


1.0.7 - May 25th, 2015

Reverted some changes to underlying libraries we did in the last update. This should solve the crash issue some players were experiencing. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Hotfixed a small issue with some upgrades not showing after a save was imported.


1.0.6 - May 25th, 2015

Added thousand separator to numbers.

Farm, Inn, and Blacksmith upgrade series reworked: now upgrades are scaling from 100% to 400%. This should slightly level the difference between building tiers and give a significant boost to the Fairy faction. Fairy upgrades were toned down a bit due to this change, but the final result is still way higher than before.

Goblin's Strong Currency was still too high of a boost compared to all other factions, therefore its high-end scaling was toned down a bit more, while its starting boost is roughly the same.

Undead's Night Time spell has been buffed to have more impact on lower tier buildings.

Hall of Legends upgrade series was bugged and has been reworked. Now non-Hall of Legends buildings production should be more consistent and, in most cases, higher.

Added a warning to the manual save that will tell you if the game was unable to save your game. If that happens, follow the on-screen instructions.

This update should also help with the grey screen issue some users are having, let us know your specs if it happens again.

Change Ctrl to Command in tooltips for Mac users.

Added one more confirmation to hard reset in order to prevent accidental resets.

Fixed a typo in the 500 gems Trophy.

Fixed, reworded, and added several other tooltips for clarity. Can't get enough of these ;)

v1.0.5, May 23, 2015, IMPORT/EXPORT added

1.0.5 - May 23rd, 2015

ADDED IMPORT/EXPORT SAVE. Press the Export Save button in the Options tab to copy a string code to clipboard, then paste it in a text file or directly into the Import textbox.

Added tooltip info for buy10 and buy100. Hover on building and royal exchange buttons to see it.

Added tooltip info for Faction Coin chance. Hover on faction coins in lower left corner to see it.

Mana regen upgrades and the Autocast upgrade are now unlocked by mana spent instead of spells cast, and they remain unlocked through soft resets.

Mouse upgrades that provided a fixed bonus to clicking reward now remain unlocked through soft resets.

Goblin's "Strong Currency" upgrade has been significantly toned down.

Gem's ability to increase the chance of finding faction coins is now capped at 25%. Elves can still achieve 100% chance due to their faction upgrades.

Reworded several tooltips for clarity.

v1.0.4, May 22, 2015, Offline Production added

1.0.4 - May 22nd, 2015


Added SHIFT+Click to buy 100. This and CTRL+Click now also work on Faction Exchanges.

Improved auto-save performance.

Fixed Demonic Presence tooltip.

Fixed criteries for secret achievements not unlocking correctly.

Fixed a bug with Holy Light that caused the game to crash in rare cases.

Fixed a bug that caused Tireless Workers not to show its bonus correctly in the Stats tab. The upgrade has always worked, but the stats didn't update to reflect it properly.


1.0.3 - May 21st, 2015

Hellfire Blast reworked. Now increases your Evil Fortresses and Hell Portals production based on your amount of trophies for 20 seconds.

Plagued Buildings and Epidemic Buildings reworked: Now increase overall production by 2% per hour of playtime in the current session.

Added coins needed for the next gem in the Gem tooltip.

Fixed a bug that caused some upgrades to kill your assistants if you didn't have enough building to support them. They should be safe from the evil bugs now.

Reworded and fixed several tooltips for clarity.


1.0.2 - May 20th, 2015

More optimization, lag should be reduced.

Fixed a bug that caused Royal Exchanges upgrades to be unavailable despite owning the correct amount of faction coins.

Fixed some typos and minor graphics bugs.

v1.0.1, May 20, 2015, Mana capped at 1000

1.0.1 - May 20th, 2015

Mana cap reduced to 1000 and reworked the Autocast feature due to balance issues.

Optimization to fix some lag issues. We are still working to improve game performance, but as of now, it should be a lot better than before.

Added progress text to trophies.

Clarified wording on some Upgrades and Trophies.

Added/Edited tooltips to Faction Coins, Gems, and Assistants for clarity.

Fixed autosave issues that caused some clients not to save correctly.

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